Central Bank speeds up the disarmament of Passes and Economy seeks to capture part of the liquidity

The disarmament has already begun. After the entry into force of the new regulations, last week the joint stock of seven-day and one-day Passes (which will remain in force) was reduced by $868,000 million: it went from $2.64 billion to $1.77 billion. This liquidity was transferred in its entirety to the Leliq, whose stock increased … Read more

User loses 42 ETH when trying to trade very low liquidity token

A user lost the trifle of 42 Ether (ETH) on Thursday night (13). According to data from Etherscan, the loss occurred when he tried to buy an unknown token called Fees.WTF (WTF). The operation was performed on Uniswap V2. According to information from the official website, the Fees.WTF protocol carried out an airdrop – free … Read more

“Emergency liquidity” aims to save Egyptian banks from stormy crises

Financial allocations for huge projects, including the administrative capital, have exacerbated debts (Ahmed Hassan/AFP) There were fears of exposure The Egyptian economy Violent tremors due to the regime’s policies based on greedy borrowing internally and externally, and in this context the Central Bank has taken decisions in order to avoid potential catastrophic repercussions on the … Read more

Lazio stops despite Correa. The reason? The liquidity index: what it is and what it is for

A defeat from 25 million. Sunday evening the Lazio she left San Siro nerazzurro with no points in her pockets, but with the knowledge that soon the wallet it will fill up. Why is there’Inter, beating the Biancocelesti, triggered the redemption clause of Correa : from agreements, in fact, the right would have become an … Read more

The Central Bank of Egypt intends to provide emergency liquidity to banks

The Central Bank of Egypt said on Monday that it had approved a set of rules that would allow it to provide emergency liquidity to local banks. و .ضاف Bank in a statement, that it will grant liquidity to banks in the event that they are unable to provide it from the interbank market or … Read more

China withdraws 100 billion yuan of liquidity from the market

The Chinese Central Bank injected 10 billion yuan, equivalent to 1.5 billion dollars, into the banking system through 7-day reverse repo agreements. This compares with the 110 billion yuan of loans maturing today, meaning that it withdrew 100 billion yuan of cash. Over the course of the week, the Chinese central bank drew 660 billion … Read more

Evergrande rewrites its investor payment plan due to lack of liquidity

China Evergrande Group cut its plans to repay investors in its wealth management products on Friday, in a move that highlights the property developer’s growing liquidity shortage, which has been unable to meet its overseas debt obligations. . Evergrande, whose $ 19 billion in international bonds have been deemed by rating agencies as cross-defaulted after … Read more

DPrompt supports SME liquidity. Approved special loan for DPrompay with a limit of 5 million baht.

Department of Industrial Promotion Deeprompay special loan Boosting liquidity for entrepreneurs affected by the Covid-19 epidemic situation. The 30 million baht limit is expected to attract at least 30 entrepreneurs who are interested in joining in for credit approval. Mr. Nattapon Rangsitphon, Director-General of the Department of Industrial Promotion said that from your policy Minister … Read more

Christmas week market liquidity is low, global selling pressure, big gold closes below US$1,800 | Anue

Trading on Monday (20th), hit by the prospect of interest rate hikes, gold futures prices closed lower, because interest rate hikes would dampen short-term demand for stocks and precious metals. Market participants also said that part of the decline in precious metals is also related to the decline in liquidity in the holiday market, and … Read more

BSU November Liquidity Doesn’t Have to Go to the Bank, Monitor BLT Salary Subsidy on BPJS Employment Web Using KTP and HP

DIY NEWS – Check out the info BSU month November who will fall However employee no need to go to the bank and how check BLT Salary Subsidy from link BPJS of Employment just use KTP and HP. BSU Reportedly still able fall month November until December 2021 following 6.9 million people confirmed to receive … Read more