Learn to be content and also learn lessons——An exclusive interview with Xu Jiamin, the coach of China’s three-person women’s basketball team

Xinhua News Agency, Antwerp, June 27th, title: Learn to be content but also learn lessons – an exclusive interview with China’s three-person women’s basketball coach Xu Jiamin Xinhua News Agency reporters Xiao Yazhuo and Lin Deren With a little regret, the Chinese three-person basketball women’s team ended their first international competition after the Tokyo Olympics, … Read more

The decline of the sterling .. Learn about the price of the dollar and some currencies against the Egyptian pound

The exchange rate of the dollar maintained its stability against the Egyptian pound at the beginning of trading, today, Tuesday, and the prices of the European currency “euro” rose, while the prices of the pound sterling declined in government and private banks. And in the two largest Egyptian governmental banks in terms of the volume … Read more

Learn the truth about the marriage of Sherine Reda and Ahmed El-Fishawy.. Amr Diab’s divorced woman admitted this shocking matter to the public!!

2022/06/27 It’s 06:10 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite The artist, Ahmed El-Fishawy, recently flirted with Sherine Reda by publishing a photo of them together during their attendance at the five session of the El Gouna Film Festival, through his official account on “Instagram”, attached to it: “Here I will keep quiet a lot.” The … Read more

Microsoft is completing a project to learn a person’s feelings using artificial intelligence

Company terminated Microsoft American, exactly, is an important project that it has been working on for a while that helps to know the feelings of any person, whether love, hate, or any other emotional feelings, through artificial intelligence. According to the engadget website, which specializes in technology developments, the giant American company has taken into … Read more

Learn about the story of an idol who ran away from home and became homeless — Kudasai

The YouTube channel “Dark Side of Japan Yuki” became a trend after posting a video where he allegedly presented the story of an idol who ran away from home and is currently homeless. The description writes: “Homeless Japanese idol Eguen. She ran away from her strange family and took refuge in a shelter. But even … Read more

After rejecting his offer for 12 years… The Mona Zaki movie was finally released… and the audience was shocked (Learn the name of the movie)

2022/06/23 12:40 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite After 12 years of refusing to show it in Egypt, the author Mohamed Ragaa announced finally agreeing to the screening of the movie Cairo Makkah, starring Egyptian actress Mona Zaki and directed by Hani Khalifa, whose filming ended in 2012. Raja wrote on his social networking page: … Read more

Learn the truth about a woman being drugged while leaving a school in the lake

The security services revealed the truth of what was circulated in a video clip showing a woman (a schoolteacher in the city of Kafr El-Dawwar in Beheira) being drugged by one of the women when she left the school, so she screamed and pleaded for help, and the accused managed to escape as the people … Read more

NASA introduces a free web game “Game: Super Planet Crash” to learn to simulate the operation of celestial bodies through games

Set up by NASA, the website “Astronomy Picture of the Day”, which regularly puts up a featured astronomical map every day, shared the free web game “Game: Super Planet Crash” on June 19. By simulating a planetary system, Allows players to add stars anywhere near the stars in different celestial panels, and get points based … Read more

Learn about the burning diet that saved Ilham Shaheen from 10 kilos in just two weeks.. You won’t believe what she was doing!!

2022/06/19 It’s 01:40 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite The artist, Ilham Shaheen, surprised her fans and fans with a video clip, in which she appeared in a completely new and different way, as she lost a lot of weight and this appeared on her body significantly. Elham Shaheen said: “I lost 10 kilos of … Read more

Learn about the only movie that Adel Imam suffers from 50 years ago and until today.. He wishes to delete it and consider it a fall in his history.. What happened in it is unbelievable!!

2022/06/19 It’s 04:40 AM Island Bay | Follow Favorite The artist, Adel Imam, recently celebrated his 83rd birthday, and his 60th artistic year since he joined the TV theater teams in 1962, and since that time until now, Monsef cannot deny what he has done over the sixty years, as it is a sign of … Read more