A wave of ridicule from Haya Al-Shaibi after appearing in a Chinese dress-video ad

Kuwaiti actress has been exposedHaya elshoabeeFor a wave of widespread ridicule due to an advertisement in which she appeared in Chinese dress and shared it on her page on a social networking site.Among the comments on the video, which was circulated on various pages on: “I heard what she said once and on this principle, … Read more

Nadine Nassib Najim asks Tony Issa to prepare tonight and he replies that he is ready

The Lebanese actress wroteNadine Nassib NjeimOn her own page on the social networking site, a comment she made to the Lebanese actorTony IssaShe told him, “Tonight, you and I are preparing,” and Tony replied, “Ready.”It is reported that Tony appeared in the last episodes of the series “”Twenty twentyAs “pyramid”, and the interaction of followers … Read more

Magda Al-Sabahi refused to marry Rushdie Abaza and the first kiss with Omar Sharif … and her daughter was confined to her money

One of the most important stars of the beautiful time is the Egyptian actress​Majida Al SabahiShe was born on May 6, 1931, and died on January 16, 2020, at the age of 89.She presented dozens of films as an actress and producer, and she also had experience in directing, and she was distinguished from the … Read more

On the eve of his arrival in Beirut … a “very firm message” from Le Drian to Lebanese officials: This is just the beginning

On the eve of his arrival in Beirut, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian tweeted on his Twitter account and wrote what he translated: “I will be in Lebanon tomorrow with a very firm message to the political leaders and a message of full solidarity with the Lebanese. Firmness in the face of those hindering … Read more

Uncovered, wife trapped her husband helped by her dark lover with drugs. Ends Arrested by Police

The wife is 35 years old, a Syrian hospital, and her 37-year-old Lebanese lover, SH, when they were arrested by the police for deliberately storing drugs in their husband’s car to get rid of them. (Source: Arab News) BEIRUT, KOMPAS.TV – A wife and her mistress were arrested by the Lebanese police. They were arrested … Read more

After Ramez Jalal mocked her, Najla Badr was suspended

Egyptian actress commentedNaglaa BadrOn the mockery of the Egyptian actorRamez GalalAmong them, her name was mentioned in the episode of the Egyptian artist Hamada Hilal in the program “Ramez his mind flew”Najla posted a video of Ramez talking about her, through her own account on the social networking site, and commented: “Ok, Ramez, congratulations to … Read more

Lebanon between the eras of local cannabis and Syrian Captagon!

It says in the “Middle East”: The smuggling of drug shipments from Lebanon to Arab and European countries, which was seized last week, revealed the need to activate the Lebanese security measures and close loopholes through which smugglers can run through, despite the measures taken by the Lebanese authorities over the past years, which led … Read more

Ford’s smarter robots are speeding up the assembly line

In 1913, Henry Ford revolutionized the automobile industry with the first movable assembly line, an innovation that made assembly of new vehicles faster and more efficient. Nearly a hundred years later, Ford is now using artificial intelligence to speed up existing manufacturing lines. The Ford plant in Michigan, where robots help assemble torque converters, now … Read more

Art Special- Will Mia Khalifa Return to Porn?

It was reported that the heroine of the American porn movies is of Lebanese originsMia KhalifaShe will backtrack on her retirement from her previous career in porn movies, after she received an offer of 300,000 dollars to shoot a new pornographic movie in America, after she had announced in the past that she would stop … Read more

Rawan bin Hussein apologizes to the Saudis: I hope they will forgive me

She presented the Kuwaiti fashionista and actressRawan bin HusseinHer apology to the Saudi people, and she said: “One day I interfered myself with issues bigger than me, topics that I did not understand. I might have liked to give a statement that I thought was neutral, but on the other hand I injured millions of … Read more