Blueberries help lower high blood cholesterol levels

What is useful blueberries Rich in antioxidants Stress is bad for the body, especially when it comes to oxidative stress. It occurs due to the presence of molecules called free radicals. They are produced naturally through metabolism or through exposure to pollution, cigarette smoke and alcohol. They damage cells and harm the body. Contains many … Read more

If you feel these 6 complaints in your body, said Dr. Saddam Ismail, it could be that your cholesterol levels are moderately high

PRFMNEWS – The body will feel some complaint by the hour cholesterol on someone being tall. Complaints that the body feels when cholesterol Height is quite diverse, ranging from fatigue to feeling the hands and feet easily tingling. High cholesterol that is left unchecked can cause several dangerous diseases, such as stroke, heart disease, to … Read more

Air passengers to reach 83 percent of 2019 levels this year: IATA

Sharjah24 – AFP: Air passengers are expected to hit 83 percent of pre-pandemic levels this year and the aviation industry’s return to profit is “within reach” in 2023, the International Air Transport Association said on Monday. “Airlines are resilient. People are flying in ever greater numbers. And cargo is performing well against a backdrop of … Read more

Psychiatry for all ages and levels of care

This is an article in Barometern Oskarshamns-Tidningen. Opinions expressed are the writer’s own. Newly built psychiatric hospital at Länssjukhuset in Kalmar.Photo: Mats Holmertz But you can also think of it as a kind of manifestation: psychiatry can take place in our city and region, psychiatry is needed for so many and psychiatry can be seen. … Read more

If You Often Experience Foot Pain, Be Careful Signs These High Levels Can Cause Complications

CIRCUMFERENCE KEDIRI – On this occasion, there is information for those of you who want to keep health and prevent various kinds of chronic diseases early on. Pola eat and lifestyle greatly affect the health your body. If you often eat junk food or fast food, it can cause a high risk of developing various … Read more

The researcher spoke about the potential profitability of investments in bitcoin at current levels

Analyst Matt Rowe compared the dynamics of the Mayer Multiple indicator with the historical profitability of investing in bitcoin. He came to the conclusion that buying cryptocurrencies from current levels can bring “X” to patient investors. #Bitcoin Mayer Multiple is: Price / 200 Day Simple Moving Average (SMA) of Price. It’s currently at levels we … Read more

4 Simplest Ways to Keep Cholesterol Levels Normal

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Cholesterol Excess blood is very bad for health. It is important that you know how to maintain normal cholesterol levels to stay healthy. You should know that excess blood cholesterol can form plaque in the arteries which makes it harder for the heart to circulate blood and can lead to dangerous … Read more

US inflation soars to levels not seen since 1981 | Economy

Energy prices (gasoline, crude oil, electricity and gas) increased by 34.6% in the last twelve months, driven by the price of crude oil, which rose by 106.7%, the largest increase since data are available. The rate of Inflation in the United States climbed in May to 8.6%three tenths above that of April and the highest … Read more

Bad news! Carbon Dioxide Levels on Earth Reach Record High

There is bad news for those of you who live on earth. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association on Friday reported that carbon dioxide levels on Earth are now more than 50 percent higher than pre-industrial levels. The highest level in the last million years. Reported from GizmodoCO level2 measured last month at NOAA’s Mauna … Read more