Center-right, Berlusconi: “It must be united, no more discussions on leadership”

“Il center right needs to be united, without getting lost in sterile issues such as the discussion of future leadership. Where we managed to do it, as in Palermo, we have shown that we represent the natural majority of Italians. Where we split up, where local reasons for contrast prevailed – never on our own … Read more

The crisis of the German leadership

Wolfgang Schmidt, head of the Chancellery and minister for special tasks in Olaf Scholz’s government, speaking at a conference organized by the European Council for Foreign Relations, said that Germany only supports those sanctions against the Russian Federation that harm Moscow more than Europe, NATO will not become involved in the conflict in Ukraine, and … Read more

Etruria: Boschi, even sexist insults against me – Politics

“The Banca Etruria affair has upset our lives. My family has been pointed out for years as responsible for the biggest banking scandals in the country. Nothing was true. Now all of Italy knows it”. Thus Maria Elena Boschi, deputy of Italia Viva and former minister, comments on the acquittal of her father on the … Read more

M5s, the court of Naples rejects the appeal to suspend Conte’s statute and leadership: “The exclusion of non-members from the vote is irrelevant”

In the midst of the tensions due to the defeat at the Municipal authorities, a crack opens on the judicial front for the M5s. In fact, after the case of recent months, the court of Napoli rejected the precautionary appeal presented by a group of M5s members to suspend the statute and the appointment of … Read more

the city was specially “handed over” to russian soldiers, and the russian leadership is now in shock

It turns out the Russian soldiers were specially lured into Severodoncek . “I recently talked here about the increased operational-tactical skills of the enemy – the Russian army. Now watch your hands. We trapped the Russian army in Severodonet, pretending to “give up” the city. Now the Russian leadership is in shock. They have already … Read more

Space, the leadership is already Chinese. The EU is lagging behind

Listen to the audio version of the article It was the third conference of the first day of the Trento Festival, it was introduced by Roberto Battiston, special host, Full Professor of Experimental Physics at the Physics Department of the University of Trento and for four years president of the Italian Space Agency. and it … Read more

Roland Garros Disappointment and unpleasant surprises. Words from the French Open leadership surprised the world number one

“It’s quite a disappointment and a surprise for me, because she played on the WTA circuit herself,” Šwiateková wondered at the Eurosport studio after the quarterfinal win. “I think women’s tennis has a lot of advantages,” she defended herself and her colleagues. Of the women’s singles, only one match has been selected for the so-called … Read more

Kopitar of Kings wins Messier NHL Leadership Award

Anze Kopitar of the Los Angeles Kings won the Mark Messier NHL Leadership Award on Wednesday, presented to the player who exemplifies great leadership qualities on and off the ice and who plays a leading role in his community growing the game of hockey. Kopitar has been at the forefront of helping promote hockey in … Read more

Ukraine, Russia | Warns against Russian leadership of the war:

In a joint statement, more than 30 independent experts on international law and genocide accuse the Russian state of violating several articles of the UN Genocide Convention. The experts further state that there is an acute risk of genocide in Ukraine and point out that a long list of abuses has been revealed, including mass … Read more