Astronomer Wang Weihao leads you into the door of deep space photography through Sony α1 | T Kebang

The beautiful starry sky is a strange and mysterious existence for many photographers, and most of the enthusiasts who are interested in astrophotography only shoot large-scale works of the Milky Way; however, those countless celestial objects hidden in the night sky, There are many different appearances and their own beauty, which are worth capturing and … Read more

In addition to Vlasic, the Bull also keeps the track that leads to Denayer alive As reported by Sky Sportalso taken from Calciomercato.comTorino on the market, as well as closely following West Ham attacking midfielder Nikola Vlasic as previously reported, for whom he would have proposed to the Hammers an onerous loan with the right of redemption, would also have kept alive the trail that leads to Jason Denayer. … Read more

Lord Rangga Officially Leads Ex-Club Witan Sulaeman and Egy Maulana Vikri

AFFSUZUKICUP.COM Indonesian national team players, Asnawi Mangkualam (left), Egy Maulana Vikri (center), and Witan Sulaeman (right) celebrate a goal against Singapore. BOLASPORT.COM – Ki Ageng Rangga Sasana or who is familiarly called Lord Ranggawill officially lead the former club Witan Sulaeman and A Maulana Vikri, Persab Brebes. Lord Rangga just been selected as the new … Read more

KSAL Directly Leads Marine Amphibious Operations Super Garuda Shield 2022

Thursday, August 4, 2022 – 19:14 WIB VIVA – The head of Navy staff (Marriage) Admiral TNI Yudo Margono directly led the marine troops from above the LVT-7A1 Amphibious combat vehicle (Ranpur) in the Joint Joint Exercise (Latgabma) Super Garuda Shield (SGS) 2022 which deployed a number of Main Weapon System Equipment (Alutsista) in the … Read more

EZ: The high price of electricity leads to a significantly better result – Estimates of the results

Release date: Tuesday, August 9 2022 v 7:00 CET Pedpokldme, e NO published for the second quarter of this year high inter-regional growth of all economic indicators. We’ll see behind the dark inflation commoditiesrespectively substantially beautiful realized electric prices. Pestoe NO in the report for the first quarter, the whole year increased the projections, given … Read more

Roy Suryo Explains the Chronology of Stupa Meme Posts Leads to Suspect Status

Jakarta – Roy Suryo re-opened his voice regarding the case of posting the Borobudur Temple stupa meme that made him a suspect. Roy Suryo explained the chronology of how he started posting the stupa meme until he became a suspect. “On July 20, 2022, the Witness and Victim Protection Agency (LPSK) has issued a recommendation … Read more

Soeratin Cup 2022: Beats Persematim East Manggarai 3-1, PSKK Kupang City Leads Pool A

END, VICTORYNEWS – The first party of the second day of the tournament Soeratin Cup 2022 brought together the Kupang City PSKK Coral Team with the East Manggarai Persematim. The match of two teams from different islands in Soeratin Cup 2022 starting at 16.00 WITA at Marilonga Stadium Ende, Rabu (3/8/2022). Assisted by Assistant Referee … Read more

The Dark Portrait of Indonesian Migrant Workers in Cambodia: Tempted by Big Salaries Leads to Electrocution and Lockdown All

JAKARTA, – Dozens of Indonesian migrant workers (PMI) who were held captive by illegal investment companies in Cambodia have been rescued by the government. However, there are still many other migrant workers who have not been repatriated to Indonesia. Those who survived this captivity exposed the dark events they experienced while working in Cambodia. … Read more