go viral! This Lesbian Couple Is Outraged After Knowing They Are Possibly One Father

loading… Carley Gonschior and Mercedes Stewart, a lesbian couple in Canada, are furious to learn that they may be siblings. Photo/TikTok @carleyandmercedes OTTAWA – Couple lesbian in Canada this went viral after being upset about their future. Because, the two same-sex couples got leaked information that they might be siblings from the same father. The … Read more

Lesbian couple discovers they might be sisters: ‘Wrong to stay together?’ † Abroad

Carley Gonschior and Mercedes Stewart, from Canada, have been dating for two years and run the OnlyFans account @notyouraveragesister. They shared their bizarre discovery on TikTok: they think they share the same father. “When you find out after two years of dating that our mothers both slept with the same man,” they wrote on the … Read more

Twitter users denounce that Cinépolis and Cinemex cut the lesbian kiss in ‘Lightyear’; chains deny censorship

Users of Twitter They denounced that in some rooms of the chain Cinépolis and Cinemex did not screen the scene of the kiss between two women in the Disney Pixar movie ‘Lightyear’, for which they criticized the companies for supposedly censoring that part of the film. The accusations come after last June 16 Cinépolis denied … Read more

Drama Episode ‘My Husband Is a Lesbian’ Has Ended, Ahnaf Arrafif The Man Is Now Locked In Prison

Jambi – The drama ‘My Husband Turns Lesbian’ has entered its final stage. Yes, Ahnaf Arrafif | fake male figure Erayani arrested by the police after marrying and cheating a women in Jambi named Nur Aini. The lesbian woman Ahnaf Arrafif alias Erayani was thrown into prison on charges of fraudulent academic degrees. Currently, Ahnaf … Read more

A “gay”, a lesbian, language and some prejudice | Opinion

It is called “ABCLGBTQIA+” and it is a collaboration between Fox Life and the ILGA Portugal Association that proposes to spread the meaning of 37 words or expressions to “everyone”. An opportunity to learn what cisgender means, deadnaminggender expression, non-binary, intersex, identity questioning, pansexual, packing, misgendering, inclusive language, etc. There are really 37. I recommend … Read more

I had! The two-time Olympic champion has announced that she is a lesbian

“I had to do it. I was nervous about it, but now I feel like I’m going to explode with joy. Sometimes I cried about it, but once this conversation comes out, all the fear will be gone,” Holmes said. The winner of the 800 and 1500 meters from the Games in 2004 kept everything … Read more

Pride Edition “Chersace” – Who should afford THAT, Cher?

Is it being cashed in boldly or is it actually doing good? On the occasion of the Pride month of June, pop grandma Cher (76) and designer Donatella Versace (67) have released a joint collection in rainbow colors. Under the name “Chersace” you can buy black and colorful T-shirts, socks and baseball caps with the … Read more

Lesbian couple in Buzz Lightyear: Creators refuse to self-censor over ‘backward beliefs’

The creators of the animated film “Buzz Lightyear”, featuring a lesbian couple and which has not been authorized in some Muslim countries, expected to run this risk, but claim to have refused to censor themselves in the face of to “retrograde beliefs”. “We had been warned that this would be a likely outcome“, said American … Read more

“The truth is that these people are idiots.” Chris Evans defends ‘Lightyear’ against those who criticize the film for including a lesbian kiss

There are a few days left for ‘Lightyear’The new movie of Pixarbut the controversy already accompanies it, and that is that several countries have decided to ban its premiere for including a lesbian kiss scene. Not that at Disney they are very friends of itbut they have decided to keep her in the film and … Read more

Sperm donor has 15 children with lesbian women, but hid hereditary disease

He offered his sperm on the internet for women who wanted to artificial insemination, but hid the fact that he had a hereditary disease that can cause mental retardation in his children. A man in the UK thus had 15 children, all from lesbian women, and although he promised not to, in four cases after … Read more