Why private individuals prefer to drive a Toyota and lease drivers prefer an Audi

Toyota is the most popular brand among private car buyers. — © BELGAIMAGE Private individuals drive a Toyota or Dacia, lease drivers a BMW or Audi. This is evident from figures from sector federation Febiac. “A Dacia offers a lot of car for a reasonable price,” says Brecht Vanhaelewyn of the Auto55 website. Guido Cloostermans … Read more

Elemental Business Center has signed a lease agreement with Rimi Latvia :: Dienas Bizness

“Elemental Business Centre”, the upcoming office building complex in Skanstes district, has signed a lease agreement with “Rimi Latvia”. The lease agreement envisages the opening of the city center concept “Rimi Mini” store on the first floor of the building. “Elemental Business Centre” sales manager Imants Krēsliņš says that the “Rimi Mini” store will be … Read more

“46 for wood and you live. Mark: Toilet next to the stove.” Rent, Ukrainians, Czech Republic

While brokers, owners and developers report a cooling of apartment sales, rentals are going full blast. However, the excess of vacant units on the market leads to the rental prices of some apartments reaching bizarre heights. And it’s not about any luxury pieces or exceptional locations. Even small apartments on the outskirts of cities are … Read more

Inflation: Fairly adjust lease and old age payments!

How to ensure that amounts to be paid retain their value? Schmitte: Long-term contracts should always contain a value retention clause. It couples e.g. B. the lease price to the general price development for consumers and the development of agricultural prices and costs. Which indices can be found in contracts? Schmitte: The consumer price index … Read more

Funds and offshore companies exempt from capital gains tax if they sell homes to the State | Housing

The exemption from taxation on capital gains arising from the sale of real estate to the State, one of the measures included in the legislative package launched by the Government to respond to the housing crisis, will apply to any type of owner, with no exceptions. This means that entities such as investment funds or … Read more

Index – Economy – BKK: One type of ticket will become more expensive, and many others will be discontinued

Although the price of the 100E line ticket will rise, the prices of the most frequently used tickets and passes will remain the same. The BudapestGO application is being transformed, and many types of tickets will be discontinued, BKK announced. Due to the rising inflation, the unfavorable economic environment and the runaway energy prices, the … Read more

Notodden, Housing | Ingeborg (19) wants out of the apartment as soon as possible: – I want to terminate the lease, but the landlord refuses

28.01.23 06:33 28.01.23 06:34 It hasn’t been such a good start to student life in Notodden for Ingeborg Loe Jensen. Three months after she moved into the collective flat in Kongsbergveien 10, she discovered traces of vermin. It would prove to be difficult to clean up.

Zaobao | Apple releases new MacBook Pro/National population negative growth for the first time in 61 years/Tencent responded by withdrawing the lease of Langke Building

Ai Faner’s early report reading Tencent Responds to Withdrawing the Lease of Langke Building National population growth negative for the first time Netease responds to rejection of Blizzard’s postponement of cooperation proposal CATL and NIO signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement Xiaopeng Motors Announces Price Cuts It was revealed that almost all Weimar stores in … Read more

Housing: New rules published for Porta 65 and Affordable Lease – Economy

Among the changes to Porta 65, a program that financially supports young people who want to rent a house, is the update of the maximum eligible income ceilings, a measure that will expand the range of beneficiaries. In the examples presented in the usual ‘briefing’ of the Council of Ministers in which the measure was … Read more

Recovery plan, Lease: “Achieved the 55 objectives set for the second half”. But spending stops at less than half of the forecast

On paper, the path of Recovery plan proceeds according to schedule. “Were achieved i 55 goals scheduled for the second half of 2022”, announced the Minister for European Affairs, the South, Cohesion Policies and the Pnrr Raffaele Fittosatisfied with the “important team work” and the “constructive dialogue” with the European Commissionessential for overcome “some critical … Read more