Hong Kong band Supper Moment: There is a stage, sound and audience, so let’s “play” with our heart丨Entertainment·Behind the scenes

Text/Yangcheng Evening News all-media reporter Hu Guangxin intern Li Jiahui Figure / Respondent After a lapse of three years, Hong Kong band Supper Moment once again came to the mainland to perform, holding the “Always Believe” mainland tour, which started in Guangzhou and ended in Jiangmen. This is the third time that Supper Moment has … Read more

[Let’s Play with Samsung] ② A winning strategy for building a home gaming ecosystem ‘conveniently without worrying about devices’

The story behind the development of Samsung Gaming Hub Part 1Following that, this time, we will introduce the ‘practical’ stage to enjoy home gaming. According to a 2021 report from the Entertainment Software Association of America, more than 200 million people in the United States are playing games. This can be interpreted as meaning ‘at … Read more

Not Esemka Indonesia’s National Car, But Timor, New Release 2023?, Let’s Review!

iNSulteng – The name of the Esemka car is still a mystery because it has not been widely circulated in Indonesian society. He said the Esemka was called Indonesia’s national car. But until now its presence has not been seen in the regions. Read Also: Honda Secretly Releases the RS 2023 SUV, KIA’s Rivals, Raize … Read more

Juana Repetto exposed a follower who treated her as “insane”: “Let’s know who it comes from”

Juana Repetto replied to a follower who criticized her on her Instagram account in the last hours Juana Repetto decided to put an end to the criticism he received on his Instagram account for some posts about breastfeeding. The actress exceeds a million and a half followers, and what she began as a reflection accompanied … Read more

Let’s Get To Know! Here are 5 Myths of Heart Failure that you need to know

Have you ever heard the term heart failure? Yes, most people assume that this disease is a damaged heart organ and loses function. Well, but not all the information you hear is completely true. There are many myths and facts circulating in the community about this disease. Thus, many people are misguided, one of which … Read more

The King of Sport Duck Motors is here! Yamaha MX-King is threatened, let’s check the specifications

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – The king moped sport 180cc engine officially launched, Yamaha MX-King is under threat. Comes with a more frightening and sporty design, moped sport this in the imagination can compete Yamaha MX-King in the Automotive market. Well, then what is dadi’s form and specifications? moped sport that, is it cooler than … Read more

Nintendo Switch – the hybrid console has sold more than 111 million units »Let’s talk about video games

In the last hours Nintendo published on his own gate Q1 2023 financial results are dedicated to investors, the report shows the family’s impressive sales figures nintendo switchwhich among the base model, Lite and OLED has placed beyond 111 million units in the global market since the release of the material. In the last quarter … Read more

Index – Belföld – The heatwave has broken out, let’s not expect rain

2022.08.04. 05:46 On Thursday, clear or at most slightly cloudy, sunny, rain-free weather is likely. The east and north-east wind may only intensify in a few places. The highest daytime temperature is between 30 and 36 degrees. On Thursday, a lot of sunshine is expected with few cumulus clouds. There will be no precipitation. The … Read more

Mercato: FC Bruges lets Nsoki go and cashes (again) a nice jackpot

One season and then goes for Stanley Sword. The 23-year-old French defender, who was under contract until 2025 with Club Brugge, left the Gazelles for the Bundesliga, where he signed a five-year contract with Hoffenheim. According to the media, the sum of the transfer would oscillate around 12 million euros. “Stanley Nsoki will provide everything … Read more