The Ministry has selected 40 pilot schools: They will learn in a new way! What awaits children and teachers?

The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic has published a list of primary schools that will be among the first to implement the new state education program from September 2023. 109 elementary schools signed up for the pilot verification, from which the expert team selected a pilot group of 40 … Read more

[Learn again in 2 minutes! ]What is the definition of “language family” learned in world history class? | Essential education for business elites “People of the world” super introduction | Diamond Online

“There are deep-seated problems of race and ethnicity…” Many people must have felt that way when they saw the anti-racism demonstrations that took place during the corona crisis. Ethnic problems are often at the root of many of the world’s problems, such as discrimination, war, politics, and the economy. There are so many arts and … Read more

Deer’s eye: learn to activate it and use it correctly to protect yourself from envy and open paths

Around the world, one of the most used amulets and those who have the most faith and trust are the Deer eyea seed that can be easily found in America, Africa and India. With the scientific name mucuna pruriens, the deer’s eye has been used for centuries as a symbol of protection against envy, bad … Read more

WhatsApp will have its own chat through the app so you can learn all its secrets and tricks

WhatsApp is launching a new official chat that will provide application tips and the latest news on the platform through a centralized hub. For now it will only be available to a few users. WhatsApp logo. join the conversation This very morning we received the news that WhatsApp is going to implement ephemeral audios, which … Read more

Learn how to invite more than 5 friends for a party game like Pokemon GO

The AR-based mobile game Pokemon GO has been captivating users since its release in 2016, while developers continue to periodically release new features and improvements to the game, and the latest update (v0.265.0) brings certain bug fixes and improvements to compatible mobile devices. According to the patch notes from developer Niantic, it also brings new … Read more

Learn how to invite more than 5 friends for a party game like Pokemon GO

The augmented reality-based mobile game Pokemon GO has captivated users since its release in 2016, while the developers continue to periodically release new features and improvements to the game, and the latest update of the game (v0.265.0) provides bug fixes and some bugs. Improved mobile device compatibility According to developer Niantic’s patch notes, it will … Read more

Roma player Ola Solbakken believes that “kind Norway” can learn from José Mourinho

1 / 3 DISCUSSION: Ståle Solbakken in conversation with Martin Ødegaard on the sidelines. Sander Berge can be seen in the front. Photo: Bjørn S. Delebekk / VG FRUSTRATION: Norway’s national team manager Ståle Solbakken in an argument with French referee Benoît Bastien. Photo: VEGARD GRØTT / BILDBYRÅN STATED: Ståle Solbakken did not get his … Read more

Learn about the complicated and tiring career that Ana Siucho, the wife of Edison Flores, studied

Ana Siucho, wife of Peruvian soccer player Edison Flores better known as ‘Little Ears’ Flowers, is a successful professional who studied one of the most complex careers internationally. Which is it? In this note we tell you. Ana Siucho has a stable relationship with the soccer player Edison Flores. Some don’t know, but the sister … Read more

Counter-Strike 2 has copied one of the most interesting elements of Valorant, and that was the smartest decision: Even Valve needs to learn from others – Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike has always been the great benchmark for shooting video games, but it needed to learn a lesson. March 23, 2023, 21:51 – Updated March 25, 2023, 19:58 Those responsible for communication Counter-Strike They define the video game as “the favorite shooter of your favorite shooter”. It’s not that they hide it much, but they … Read more

Learn the steps to convert a video clip to a GIF file on iPhone and iPad

GIFs are animated images that have become a staple of online conversations on social media platforms. Sometimes, we may want to convert a part of a video into a GIF file for online use. While using Android, this may require users to use a third-party app. external, and the same can be done without using … Read more