There is Cristiano Ronaldo in PSG’s new jersey, Lionel Messi will use it

TWITTER.COM/SELECAOPORTUGAL Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates his goal against Switzerland in the UEFA Nations League 2022-2023 match. BOLASPORT.COM – Ada Cristiano Ronaldo in the new Paris Saint-Germain jersey (PSG). How come? PSG released the home costume that will be used by Lionel Messi et al for the 2022-2023 season. On the front there is the logo of … Read more

‘Tired? It’s 6.09pm!’: Luis Suarez mocks Lionel Messi, caught taking a nap (pictured)

Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi are currently on vacation in Spain. The two men enjoy the sun, with their respective companions, and some friends who have joined them. Cesc Fabregas is one of them. They are more precisely in Ibiza, where they go on short trips to clear their heads before the start of a … Read more

They asked Lionel Messi for his true opinion of Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, and his answer shocked the entire football community!

2022/06/27 It’s 09:40 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite The Argentine Lionel Messi, the winger of Paris Saint-Germain, spoke about the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah and expected him to win the Ballon d’Or in the coming years, noting that the Liverpool star is making great performances with his Reds team. In an interview with the … Read more

Luis Suarez is one step away from becoming Lionel Messi’s junior replacement at the Argentine giant club

TWITTER.COM/LALIGAEN Atletico Madrid striker, Luis Suarez, is one step away from being a junior substitute for Lionel Messi at River Plate. BOLASPORT.COM – Former striker Atletico Madrid, Luis Suarezreportedly one step away from being a junior substitute Lionel Messi at the Argentine giant club, River Plate. Luis Suarez definitely not going to wear a costume … Read more

Heartache with PSG president, Neymar withdraws and leaves Lionel Messi alone

TWITTER.COM/AJAX2400__ Paris Saint-Germain’s Brazilian striker, Neymar Jr. BOLASPORT.COM – Neymar Junior is reportedly hurt by the President’s words Paris Saint Germain and want to go. If you really go Neymar will leave Lionel Messi alone. The future of the stars Paris Saint Germain, Neymar Junior, it’s back to the discussion. This can not be separated … Read more

Ronaldinho: Happy Birthday Lionel Messi, Warm Hugs!

MUHAMMAD ALIF AZIZ MARDIANSYAH/BOLASPORT.COM Ronaldinho (left) holding the new RANS Nusantara FC jersey accompanied by Raffi Ahmad (right) as team chairman at Menara Mandiri, Senayan, Jakarta, 24 June 2022. BOLASPORT.COM – Legend Barcelona, Ronaldinhowishing a megastar a happy birthday Paris Saint Germain, Lionel Messi. Ronaldinho wish happy birthday to Lionel Messi through a upload on … Read more

Airplanes are not allowed to fly over Disneyland to Lionel Messi’s house, why? page all – In the world of aviation, it turns out that there are some places in the world that are not allowed to be crossed by aircraft for various reasons. Citing the World Atlas website, the places where airplanes are not allowed to pass are called zone field fly or no fly zone. There are … Read more

Joan Laporta Still Sad Lionel Messi Left, Barcelona Is Nothing Without La Pulga

TWITTER.COM/FCBARCELONA Barcelona president, Joan Laporta, hugs Lionel Messi at the inauguration ceremony, Wednesday (17/3/2021) at 18.00 local time. BOLASPORT.COM – President Barcelona, Joan Laportaadmits that he is still sad because Lionel Messi go. Laporta also said the Blaugrana are nothing without La Pulga. Lionel Messi it’s already gone Barcelona since summer 2021. However, Messi’s name … Read more

Mauricio Pochettino’s work at PSG is getting harder because of Lionel Messi

TWITTER.COM/UBTALKS The arrival of Lionel Messi to Paris Saint-Germain in the summer transfer window of 2021 has made Mauricio Pochettino’s job even more difficult. BOLASPORT.COM – Arrival Lionel Messi to Paris Saint-Germain in the 2021 summer transfer window has made the job Mauricio Pochettino getting heavier. According to the news circulating, Mauricio Pochettino said to … Read more

Kylian Mbappe Authority At Paris Saint-Germain: Reject Lionel Messi’s Recommendation Manager

Pochettino’s front in Paris is full of question marks, and PSG are now looking for a replacement. Paris Saint-Germain is in turmoil again. Now the manager recommended by Lionel Messi, Marcelo Gallardo, was rejected by Kylian Mbappe. It is understood that Mbappe has extended the joint contract The Parisiansand in that contract he gets a … Read more