First video: Youtuber leaks the iPhone 12 and shows its controversial design

Apple’s new iPhone is expected in October. But a Youtuber is already revealing what the device should look like. 1 / 8 Youtuber Jon Prosser says he has new information about the iPhone 12. Screenshot Youtube This video should be the first in which the finished iPhone 12 can be seen. Screenshot Youtube It shows: … Read more

new iPhone 12 leaks!

According to Jon Prosser, whose revelations have proven surprisingly reliable in recent months, the iPhone 12 could offer unprecedented video capabilities. The man publish tonight on his Twitter account screenshots taken with an alleged prototype (PVT) of 6.7 “ (or simulated from an iOS 14 beta) with some new functions: • the fast display screen … Read more

Personal data: more letters to members in connection with the leaks at Desjardins

Clients of Desjardins Securities (Desjardins Securities) and holders of insurance products recently received a letter from Desjardins Group telling them that their personal information had perhaps been consulted by the former employee responsible for one of the most major data breaches in Quebec. • Read also: COVID-19: Desjardins’ surpluses tumble • Read also: Personal data: … Read more

Football Leaks: Rui Pinto calls Ana Gomes, Bruno de Carvalho, Jorge Jesus and not only

Former MEP Ana Gomes, who has always defended Rui Pinto, is the first on the list of witnesses, who has other names linked to politics, such as ex-coordinator of the Left Block (BE) Francisco Louçã and ex-minister Miguel Poiares Maduro , or sports personalities, such as former Sporting president Bruno de Carvalho, Benfica coach Jorge … Read more

NASA Sends Three Astronauts to Overcome Air Leaks on the ISS

Ilustrasi ISS. (Pixabay/ WikiImages) – Existence air leak small on the International Space Station (ISS) create NASA is working hard on that. Astronaut Chris Cassidy, cosmonaut Ivan Vagner, and Anatoly Ivanishin were sent by NASA to repair Russia’s Zvezda, one of the modules that is the source of the air leak. “Since September 2019, … Read more

(Video) His leaked photos, Demba just wanted some buzz –

No ! Demba Guissé did not cheat on his wife. These images which had been around the sites were only a bluff. To tell the truth, the artist was preparing his clip which has just been released. Entitled “Je T’aime”, this song tells about a close-knit and accomplice couple. .

Ducati Boss Leaks Student Valentino Rossi Can Replace Andrea Dovizioso

INSTAGRAM.COM/PECCO42 Valentino Rossi (left) and his academy racer, Francesco Bagnaia (right). BOLASPORT.COM – Ducati Sports Director, Paolo Ciabatti, giving discourse will enter Francesco Bagnaia as a replacement Andrea Dovizioso in the factory team. Andrea Dovizioso have decided to part ways with Ducati at the end of the season MotoGP 2020. After the Italian refused to … Read more

NASA Investigates Air Leaks on International Space Station

“Now we have a period of relative calm. The crew will close the hatch for each module, so that from the ground (NASA control center) can monitor the pressure of each module to isolate the source of the leak,” said Huot. Huot further said, closing the hatch is the most effective way that can be … Read more