Elena Irureta: “I prefer to take risks and seek my life as an actress, I don’t like having a permanent job”

After receiving the Forqu award for her role as Bittori in ‘Patria’, Elena Irureta feels fortunate to have starred in this series, already sold to 62 screenings Donostia – Elena Irureta, Bittori and Homeland, has recently won the Forqué award, one of the most recognized in the world of film and television. His character in … Read more

60 years of bvkm – inclusive education for a lifetime

The Federal Association for the Physically and Multiple Disabled People eV celebrates from September 20th to 22nd A reason to celebrate: The bvkm is 60 years old. Under the motto “Inclusive education – for a lifetime”, the members of the federal association are invited to Cologne from September 20-22 for a varied weekend. Member organizations … Read more

Mery Turiel wears the jeans of a lifetime that our mothers wore and that we will not want to take off in 2021 (and on top of it reduced)

Do you know those old jeans our mothers wore? Yes, those that feel good to all of us and that always solve those days of ‘I don’t know what to wear’ or ‘I don’t have anything in the closet’, a phrase that is always a lie. Well those Cowboys that you are imagining are the … Read more

Life insurance, up to 80% more expensive and with fewer benefits

The high additional value (more than $ 120 million) that had to be paid until the end of the year for claims related to COVID and the risk that the pandemic still represents this year in people’s health, forces the insurance market to readjust your offer, which results in higher costs, but in more measured … Read more

Dance, theater and music will bring life to Santurtzi’s SKA

2021 aspires to be the year in which culture returns under its jurisdiction, in which the stages are filled with light, art and life and in which the public can attend, in increasing numbers, the shows that are programmed . At the moment, there are still notable restrictions on cultural events, but despite everything, Serantes … Read more

How to make cancer treatment least interfere with daily life

Cancer is the second cause of mortality in Europe and, in Spain, some 280,000 people are diagnosed each year with cancer, according to the Spanish Cancer Association (AECC). The incidence, rather than decreasing, increases. But these data are also accompanied by others that confirm that survival increases continuously: 55.3% of men and 61.7% of women … Read more

“The Brexit agreement makes life easier for us to stay in the UK”

“The Brexit agreement makes life easier for us to continue here,” says Blanca Peralta, a Valencian who made the leap to Scotland in July 2016 and a few months later went to London to continue working. Despite Brexit, she maintains her desire to stay in the UK: “Yes, I want to stay 100%, I feel … Read more