Maradona, the king of marketing

Roberto Fontanarrosa, Argentine author of the best stories dedicated to football, asked about Diego Maradona’s behavior in his personal life, replied: “What does Diego do with his life, I care what he did with mine.” It will surely surprise you that an entire society mourns the death of an exceptional footballer but at the same … Read more

These are the smartwatch launches brought by brands such as Huawei or Apple

Margarita Coneo Rincón – [email protected] Smartwatch, one of the wearables that has taken the most strength in the market with global sales projections that reach 109.9 million units according to Statista data, do not stop advancing in their technological characteristics. During the second half of 2020, despite the pandemic, the main technology houses have launched … Read more

Del 1.0 al next marketing

Since the 1950s, we can identify seven eras that have marked the history of marketing as a social science, with technological advancement that has undoubtedly caused a rapid transition between the last four versions. The first, called Marketing 1.0, focused on the product; There was a greater demand than supply of goods and services, a … Read more

At Christmas, book sales will grow 65% according to Buscalibre’s sales projections

Lilian Mariño Espinosa – [email protected] The book sales portal Buscalibre has been doing several studies and projections of the behavior of the market this year, an analysis that details that sales will grow 65% for the Christmas day, being youthful, fiction and the news of 2020 the categories that will push growth. The company pointed … Read more

Xiaomi’s bet to conquer the high-end segment in Colombia

Salomón Asmar Soto – [email protected] Xiaomi today announced the launch in Colombia of the Mi 10T Pro, the brand’s flagship, which promises to give power and creativity to its users in all aspects of their personal and professional life with a user experience at the highest level in aesthetics. efficiency, innovation and distinction at a … Read more

Leaders League’s Best M&A Law Firms

Noelia Cigüenza Riaño – [email protected] Saturday, November 21, 2020 Brigard Urrutia, Gómez-Pinzón Abogados, PPU and Posse Herrera Ruiz were highlighted in the category of leaders of the ranking Although the covid-19 pandemic initially hit the mergers and acquisitions market due to the uncertainty caused by the drop in sales of companies, which was immediately reflected … Read more

Marketing 2021

The marketing world every year around this time, begins to appreciate a large number of predictions about what the next one will bring, and even more so after the atypical that is about to end, without the threat of covid-19 having disappeared, but without Undoubtedly, it will leave many lessons and opportunities for those who … Read more

With digital guarantees, FGA Guarantee Fund aims at economic development

A guarantee is an essential requirement to request a loan from any financial institution or business establishment that delivers a good or service in installments. There is the FGA Guarantee Fund, as that institutional guarantor that serves Colombians and financial intermediaries. The former to make their desire to buy possible, and the latter to mitigate … Read more

Characteristics of digital lawyers

Laura Vita Mesa – [email protected] Monday, November 9, 2020 The ability to work in interdisciplinary teams and the orientation towards customer service are two of the most important One of the most recurrent phrases this year due to the pandemic is that “you have to reinvent yourself” because the disruptions that the situation brought to … Read more

“More than a hotel, we have always been an entertainment center for all guests”

Lilian Mariño Espinosa – [email protected] Hotels and restaurants are becoming the new meeting places that, under current conditions, are safe to spend some time, share with friends or family. That is why the most important brands are implementing options so that these areas become the perfect space for getaways of a few days or even … Read more