new leak reveals its high price – FayerWayer

Less and less is missing for Apple to launch its new line of mobile devices corresponding to iPhone 14 to the market. That is why new information is published daily corresponding to this phone that hopes to conquer, as always, the market. Among the latest features leaked on the net is its price, and to … Read more

Wanda Nara reacted picnte after the leak of China Suárez’s song

Wanda Nara gave to talk in the last hours after he posted from his official Twitter account a spicy message after the leak the new song of China Suarez. “Naaaa jajajaj”Mauro Icardi’s wife wrote on her social networks on Wednesday afternoon after LAM released a part of the actress’s upcoming release. It should be remembered … Read more

Leak reveals specifications and prices of the new iPad Pro from Apple

One of the Apple devices expected to be launched this year, at its annual reveal conference in September, is the new version of the iPad Pro tablet. And leaks appeared, quoting experts and specialized websites, related to the specifications and price of the expected device. According to the trusted expert, Mark Gorman, the new device … Read more

A leak is detected, the Artemis 1 rocket is still rated as having passed the refueling test

FLORIDA – NASA’s Artemis 1 Rocket for the mission to Moon completed a series of two-day refueling tests which was an important milestone before launch. The tests included refueling a large Artemis 1 Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and a simulated countdown for NASA’s Orion capsule. Not all of the testing process went perfectly smooth, … Read more

A new leak of a Swedish businesswoman exposes Gerard Pique

Spanish press reports revealed a new leak of Spanish star Gerard Pique, whose heroine was a Swedish businesswoman named Catherine Zytomirska, last week. And according to the Spanish newspaper, “El Predoco”, a photo of Gerard Pique with the girl who caused his separation from Shakira was leaked in Stockholm. The Barcelona player was seen on … Read more

the new champion, Nilah is officially announced!

League of Legends, Champion, Leak, Sorts, Nilah, ADC, Riot Games After several days of rumors, Nilah has just been made official by Riot Games and will soon arrive in the Rift. While the leaks kept arriving on the various networks, Nilahthe new champion of League of Legends has finally been unveiled. It is through a … Read more

Fortuner Rivals are More Luxurious and Cheap, and Creta’s Competitors Leak

Thursday, June 16 2022 – 08:15 WIB VIVA – There are some news that aired on VIVA Automotive on Wednesday 15 June 2022, and was widely read until it became the most popular. Starting from rivals Fortuner more luxurious and cheaper, until the leaks of competitors Creta. 1. This Fortuner competitor is more luxurious and … Read more

The BMW M3 Touring is here. Thanks to the leak, we can inspect it in advance

The BMW M3 Touring, the first “em-three” with a practical station wagon body, is not to be officially introduced to the public for several days. The carmaker has scheduled its premiere at the Festival of Speed ​​in Goodwood, which begins on June 23. However, thanks to the leak, we can view the novelty in advance. … Read more

After the 1177 leak – court lowers fine for Medhelp

One year ago, the Privacy Protection Authority, IMY, finished its review of the 1177 leak that Computer Sweden revealed in 2019. The result was that the IMY demanded penalty fees of SEK 12 million from Medhelp, SEK 650,000 from Voice Integrate, SEK 500,000 for the Stockholm Region and SEK 250,000 each for the regions Sörmland … Read more