Let’s change asks that medical students can do the mandatory final practices

The Buenos Aires deputy of Together for Change, the radical Alejandra Lordén, proposed to request the Ministry of Education of the Nation, evaluate the possibility that all those students of Universities in the country of the Health Sciences careers can finish the PFO. These are students of medicine, nursing, obstetrics, kinesiology, nutrition, who are doing … Read more

Let’s vote despite the ratings!

At least a third have not yet decided which party to vote for, because it is really very difficult to choose. Politicians across the spectrum have become so distraught and failed that many are disgusted rather than ardent. However, it is definitely necessary to go and vote, because otherwise it will be much worse – … Read more

20 cases of dengue in one week: let’s continue our efforts!

The Prefecture and the ARS communicate, in their bulletin, the last quantified assessment of dengue. From August 10 to 16, 20 cases of dengue fever were confirmed in our island. The circulation of the virus continues to slow. However, 13 municipalities are still affected in recent weeks, mainly in the west and south of the … Read more

IRobot lets Roomba i7 and S9 models identify furniture and zones – Household – News

Vacuum cleaner manufacturer iRobot provides various Roombas and the Braava mopping robot with the ability to recognize more detailed areas in the home. The more expensive models can then not only recognize a room, but also specific objects in the house. The manufacturer is implementing the changes in a new version of the iRobot app. … Read more

Lewandowski lets Nations League match against the Netherlands shoot | NOW

Robert Lewandowski will not participate with Poland in the Nations League game against the Dutch national team next month. The top striker of Bayern Munich has decided to take a rest in consultation with national coach Jerzy Brzeczek. Lewandowski has had a long season with Bayern, which only ended on Sunday with the Champions League … Read more

Maláčová wants veils for pensioners. Let’s give a million to everyone, Fiala suggested

“At the next meeting of the Chamber of Deputies, we will propose a one-off contribution of one million crowns for each citizen. Given that populists and socialists have obviously invented an infinite budget, this should not be a problem and will certainly support us,” Petr Fiala said on social networks. He added a winking smiley … Read more

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 & 2 Remake, Koos & Jelle do a Let’s play!

We’ve talked to our skater before Emiel discussed the current status of the games within the skate genre. Because there are a number of cool new titles on the way. But are these just as good as the skate games we’ve played in the past? When we think of top titles around skating games, we … Read more

The Isle of Five: Political simulation lets determine the fate of an alternative Switzerland

The Swiss developer Blindflug Studios has Democratia – The Isle of Five published a free strategy game (or a political simulation) in which players should stir up Swiss politics in an ironic and humorous way and learn something about it. The title, developed for the 20th anniversary of the Avenir Suisse think tank, is now … Read more

US elections, Biden closes the convention (in the wake of Obama): “Let’s free America from Trump”

Joe Biden pulls the strings of the Democratic convention. Last night, accepting the nomination for the White House, he presented himself as the leader of the most difficult rescue mission: ridding America of Donald Trump. Biden has moved, and could not have done otherwise, in the wake of the disruptive speech given by Barack Obama … Read more

LNMM will open an exhibition for children ‘Let’s play?’

From September 5 to November 1 of this year, an exhibition for children “Let’s play?” Dedicated to the depiction of toys in art will take place in the exhibition halls of the fourth floor of the main building of the Latvian National Museum of Art. Content will continue after the ad Advertising As the representatives … Read more