Efficient crop nutrition helps produce with water limitations

We know that in a large part of the agricultural area, the supply of nutrients from the soils limits yields and that production gaps increase depending on the nutrition strategies applied. This year, in addition, we are going through a condition of extensive water scarcity that doubles the questions about the fertilization strategies to be … Read more

Spanish doctors consider that there are “limitations” in the study of ‘Solidarity’ of the WHO

Many Spanish specialists consider that there are “limitations” in the results of the study Solidarity of the World Health Organization (WHO), known last week and according to which, the efficacy of some treatments against Covid-19, such as remdesivir, hydroxychloroquine, the combination of antiretrovirals lopinavir and ritonavir, and interferon, as published by Servimedia. Said Spanish experts, … Read more

GoodDollar project, Bitcoin detaching itself from traditional markets, limitations for the use of dollars in Venezuela and much more

Wall Street, and the markets in general, are breathing a new positivism, because the uncertainty surrounding the presidential elections in those is dissipating as the difference between the two candidates is widening in the polls. Which means that the risks of having closed results are being diluted. That has been received as excellent news, because … Read more

Spanish telcos want to know if there will be limitations on Huawei in 5G | Companies

The Spanish operators are still pending the evolution of the Huawei case, the axis of the disputes between the US and China. In recent days, there has been talk again of possible limitations to the Chinese manufacturer of telecommunications equipment in neighboring countries such as France or the United Kingdom and, in this context, the … Read more

Modern pacemakers remove the limitations of the past in cardiac patients

Katherine Trujillo Useche Latin Agency for News of Medicine and Public Health The pacemaker is a small, battery-operated device that senses when the heart is beating irregularly or slowly. It sends a signal to the heart, which makes it beat at the correct rate. Newer pacemakers weigh just 1 ounce (28 grams). Most pacemakers have … Read more

The school year starts under strict measures. Pupils and teachers will limit contact

On Monday, before the pupils rejoined the benches, the last pedagogical meetings took place in most schools. However, due to the coronavirus epidemic, instead of schedules and division of lessons, the main focus was on how to protect the health of children and teachers. It is cantors that often belong to risk groups with age. … Read more

Veronika Žilková (58): IT MUST NOT SEE THE HUSBAND!

The actress left Israel in April, returned her diplomatic passport and just doesn’t look at her husband. Žilková The complicated situation with coronavirus infection and the fact that she has a ninety-five-year-old mother at home, whom she needs to take care of, caused her to return to the Czech Republic and leave her husband. At … Read more

New area restrictions are coming into force today: beware of veils and mass actions

In addition, the daily increments of new cases of covid-19 have been more than 200 in the last few days, the highest since the end of June. The Ministry of Health had to respond to this. “We will do everything we can to manage the situation without any fundamentally restrictive measures such as restricting free … Read more

Mandatory veils in another region! Covid-19 is spreading rapidly

The obligation to wear veils will apply throughout the Liberec Region in selected social facilities and in all medical facilities. The obligation to wear veils in public transport is not yet being considered. Other security measures, which apply, for example, in the Moravian-Silesian Region, would be introduced if the situation escalated. There are currently 110 … Read more