Mercadona opens its first store in the Lisbon district on December 15

JThere is no date for Mercadona to arrive in the Lisbon district. the spanish brand the supermarket in Taguspark, in Oeiras, will open on the 15th of Decemberthus closing the year with 39 establishments in national territory. “This is the last of the ten supermarkets that the company proposed to open this yearending 2022 with … Read more

Lisbon implements tsunami warning system with two sirens on the riverside strip

The Lisbon Chamber presented this Saturday the Tsunami Warning and Alert System in the Tagus Estuary, with the installation of sirens in Praça do Império and Ribeira das Naus and the definition of evacuation routes. “The phenomenon of climate change imposes an increased urgency on us today to prepare Lisbon for major occurrences or catastrophes, … Read more

High Speed ​​Line may have a station in Ponte de Lima (and Valença a new connection to Lisbon)

Ponte de Lima could have one of the three passenger stations in Minho included in the Alta Velocity that will link Portugal to Spain, being the “intermediate station” between those already scheduled in Braga and Valença, it was announced today. The creation of a new Lisbon-Valença intercity line is also planned to address any changes … Read more

“Xerife”, the dog that caught the Alfa in Aveiro and walked around Lisbon | pet

Celene Duarte says it was love at first sight. Seven years ago, when she got home from a boat trip on the Ria de Aveiro, she had a four-legged baby waiting for her — a gift from her daughter, Isabel, to try ease the pain of having been, after 18 years, without his little paws. … Read more

There is a network at Lisbon airport: traffickers pay €5,000 for each kilo that arrives in unlabeled bags and €10,000 for transport

All statistics show that the end of the pandemic gave a boost to the international trafficking of cocaine, whether by land, sea or air. What the numbers do not reveal are the ingenious solutions that the main Portuguese criminal groups have started to use to expand their illegal businesses after two years with closed or … Read more

Tornado left trail of ″hundreds of thousands of damage″ in Lisbon

09 November 2022 at 20:14 The atmospheric phenomenon similar to a tornado that, the day before yesterday, was felt in Lisbon left hundreds of thousands of euros in damages. In the parishes of Alcântara and Estrela, it will be necessary to rebuild the ceilings and rooms of three schools and a sports center, as well … Read more

Auxiliary bishop of Lisbon Daniel Henriques dies

© Reproduction Agency ECCLESIA/MC ByLusa November 04, 2022 • 12:10 Bishop Daniel Batalha Henriques, who held the place of auxiliary of Lisbon, died in the early hours of this Friday, at the age of 56, informed the Patriarchate. The prelate, who was sick, lived in a palliative care unit and was visited this week by … Read more

Pedro Simas made an illegal contract in the Lisbon Chamber: he was paid for services when he was already a councilor

After successive cases of possible incompatibilities in the Government, behold, the Lisbon City Council (CML) also arrives one. Pedro Simas, a health specialist who was in the spotlight during the hardest phase of the covid-19 pandemic, is a deputy councilor at CML and was also a service provider to the same municipality in a contract … Read more

TVI reporter: 267 years later, a new earthquake is inevitable and Lisbon is a “time bomb” capable of killing 600,000 people

1 nov, 22:25 The question is not whether it will happen, but when. After 267 years since the earthquake of 1755, Lisbon remains a “time bomb” and if the earth shakes again with the same intensity, the result will be catastrophic. This is a report by Carlos Enes, broadcast on Repórter TVI do Jornal das … Read more

New sign – Ronaldo and Georgina touring Lisbon schools

The 37-year-old Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo, is looking for new challenges in his life. The player who does not play the required minutes with Manchester United, and does not have the coach’s confidence as he wishes, is not thinking of retiring, but rather of leaving the English team. Some believe that Cristiano will not want … Read more