As usual: controversy and misleading lies about atomic energy

The statements of Angelo Bonelli and Eleonora Evi on nuclear energy which would be harmful and expensive represent a partial vision of reality and are misleading, not objective, for at least 6 reasons. 1.Nuclear Energy Contributes to Climate Change Mitigation. With the publication of EU regulation 1214/2022, nuclear energy is considered an economic activity that … Read more

Xbox Shows Over 10 Games at Gamescom 2022, Including Pinocchio Soullike Lies Of P

{“id”:1305515,”type”:”num”,”link”:””,”gtm”:””,”prevCount”:null,”count”:352,”isAuthorized”:false} {“id”:1305515,”type”:1,”typeStr”:”content”,”showTitle”:false,”initialState”:{“isActive”:false},”gtm”:””} {“id”:1305515,”gtm”:null} 17 001 views Microsoft told that on August 25 it will broadcast from the international exhibition Gamescom 2022. At it, the company will show at least 11 games, including gameplay videos. Microsoft stressed that the list of titles will be updated.

Alex Jones was sentenced to pay $ 45 million for the Sandy Hook lies

Loading player Alex Jones, well-known radio host and founder of the conspiracy site InfoWarswas sentenced to pay $ 45.2 million of “punitive damages“In the defamation trial in which he is charged in Austin, Texas: Jones had for years supported the false theory that the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre, in Connecticut, had been a staging … Read more

International Defense Analyst Explodes Putin’s Lies: Russia Dreams Of Defeating US F-35 – Superiority F-35 AS it has been heard all over the world. Success AS in developing F-35 make the superpower even more powerful. Military AS which is known to be the strongest in the world, is more formidable with its presence F-35. F-35 strengthen national security, enhance global partnerships, and support economic growth. Read … Read more

Advanced technologies in the new Range Rover Sport: what lies behind the manufacturer’s latest solutions?

“The cult model maker has introduced several important technologies in the new SUV – “Range Rover They were applied for the first time in a Sport car. Refined chassis, integrated driving control technologies, modern appearance and even interior air cleaning equipment – all this determines the uniqueness of this car,” says Justė Jarušė, “Jaguar Land … Read more

“Enough of Lies”: Illapu denies core that he denounced the use of resources for his event in Calama | National

Illapu clarified that as the Antofagasta Regional Government indicated last week, “the funds for this activity do not correspond to our fees.” In addition, they condemned “the ill-intentioned use of this information by said authority, which curiously has had extensive media coverage, so different from the treatment given to corruption cases.” The national group Illapu … Read more

Bonge Citayam Fashion Week’s Lies Revealed, Toyota Vellfire B-80-NGE Is Not Owned The moment when Bonge showed off the Toyota Vellfire with the license plate number B-80-NGE – Recently, the figure Lump ikon Citayam Fashion Week it’s been talked about a lot. Moreover, Bonge, who has just risen, immediately shows off Toyota Vellfire on social media Instagram @gonge__real. Even a photo of a teenager with … Read more

Woman lies dead in London flat for 2.5 years, landlord continued to collect money

Nothing has been done with signals that something had happened to the woman, according to a critical report from which British media about writing. In fact, the landlord turned off the gas because the resident did not pay the bill, while the monthly rent continued. Sheila Sleoane, who had no friends or close family, is … Read more

V. Zelenskis responded to lies about his health: “44 years is not 70”

The State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine reported that after a “cyber attack on the servers and networks of the TAVR Media radio stations,” information was published that V. Zelensky “is in intensive care, and his duties are being performed by the Speaker of the Parliament, Ruslan Stefanchuk.” The hacking and … Read more

Marvin Wildhage exposes lies by Vanessa Mariposa and Calvin Kleinen

Influencers have to be careful of Marvin Wildhage (26). The Youtuber exposes those social media personalities who are not so particular about the truth. “I thought it was time to test my influencers again,” he announces on YouTube. He already knows how he wants to do it: “I’m making the worst film of all time … Read more