“Liège airport is leading our region to disaster”

Betting on Liège Airport means developing our ability to cause harm The current ambition around Liège Airport must be radically reviewed. A chronicle of Inter-Environnement Wallonie (IEW), Climate Coalition, Liège Intergroup of Medical Homes, Greenpeace Belgium, Friends of the Earth or Transport Environment (T&E), Kaya Coalition, Liège Clean Air Committee (CLAP), Collectif 5C , Network … Read more

The 5,500 employees of the CHU in Liège do not receive the vaccine adapted to the Omicron variant: “What’s the point?”

Published on Tuesday, September 13, 2022 at 06:42 Par Luke Be careful Since August 16, the 5,500 employees of the CHU have been invited to receive their fourth dose of vaccine. But this is the old version and not the one extended since then to the new omicron variant, which creates discomfort. The CHU and … Read more

Liège scientists discover a potentially habitable super-Earth

An international team of scientists, led by an astrophysicist from ULiège, has just announced the discovery of two “super-Earth” type planets. A super-Earth is a planet located outside our solar system, more massive and bigger than the Earth and a priori rocky like it. These two super-Earths revolve around Speculoos 2, a small, cool star … Read more

Suspended prison sentence for Calogero, the teacher who encouraged his students to hit Christophe in Liège

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It was chaos at the exit of the Spa-Francorchamps Grand Prix: “People were fighting in the parking lot” | Liège and its region

A year after a rainy edition and after weeks of rumors about the future of the event, the Belgian Grand Prix was a popular success with an attendance of 360,000 people over the weekend and a renewed contract for 2023. Sunday evening, the situation was still chaotic in the parking lot of the event, with … Read more

he descends the footbridge “La Belle Liégeoise” on his buttocks, “he put his own life but also that of others in danger” (video)

Published on Saturday August 20, 2022 at 09:10 Par Stefano Barattini The images have gone viral on social media. A young man descended the La Belle Liégeoise footbridge on his buttocks! The police intervened on the spot. The images are both impressive but equally frightening. This Thursday, a video circulated a lot on social networks. … Read more

When horses and beans wreak havoc at Liège airport: the unusual daily life of air traffic controllers

“You don’t need to wear a suit to sell luxury watches”: behind the scenes of a watchmaker If there is one working day that is regulated like clockwork, it is that of Jean-Marie Louis. Immersion in the daily life of a watchmaker who restores clocks and sells vintage Rolexes. Companies & Start-upsReportage

here is what happened this summer for the royal family who took off from Liège Airport…

Posted on Tuesday, August 16, 2022 at 10:19 a.m. Par F. DE H. The four unions in common front announce a strike of zeal to the aeronautical police of Liège, Charleroi and Brussels. A strike notice has been filed by the four unions (CGSP, SLFP, SNPS and CSC) for the end of the holidays. Origin … Read more