Photos of the birthday of Anuel AA in which Karol G was leaked

Venezuelan media have released images of the Anuel AA birthday party in which apparently the singer was also Karol G, which would confirm that the couple is still closer than ever. The Colombian artist appeared during the morning at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in New York. According to the medium Gossip vzlaAfter leaving the event, … Read more

Unexpected! The next color of the FC Barcelona shirt leaked

The Footy Headlines portal unveiled the supposed shirt that the FC Barcelona the next season 2021/2022, the portal specialized in design published the supposed kit that the set of Koeman. The news generated a debate on social networks among fans of the Barça club. It should be remembered that in recent years, the team has … Read more

Nude photos of several elite athletes leaked after a hack

Four British athletes, whose names have not transcended, are part of an extensive group of sports stars and celebrities who have suffered a hack in these last hours. Private material was stolen from their phones containing photos and intimate videos that have been posted. An organized cyber attack that also suffered the Manchester United. The … Read more

Xiaomi POCO M3 sees its design leaked in a promotional render

The Xiaomi POCO M2 was one of the most successful smartphones of the first semester in the Asian market and was possibly one of the midrangers high-end from the same period. That naturally deserves a successor and this is how the Xiaomi POCO M3 sees its design leaked in anticipation of its official presentation. LITTLE … Read more

The specifications of the cameras of the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro may have been leaked

Xiaomi It seems that Xiaomi will hold an event soon in which the manufacturer will probably show the new Mi 11 series. Now new information about the Mi 11 Pro has been received. It seems that this model will have a lot of cameras like its predecessor. It seems that the model will have a … Read more

three cameras, octa-core processor and up to 4,900 mAh battery in the new leaked Xiaomi mobile

Xiaomi continues with its steady pace in terms of terminals that hit the market, and if a few days ago it was time to talk about the Redmi Note 10, now another model with the Redmi seal comes on the scene. It would seem to be the Redmi Note 9T, a terminal that has seen its main specifications leaked.

With a terminology that may remind the models that OnePlus launches in the second half of the year (that “T” is striking), Xiaomi would bet on using a IPS LCD type panel alongside an octa-core processor and triple camera setup In this new model it has just passed the control of the Chinese regulatory body.

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This is how Will Smith leaked the trailer for the special episode of The Prince of Rap in Bel Air (video) – News from Venezuela and the World

The Diario Primicia portal informs that it is no secret that nostalgia on television sells. This is the only way to explain that precisely now that more series are being produced than ever, viewers continue to demand the return of the shows that made them happy decades ago. The problem is that most of the … Read more