Park Shin Hye’s gorgeous wedding dress, let’s look at the details clearly.

Park Shin Hye 7 sets of wedding dresses, both pre-wedding dresses and wedding ceremony dresses with actor Choi Tae Joon, take a look at the details of Park Shin Hye’s wedding dress. The couple got married on January 22, 2022 for the famous Korean heroine. Park Shin Hye with handsome actor Choi Tae Joon, after … Read more

The Kremlin pushes straw mannequins for us, let’s not be fooled by them, warns British Defense Minister in article

I have had to explain to my European allies countless times what the “straw shot” argument is. This is because the best embodiment of a straw man at present is the Kremlin’s claim that it is threatened by NATO. In recent weeks, this straw shot has grown thanks to a statement by the Russian Minister … Read more

Estonian PM: Let’s not give in to Russia’s demands to change the basic principles of European security, talks cannot take place at the end of the barrel

Europe will not give in to Russia’s demands to change its fundamental security principles, and no talks are possible “at the end of the barrel”, Prime Minister Kaja Kallas emphasized in a political statement in the Estonian parliament on Wednesday. “Moscow has made its demands, confirmed what it wants,” she said. “We will not give … Read more

Prince William has publicly reacted to the Prince Andrew scandal. Let’s talk!

The Duke of Cambridge has made it clear what he thinks about his uncle’s legal proceedings. Legion-Media Prince Andrew and Prince William <!–Расположение: –> January 19 Prince William and Kate Middleton released for the first time after a long Christmas break. The couple appeared at the London Foundling Museum, which has been under the patronage … Read more

Instagram now lets you create a digital avatar

Social network Instagram has added the function “Avatars” – an analogue of Apple’s Memoji. You can make a personalized avatar if you open the settings, go to the “Account” section and click on the “Avatars” button. Photo: Instagram In the character’s appearance settings, you can choose the color of the skin, eyes, hair, choose a … Read more

Corruption, Cartabia: “Transpose the directive on whistleblowing as soon as possible”. The Good Lobby: “Let’s move from words to deeds”

“We still have to perfect the transposition, and we need to do it as soon as possible, of the whistleblowing directive, a precious tool to combat corruption, partly already present in our system thanks to the regulatory interventions launched in 2012 and 2017 ″. Minister Marta Cartabia in the Senate Chamber recalled this in her … Read more

“Let’s Dance” star: Victoria Swarovski wants to compete at the ESC – people

She came to SING! Actually, presenter and singer Victoria Swarovski (28) has enough on her mind. The new “Let’s Dance” season begins on February 18th and will again run for three and a half months. In addition, the 28-year-old has founded her own beauty brand “Orimei by Victoria Swarovski” and has taken on a dubbing … Read more

Safari: Serious vulnerability in Apple’s browser lets users spy – Apple

Apple has actually positioned itself in recent years as a kind of pioneer in the fight for user privacy and, above all, against cross-website tracking. All the more unpleasant is a bug that has now become known, which not only makes it easier for websites to track users, but also divulges other sensitive data at … Read more

True 5G reinforces the best network with the campaign ‘Better with True, let’s move into a new era together’.

True 5G reinforces the best network with the campaign ‘Better with True, let’s move into a new era together’. ‘Smart City’ with the No. 1 network, Nperf award that is fast, complete, and powerful, strengthening the army of ‘Baifern-Pimchanok’ and ‘Saint Supapong’, the latest true 5G hero, inviting Thai people to be Better ‘True Family’ … Read more

Let’s rethink the management of the pandemic without delay

The Quebec health care system has been very weakened by liberal reforms without consideration or nuance everywhere in Quebec (centralization of decision-making power, loss of local management, compulsory mobility over huge territories, bureaucracy that suffocates the speed of action). Our establishments have accustomed us to overflows in the summer, during the holiday season and often … Read more