China leads West in deployment of vaccines in developing countries

China is taking advantage of Western drugmakers in the race to bring the vaccine for the covid-19 to developing countries, with Indonesia and Turkey deploying huge campaigns of a Chinese vaccine this week and with Brazil about to do it. The scientists of some western nations say that China has delayed the release of its … Read more

The fight against covid-19 leads to depression in one in three health workers

Almost half of the group has a high risk of mental disorder and 3.5%, some suicidal ideation The impact is greater among nursing assistants: two out of three have a higher risk of alterations The health and economic crisis have increased the curve of another pandemic, the quietest of all: that of the mental health … Read more

Fernando Duclós: I try to find stories that overcome the immediacy to which the world leads us

The Argentine journalist Fernando Duclós gathers in his book “Periodistán. An Argentinean on the Silk Road”, the backstage of a legendary journey, as disturbing as it is dreamed, from the Balkans to the Arabian Peninsula, with which he captured thousands of readers through his Twitter account, stories with which he tries to “overcome the immediacy … Read more

Brady leads Buccaneers to NFC Division Series

Sports writing (EFE) .- The star quarterback Tom Brady threw for 381 yards and two touchdowns that allowed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to beat Washington 23-31 on the road in their National Conference (NFC) game. Brady criticized his game and the offense’s performance in the red zone, but enjoyed his 31st career postseason victory after … Read more

Everton news today: Yerry Mina leads ranking of Premier League matches won | Colombians Abroad

It did not take so long: Yerry Mina did not go beyond 4 qualifying points at Everton after his presentations against Liverpool, Southampton and Newcastle and already against Manchester United coach Ancelotti had no other option but to send him to the bench. He was no longer smiling. The good thing is that, instead of … Read more

Apple leads tech decline with worst drop since October

More news from Bloomberg Apple Inc. led the decline in shares of major technology companies on the first trading day of the year, suffering its worst drop in more than two months amid a sell-off in the market. The actions of the iPhone maker fell as much as 4.5% on Monday, on track to its … Read more

Israel Leads Worldwide COVID-19 Vaccinations | Coronavirus | DW

Israel has already vaccinated more than one million citizens against COVID-19 (12% of its population), which represents the highest immunization rate in the world, reported this Saturday (01.02.2021) the portal “Our World in Data “, the result of a collaboration between the University of Oxford and a charitable educational organization in the United Kingdom. Specifically, … Read more

Israel leads worldwide vaccinations against covid-19

Israel has already vaccinated against covid-19 more than one million citizens (12% of its population), which represents the higher rate of immunization globally, reported the portal ‘Our World in Data’, the result of a collaboration between the University of Oxford and a charitable educational organization in the United Kingdom. Specific, Israel records a rate of … Read more