Sabah, I fell in love with Lebanon and preferred it over all! – Video

Al-Shahrora loved Lebanon until her death, and she refused to talk about it negatively, even though she was from the generation that witnessed the civil war, killing, destruction and reconstruction, but her belief in this country did not disappoint. In every television appearance she had, she spoke positively about her country. She never said anything … Read more

Asaad Rashdan is in the hospital, and this is what he revealed about his health condition – in pictures

The Lebanese actor, Asaad Rashdan, published pictures of him from the hospital, and commented on them by saying: “We were thirsty when others did not. …A look, a smile, a phone, an appointment, then an X-ray, a scanner, an ultrasound, a mail, ultrasounds… And a big thank you to the best doctor, Dr. Al-Siddiq Tony … Read more

The price of the dollar rose in Lebanon today, Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Prices have gone up dollar in Lebanon Today, Tuesday, January 31, 2023, at the beginning of morning trading, against the Lebanese pound on the unofficial black market, as it reached the level of 58,200 pounds for purchase, and 57,700 pounds for sale against the dollar. provide «the week» For its followers to know everything related … Read more

Two new decisions by the Minister of Finance – MTV Lebanon

The Minister of Finance in the caretaker government, Youssef Al-Khalil, issued a decision extending, until 1/23/2023 inclusive, the deadline for submitting the declaration and paying the tax due on the amounts paid, in accordance with the provisions of Article 41 of the Income Tax Law during the fourth quarter of the year 2022. A statement … Read more

Al-Akhbar: The Lebanese General Security thwarted an ISIS plot aimed at bombing a number of vital centers

The Lebanese General Security thwarts a terrorist plan by “ISIS” that aims to blow up the Prophet’s Hospital in Beirut with an explosive device, and an attack on a church, in addition to targets in Jabal Mohsen. Foiling an ISIS plot targeting a hospital and a church in Lebanon revealed Newspaper Lebanese, today, Monday, that … Read more

Announcing the date of oil and gas exploration in Lebanon (update)

Oil and gas exploration work in Lebanon, which witnessed the signing of a new agreement today, Sunday, January 29 (2023), is preparing to start within a few days. The CEO of the French Total Energy company, Patrick Pouyanné, said that his company is keen to start work on offshore block 9 as soon as possible, … Read more

Unique in Lebanon.. A restaurant that defies crises thanks to people of determination

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" What a story "agonest"؟ As soon as you enter the café – The restaurantYoung men and women greet you with a smile and determination, which makes you interact with them automatically. in "agonest"Its founder, a young Lebanese physiotherapist, Wassim Al-Hajj, wanted to employ a team of people with special needs … Read more

The discovery of a new moon for the Earth? .. Here are the details

In surprising news, the Russian astronomer Gennady Borisov stated that the international scientific community revealed that the asteroid YG2022,It is a semi-moon of Earth, and it was seen for the first time on January 15, 2022. He said in an interview: “On December 15, I was able to discover a quasi-moon belonging to Earth. Of … Read more

Tatiana Merheb evaluates her participation in the presentation of Fatna Bi Al-Hait, and this is how she described Mario Basil and Shukran Murtaja

The Lebanese actress Tatiana Merheb began her career in the comedy theater with the actor Mario Basil’s troupe, and so the audience got to know her and loved her, then she moved on to participate in the drama, where she excelled in her roles and left an imprint. From her participation in the drama, we … Read more

Anushka became famous for singing and succeeded in acting.. That is why she refused to marry and this is her favorite hobby

AnushkaShe is one of the hottest singing stars of the 90s. She was distinguished by a different sound layer and presented a new type of songs during her artistic career. She succeeded in acting and became famous in recent years, and she presented television works that achieved great success for her, including the role of … Read more