Norwegians among those who work the least in Europe per liter of petrol – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

It has never been more expensive for Norwegians to fill the tank with petrol or diesel. Worldwide, only Hong Kong has a higher petrol price than Norway, according to one global collection of fuel priceswhich is updated daily. But does this mean that Norway has the second worst in the world when it comes to … Read more

Head of CCS: Petrol and diesel will cost around 40 crowns per liter even after the war

You can also listen to the interview in the audio version. Gasoline and diesel prices are currently at record levels, but according to CCS chief Jan Polívka, the war in Ukraine is already reflected in the price. According to him, if there are no other negative events that would shoot up the price of oil, … Read more

In Luxembourg: Gasoline at more than two euros per liter, the price of diesel drops

Fuel prices will increase again from this Saturday at midnight. An increase which concerns both gasoline, which was already at a record level, and diesel. Thus, unleaded 98 climbs 4.3 cents to 2.270 euros per liter at the pump. Unleaded 95 increases by 3.4 cents, thus crossing the 2 euro mark to 2.017 euro. Finally, … Read more

US Experiences Record Highest Inflation in 40 Years, Gasoline Prices Approach Rp 20,000 Per Liter

WASHINGTON DC, – The United States (US) experienced the highest inflation in 40 years with prices rising faster than expected last month, driven by rising energy and food costs. The annual inflation rate rose to 8.6 percent in May (the highest level since 1981), the Labor Department said, after falling in April. Read also: … Read more

Fixed Pertalite price of IDR 7,650 per liter, Buy at gas stations will be limited using MyPertamina – The price of Pertalite type of fuel oil (BBM) is currently set at IDR 7,650 per liter today, Thursday (9/6/2022). The selling price of Pertalite is valid at gas stations throughout Indonesia. In contrast to non-subsidized fuels such as Pertamax, which experienced price increases amid rising crude oil prices, Pertalite did not experience … Read more

Drivers shocked by fuel prices: a liter of gasoline for 4 euros?

June 3 Gasoline and diesel prices have risen sharply at Riga’s Circle K Latvia petrol stations. The price of 95th petrol was 4,108 euros and that of diesel 3,898 euros. Photos with fuel prices have scared social networking users. However, it soon became clear that this was just a technical error, writes Rus.TVNET. Circle K … Read more

The liter of petrol rose sharply again over the weekend. See average prices in the regions

Gasoline prices at service station totems jumped again. The national average at the end of the week reached 45.93 crowns per liter. On the other hand, the price of diesel is stagnating, compared to last weekend it even decreased by 10 pennies to 46.24 crowns. Analysts expect gasoline prices to rise next week as well. … Read more

This is an application to buy people’s cooking oil for Rp. 14,000 per liter

JAKARTA, – SOE Food Holding ID FOOD launches application platform integrated digital distribution of cooking oil, namely Warung Pangan. Application launch activities platform This was also witnessed by the Minister of Trade Muhammad Lutfi while reviewing the trial of purchasing cooking oil through an application at a traditional market in the East Jakarta area. … Read more