Monet’s “Water Lily Pond and Rose” sold for 154.1 million yuan in China

Claude Monet’s museum-level “Water Lily” series “Water Lily Pond and Rose” sold for 154.1 million yuan (RMB, the same below) at the Chinese auction on the evening of the 28th. The first “Impressionist and Modern Art Night Auction” launched by China Guardian Auctions raised the hammer that night. The auction of “Water Lily Pond and … Read more

How Lily and Emil Dimitrov drive the PA crazy on stage – Curious

Pop prima Lili Ivanova counted as much as two thousand for boots with crystals. She revealed this on her Facebook page. The singer published a photo from her concert at the Ancient Theater in Plovdiv, with which she opened this year’s tour. Lily waited for the hype surrounding the scandal with journalist Georgi Toshev to … Read more

Mae Ket shared the post, troll keyboard, apologize to Lily if it’s fresh.

Thairath Online September 30, 2021, 2:28 p.m. after the singer Jenny can get it all if it’s fresh. or Ratchanok Suwannaket has taken action against keyboard trolls who come in for vulgar comments by providing compensation for damages and posted an apology for 15 days together Recently, keyboard trolls have started posting messages apologizing to … Read more

Contrary to rumors! Lily Ivanova did something unexpected SNI …

Variety prima Lili Ivanova has arranged for her niece Radmila, the older daughter of her sister Magda, who still lives with her in the capital’s Banishora district, the Telegraph writes. Contrary to rumors that she is not interested in her family, the singer has been taking care of them for years and helping them not … Read more

And Dancho Karadzhov defended Lily – ᐉ News from – Curious

“Why shouldn’t I be like Lily Ivanova? Why is this hatred for her, I don’t understand. Here, next year I’ll be 70 and I’m not thinking about retiring from the stage, in any case. I’ll do concerts until people say, ‘Enough! “. As long as the audience is interested in me and the Signal group, … Read more

Lily Collins, Vanessa Kirby, Lou Doillon … Cartier launches its Clash Unlimited jewelry collection in Berlin

New free variation on the punk theme of the Clash line, this daring collection was launched in Europe in an equally atypical place: the Boros Bunker in Berlin. While the year 2021 is dedicated to its legendary icons (Trinity, Panther, Love Where Tank), Cartier also stirs up the embers of its newcomers by offering Clash … Read more

Lily Ivanova for her most discussed concert in Plovdiv: Evil people! They envy me!

© Lily Ivanova is adamant that she will not leave the stage after the end of her tour, which is currently underway. The pop icon told her loved ones that many people want to give up singing, but she plans to delight her audience while she is alive. “Evil people! They envy me and because … Read more

Lily Collins was a fairytale bride! Her wedding dress is breathtaking, why was it a real rarity? – People – Woman

Actress Lily Collins and director Charlie McDowell have their wedding behind them. They said “yes” to a luxury resort in Colorado. The film representative of Snow White chose not only a magical place, but also a dress in which she said “yes” to her love. The actress praised her wedding footage on Instagram, where she … Read more

Lily Collins announces she is married and shares a tender photo

Lily Collins announced on Instagram that she was getting married to her fiance Charlie McDowell this weekend. Lily Collins is now a married woman. The 32-year-old actress broke the good news on Instagram, sharing a gorgeous photo of her and husband Charlie McDowell. Letting appear her long white dress signed Ralph Lauren, the young woman … Read more

Lily Collins got married

In 2019, rumors began to circulate that the “Emily in Paris” star Lily Collins (32) had fallen for director Charlie McDowell (38). Shortly afterwards, the duo confirmed the romance rumors by sharing photos of each other on their respective Instagram profiles. “I always have your back,” Collins wrote in the post at the time. Glad … Read more