The Six Princesses commented on Ren Jialun’s original lines of “Please King” and encouraged actors to use the original sound as much as possible jqknews

Recently, in the hit drama “Please King”, Ren Jialun’s original voice acted aroused heated discussion among netizens. Under the divergent opinions, the popularity and discussion of related topics are also increasing, which even caused the Sixth Princess to specifically broadcast related topics. A movie channel came to comment on the debate among netizens caused by … Read more

The leaker revealed that the biggest leak in the history of “GTA6” 10,000 lines of code will be opened.

Today, we saw the news of the massive video leak of the “GTA6” development version. It can be seen from the leaked content that the leaker can already get the source code of the game. Not only that, the leaker has also disclosed 10,000 lines of source code of the game!This incident is one of … Read more

Driver’s license offices in Miami collapse with huge lines and no appointments available

USA The arrival of hundreds of Cuban migrants would be one of the reasons for the high demand for the document Published on September 18, 2022 Cubans who apply for asylum in the US can process driver’s licenses and also to do some work. (Illustrative photo: Cuban Newspaper) The massive arrival of Cubans in South … Read more

Metro-2. Secret lines of the underground railway near Moscow

The Moscow metro is known for its size and splendor with which its most important stations are arranged. Next to it, however, there is a smaller, alternative communication network. These are underground tunnels that connect the most important centers of power. Tanks in the streets of Moscow, communications severed, the imprisoned president and barricades in … Read more

The vitamin that helps reduce wrinkles and eliminate expression lines

Finding the magic formula to preserve youth is a task that several have undertaken; The result of this is that today there are a variety of options available on the market that reduce various signs of the passage of time on the skin. The dermis care line starts from an early age, with the use … Read more

War in Ukraine: “The lines will not move much this winter, Belgium will continue to support Ukraine”

Russia “regrets” that the IAEA report does not accuse Ukraine The Russian ambassador to the UN regretted Tuesday at a meeting of the Security Council that the report of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) does not point to the responsibility of Ukraine, which Moscow accuses of bombed the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant.

Emirates News Agency – “Khawla for Art and Culture” hosts the exhibitions “Hiddens” and “Between the Lines”

Thursday, September 8, 2022 – 10:12 am .. from Batoul Kashwani. ABU DHABI, 8th September / WAM/ “Khawla for Art and Culture” will host the exhibition “Caves” at its headquarters in Abu Dhabi and the exhibition “Between the Lines” at “K Gallery” in the Dubai Design District by the Syrian plastic artist Fadi Al-Owaid, and … Read more

‘Amalia makes a statement between the lines’ | Stories behind the news

Stories behind the news Amalia has finished her first study day at the University of Amsterdam. She started her bachelor’s degree in Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE). She appeared in a cream-colored outfit with trendy sneakers underneath. What does our fashion journalist Kim Querfurth think of her choice of clothing and where are the … Read more

Accident in León: There are three lines of investigation, 2 point to the driver of the personnel van

Leon, Guanajuato.- Las judicial authorities investigate las causes of the tragic accident happened this Friday morning on the Silao-León highway in which 7 people died and 12 more were seriously injured. According to the version of elements of the National Guard, there are three lines of research for determine las causes of the accident, and … Read more