Putin amends decree on levels of terrorist threat

In Russia, inspection of cars is introduced in regions with a “yellow” (high) level of terrorist threat. The corresponding decree was signed by President Vladimir Putin. The changes were introduced as part of the amendments to the decree of 2012 “On the procedure for establishing levels of terrorist threat.” From now on, the authorities of … Read more

Demand for gold rises to record levels – Banks

A record rise in demand for gold is reported worldwide, with central banks around the world ramping up their purchases, the Financial Times reported, citing data from the World Gold Council. Analysts believe that gold buying by regulators has reached a 55-year high. According to FT ratings 2022 gold demand increased by 18% to 4,741 … Read more

Incidence of flu, COVID-19, and colds remain at epidemic levels in week three

The total incidence of these diseases last week reached 749.4 cases per 100,000. population, when the indicator reached 762.8 cases per 100 thousand in the previous week. population. Comparing the number of cases of influenza, UTI and COVID-19 in the fourth week of this year with the data of the third week, it can be … Read more

Slight rise in the levels of the main dams

This Friday, January 20, 2023, the average filling rate of the Kingdom’s dams was 31,6%. According to the Directorate General for Water, the reserves of all these dams are at 5.09 billion cubic meters (MMm3). A year ago, recorded reserves were around 5.4 billion cubic meters (34%). Comparison with inventoried reserves a month ago attests … Read more

Tourism on track to recover to pre-pandemic levels in some regions, UN says

“Nevertheless, tourists are expected to pay more attention to value for money and travel closer to home in response to a difficult economic environment,” UNWTO added in a press release. According to the prospective scenarios drawn up by the UNWTO for 2023, international tourist arrivals could reach 80% to 95% of their pre-pandemic levels this … Read more

No major problems due to high water, water levels are stabilizing

ANP NOS News•Sunday, 1:52 PM•Amended Sunday, 4:49 PM The water levels are stabilizing in the river area. Little rain is expected today and the water in the river Linge has dropped slightly. Here, the water caused nuisance in various places yesterday, but major problems did not arise. “We do not expect the water to rise … Read more

The Act on the Supreme Court is unconstitutional on many levels

Comments related to the activities of PiS, aimed at adoption, do not subside amendment to the law on the Supreme Courtwhich is to allow the disbursement of funds from the National Reconstruction Plan. On Friday, the Sejm approved the bill, which will now go to the Senate. In the Sejm, the project was supported by … Read more

Your luck today and your horoscope predictions, Sunday, January 15, on the professional, emotional, and health levels

Cancer-born is characterized by many positive qualities, including his enjoyment of a leadership personality, so he is able to assume responsibility and is characterized by intelligence that helps him find solutions to various problems. Born is characterized Cancer It has many characteristics, including romance and extreme jealousy towards the lover, and moods that sometimes affect … Read more

Able to Measure Air Pollution Levels, NASA Satellite Monitors Giant Coal Power Plants

loading… To measure the level of air pollution on Earth, NASA has operated two Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2 (OCO-2) and OCO-3 satellites. Photos/NASA/Photopolska FLORIDA – To measure the level air pollution on Earth, NASA has operated two Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2 (OCO-2) and OCO-3 satellites. Second satellite it is capable of accurately measuring carbon dioxide … Read more