Lithuania celebrates Independence Day / Article

In Lithuania, on Thursday, March 11, Independence Day is celebrated. 31 years ago, the Supreme Council of Lithuania adopted the Act “On the Restoration of the Independent State of Lithuania”. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the celebrations will be quieter than usual this year, but there will be a number of traditional events. The festive … Read more

Tikhanovskaya, Navalny poisoning a warning to all – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 28 – What happened to the Russian opponent Alexei Navalny “is disgusting for me. Any form of violence is for me. It was such a low thing, whoever did it. investigated, but everyone says he’s been poisoned, and I think it’s a warning to others. As if to say: don’t be … Read more

Lithuanian Foreign Minister: Covert Russian invasion of Belarus cannot be ruled out – Abroad – News

“We cannot rule out a possible invasion that could be covered by contractual obligations. But we see and know that there is no legal, military or practical reason for military intervention. “ he stated in answer to a question about Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed readiness to provide military assistance to the President of Belarus, … Read more

Covid-19: 48 more people infected in Lithuania, one dead

In Lithuania, infection of the new coronavir was confirmed in 48 people last day, as well as one new death was reported with the virus-induced disease Covid-19, the Ministry of Health announced on Friday. Content will continue after the ad Advertising This is the highest number of new infections registered in a single day in … Read more

Putin: there is no need to use Russian forces in Belarus yet Putin: there is no need to use Russian forces in Belarus yet There is no need to use Russian forces in Belarus yet, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with VGTRK host Sergei Brilev. RIA Novosti, 08/27/2020 2020-08-27T13: 33 2020-08-27T13: 33 2020-08-27T14:03 svetlana tikhanovskaya alexander lukashenko Lithuania protests in Belarus Russia vladimir … Read more

The Latvian U-17 women’s football team is destroying Lithuania

The Latvian U-17 national team started the Baltic Cup on Wednesday, August 25, in Estonia. In the first match of the tournament, the team beat their peers from Lithuania with the result 4: 1. The Estonian U-17 national team will face the team led by Liene Vāciete on Thursday at 17.00, reports Latvian Football Federation … Read more

17 young people with Covid-19 in Estonia and 32 in Lithuania – Abroad – News

As a result, the number of confirmed infections has reached 2,311 in Estonia and 2,726 in Lithuania. Out of 32 newly detected cases in Lithuania, six cases of infection occurred abroad. Four cases are related to an outbreak in the choir, one case – to an outbreak at the event “Adform courtyard” in Kaunas Old … Read more

Covid-19: Latvia could include Lithuania in the list of “yellow” or “red” countries – Latvia

Tomorrow, on August 25, the government could discuss the issue of Lithuania’s possible inclusion in the list of countries most affected by Covid-19, Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš (JV) admitted to the media at the coalition meetings on Monday. He informed that the government will hear a report from the Ministry of the Interior (MoI) on … Read more

Two members of the opposition Coordination Board – ČT24 – Czech Television detained in Minsk

OMON detained Volga Kavalkova, a fellow of opposition presidential candidate Sviatlana Cichanouska, and Sjarhey Dyleusky, a member of the MTZ factory’s racing strike committee. It happened in front of the MTZ factory. The portal was informed about this by the employees of the factory and representatives of the NGO for the protection of human … Read more

Lithuania and Belarus accuse each other of violating airspace during the “Freedom Road” campaign – Abroad – News

Lithuania has already submitted a note to the Belarusian ambassador, stating that its airspace has been violated by a neighboring helicopter, while Belarus has announced that it is also preparing a note on eight balloons “with anti-state symbols”. “Their helicopter crossed the border of our airspace, and today a sharp protest note was submitted to … Read more