An American returns a relic she stole in Rome with a letter of apology

“I feel terrible, not only for stealing this article from its rightful place, but for putting something written on it. It was a big mistake on my part and only now, as an adult, do I realize how thoughtless and despicable it was. ” So are the repentant words of Jess, an American who, in … Read more

Open letter: Almost 1500 first signatories: inside against the UG amendment

500 teachers, more than 900 students and other supporters have signed the open letter against the UG amendment for the first time. Vienna (OTS) – The initiative “Education Burns” today publishes an open letter entitled “EDUCATION IS BRINGING: STOP NEW UNIVERSITY LAW”, which was first signed by 500 lecturers at Austrian universities. More than 1000 … Read more

Open letter to lawyers in difficulty. By Patrick Roulette, Lawyer.

My dear Sisters, my dear Confreres. The year 2020 will be the color of our dresses and many brothers and sisters find themselves facing a totally desperate situation. Strike movement against the pension reform project, first confinement, second confinement, significant drop in activity, these events have only amplified situations which were already part of precariousness. … Read more

The letter that Meghan Markle would have written to her father was not so private, new details reveal for her lawsuit | Wake up America shows

Read transcript liked that part. Carlos: anyway. what a story. another story that has given turns and has taken a turn unexpected. is the lawsuit he filed meghan markle, the reclaó has a brianic periodical they could leave meghan markle very bad stop for these claims and for that, this couple again it is on … Read more

To the letter, Congress about to seal the 2021 budget

By Lourdes [email protected] This Tuesday, the Finance Commission of the Congress of the Republic presented the opinion of the 2021 State Income and Expenditure Budget Project for Q99,700,000,000.00 before the Board of Directors, as expected, after the presentation of said opinion, the ordinary session that It was scheduled to start almost three hours late. Minutes … Read more

the detail about the letter to his father that could make him lose the trial against the press

The detail about the letter Meghan Markle sent to her father that could make him lose his trial against the press Lawyers for the ‘Mail on Sunday’ have brought to light a previously unknown detail from the letter Meghan Markle wrote to her father It violated her privacy, being a confidential document, and it infringed … Read more

Meghan Markle’s controversial letter to her father wasn’t that confidential

Meghan Markle he could have enlisted the help of his personal assistants to compose the letter he sent to his father weeks after their wedding. A letter that until now was thought to have been written in his own hand but it might not be so confidential as she wields herself before the judge. The … Read more

Hazard gives the surprise in FIFA 21: his TOP letter is giving a lot to talk about

Despite his final year, Eden Hazard still remains one of the most influential footballers on the European scene. He is the most prominent player of the second team of the Road to the Final cards in FIFA 21. EA Sports had a big surprise in their list of footballers where the meringue appears. The team … Read more

“I F-king Love You”: Former Bulls legend writes humble letter to Chicago natives

Needless to say, an NBA star’s first team remains dear to him forever in his life. In most cases, this is the organization that shows faith and remains ready to invest in the growth of an unknown newbie. For Derrick Rose, it was the Chicago Bulls. Derrick started his career at the top, winning the … Read more

Letter from Jacques Séguéla (Havas) to Jean-Michel Goudard

Advertiser Jean-Michel Goudard, “G” from RSCG, whom he co-founded with Jacques Séguéla has died at the age of 80. He was also a close advisor to Jacques Chirac while Jacques Séguéla accompanied François Mitterrand. Havas’ vice-president sends him a letter. My dear Jean-Michel, I never wrote to you, how is that thinkable? You are so … Read more