Five simple tips to learn the habit of saving | Economy | News

Sometimes the hardest thing about saving money is getting started. The pandemic and the lack of economic movement in the country have affected citizens in one way or another. Although several families have lost or reduced their source of income, It is important to have control over personal finances, creating a habit of saving. “The … Read more

319 in the last 24 hours

The positive cases of covid-19 registered in Aragon last Friday amount to 319, a number lower than the 346 detected the previous day, which indicates that infections continue to decline in the community. According to provisional data, and waiting for the Government of Aragon to confirm it in the afternoon, seven people have died in … Read more

Learn about Blizzard discounts for Black Friday

The day came with the most important offers of the year, so that Blizzard has announced amazing promotions for all those who are fans of any of its multiple licenses. Starting this batch of offers, the company advertises for World of Warcraft, a decrease in price from 6 month subscription and golden goblin wings, happening … Read more

Diploma in Electronic Music & DJ Set

Brief description of the course The Diploma in Electronic Music & DJ Set, allows the student to discover original ways of making music and to know how to carry out their projects.You will obtain the theoretical and practical knowledge of the management of electronic music mixing to practice as a performer and session musician, which … Read more

“The Art of Touching You”, a project that invites the community to learn more about breast cancer

Miguel Torres, a student of social communication and journalism, carried out an investigation called ‘Mom’s cancer, re-significance of femininity stereotypes’, which seeks to tell people about the processes carried out by women who suffer or have suffered from this disease. “‘The art of touching you’ refers to that show of love that both women and … Read more

Learn about the new features in Microsoft Teams

As the global response to the current Covid-19 pandemic has advanced, communities around the world have adapted, moving from an era where everything is done remotely towards the development of a hybrid work model, which has adapted to the learning and life in general. Because of this, and looking to keep up with the future … Read more

Learn and relax to Lo-Fi music from World of Warcraft

Newsvideo game57 minutes ago Four remixes of tracks from the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion called Shadowlands are available on the World of Warcraft youtube channel. Blizzard was probably inspired by the lo-fi music phenomenon. IN ONE WORD: Blizzard uploaded remixes of songs from Shadowlands and Youtube; Professional music producers are responsible for its composition, … Read more

Learn why we should eat pistachios

Countries like Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and Kyrgyzstan, They are producing lands of a succulent food that is consumed with great regularity throughout the world. The pistachios They are a fruit that is born from the plant that bears the same name, and is known as alfoncigo or pistachio. Its scientific name is Pistacia vera, … Read more

Learn about the three most innovative projects in Spanish Insurance

MAPFRE Spain for his decision bot Finnite, RGA re International Ibérica for your product Fullness 100 Y Hello Insurance for your insurance Hello Auto have been the winners of the 2020 edition of the Azul Awards. These awards, awarded by INESE, highlights initiatives of insurers, reinsurers, brokerages or service companies for the insurance industry that … Read more