Basil’s “wars”… the other side of Aoun’s impossibility of coexisting with heads of government

Source: The Middle East Writer: Mohammed Shukair A source close to the former heads of government in Lebanon says that the decision taken by the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, MP Gebran Bassil, to open fire on the caretaker prime minister, Najib Mikati, is a sample of the high level of concern he feels … Read more

Playing without leaders, the Slovenians beat Montenegro

The national teams of Slovenia and Montenegro, which are preparing for the European Championship, played a control match. Playing at home without a leader, the Slovenian team defeated its opponents 70:52 (23:6, 18:24, 6:14, 23:8). Luka Dončić, Mike Tobey, Vlatko Čančar, Goran Dragić still did not help the Slovenians. Jurijs Macura and Gregor Hrovats were … Read more

Kabul residents still full of questions after al-Qaida leader’s death

Haron Saboon NOS News•Saturday, 10:06 How could an al-Qaida leader stay in central Kabul? And what consequences does his presence have for the future of Afghanistan? Last Saturday, al-Qaida leader Zawahiri was killed by a US drone on his balcony in the Afghan capital. A week later, residents of the city still have many questions. … Read more

In the names.. Cairo Security Director approves the movement of security leaders

08:43 PM Thursday 04 August 2022 Mohamed El-Sawy wrote: Major General Ashraf El-Gendy, Director of Cairo Security, approved the movement of transfers between a number of security leaders and commissioners of the capital’s police stations. The movement included the appointment of Major General Haitham Al-Tohamy, assistant to the Nasr City Division, Major General Magdy Khalaf, … Read more

The opponents of the Latvian volleyball players, the Finns, accuse one of the national team’s leaders of activities in Russia / Article

Libero player Kerminens became the champion of Russia and won the Russian Super Cup in the last season as part of “Dynamo” Moscow. Kerminen has been playing in Russia since 2015, but in the spring he was criticized in Finland for remaining in “Dynamo” Moscow even after Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine. The president of … Read more

German and Turkish diplomatic leaders who met in Istanbul engaged in an open dispute

The former co-chairwoman of Germany’s Green Party also rejected Turkey’s territorial claims to Greek islands in the Aegean Sea and urged Ankara not to prepare a new military intervention in northern Syria. A. Baerbock’s first visit to Turkey was organized after her negotiations in Greece. The trip was overshadowed by the resurgence of old tensions … Read more

Conversation between US and Chinese leaders. Xi warns Biden not to “play with fire” | News from the world

The topic of the island dominated Thursday’s exchange of views between leaders. According to the US administration, Joe Biden told Xi Jinping that the United States is opposed to unilateral attempts to change Taiwan’s status. President Biden stressed that US policy has not changed and that the United States strongly opposes unilateral efforts to change … Read more

Bewilderment at fishing club about cult leader’s orgies: “Which fishing hole would that guru have impregnated all those women at?” (Winch)

©  rr Lier – On Wednesday afternoon, there was only one topic of conversation in the fishing clubs in Lier: guru Edgard Doulière and the commune he is said to have run in the 1990s at a fishing well in the Pallieterstad. According to the sources, between the Netekanaal and the Ring in Lier, but … Read more

Lithuanian 18-year-old national team – nominal leaders, (un)helpful pressure and the question of M. Buzelis

Already this Saturday, the Lithuanian boys’ national team under 18 years of age starts fighting in the European Championship in Izmir, Turkey. So far, this summer has started really successfully for the Lithuanian youth national teams – the 17-year-olds reached the semi-finals of the World Championship and finished fourth, while the 20-year-olds enjoyed silver in … Read more

People Don’t Need Politician Mental Leaders

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Deputy General Chairperson of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Anwar Abbas said society does not need a leader with a politician mentality, but one who has a statesman mentality in the presidential election (presidential election) 2024. “The type of leader we need is not the type of leader who has the … Read more