She wanted to enlarge her lips. Shows a cautionary effect

A popular video, which was created as a warning, was published by Tik Toka user – Ruby. The woman only wrote that she had undergone a lip augmentation procedure, which requires hospitalization. A severe allergic reaction made her lips and part of her face very swollen. Ruby showed a few photos and this was not … Read more

It used to be on the lips of the whole country. The most important fight is ahead of him

Marek Piotrowski is a legend of Polish sport. Nobody has achieved as much in kickboxing in Poland as he has. American Polonia was crazy about him His story is worth being shown on the big screen Our master’s health deteriorated greatly. He fights with a severe neurological disease. His friends, however, do not forget about … Read more

Susy Díaz explained why Flor Polo’s children spent Christmas apart | Nestor Villanueva | On everyone’s lips | Shows

Susy diaz has wanted to stay aside from the marital problems between his daughter, Flor Polo, and Néstor Villanueva. Despite the difficult time they are going through as a family, the ex-vedette celebrated the Christmas with the influencer, but not all her grandchildren were with her on such a special date. The former congresswoman said … Read more

Tula Rodríguez reacts furious after receiving a gift from Maju Mantilla: “That is not done” On everyone’s lips | Shows

In the program On everyone’s lips they celebrated the morning of Thursday, December 23, the days before Christmas in a live broadcast. However, the celebration did not have the participation of Tula Rodriguez, who was sitting in a corner of the television set; seeing the scene, Maju Mantilla put an end to the situation and … Read more

This is the cat’s coronavirus! There is an explosion of viral disease: Beware of mouth and lips

Veterinarian Özge Altınay, who said that there has been an increase in feline viral diseases in the last 7 months in Turkey, noted that this disease is not only transmitted to street cats, but also to unvaccinated house cats. Altınay talked about the symptoms of the deadly disease that threatens the lives of cats. ”There … Read more

‘Something’ on the lips of a male frog becomes a weapon to attract females

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Lip frog males are reported to contain pheromones which are thought to function to attract female frogs. This is shown by a recent study on frog species of the genus Plectrohyla. Research published in the journal Froniers in Zoology describes a more direct approach by this type of frog. Males of … Read more

Ahn Young-mi, ‘So Yi-hyun ♥’ Seeing In Gyo-jin’s swollen lips, ’39 warning’ (‘My sister shoots’)

[마이데일리 = 고향미 기자] Actor In Gyo-jin sweated at comedian Young-mi Ahn’s 39-gold talk. On the afternoon of the 16th, when In Gyo-jin appeared on the cable channel iHQ’s ‘My sister shoots!’, which was broadcast on the afternoon of the 16th, Son Dam-bi said, “The tvN drama ‘Gae Village Cha-Cha-Cha’ is over.” In response, In … Read more

Deyvis Orosco defends himself: “My mother has not appeared in public since she was Johnny Orosco’s wife”, on everyone’s lips, video

Davis Orosco he was sincere with his followers in On everyone’s lips and made it clear why his mother did not appear in the photographs of her son’s baby shower with Cassandra Sánchez. What was that he say? “How is your mother?” Tula asked him and he did not hesitate to answer: “She is super … Read more