Revealed, Dian had lived with the bodies of her family in Kalideres, until she finally died Page all

JAKARTA, – New facts in death case one family at Citra Garden 1 Housing, Kalideres, West Jakarta was again exposed. Dian (40), the last child of the family died and lived with the bodies of her family members. “It is strongly suspected that the last person who died was Dian, the daughter of Rudiyanto … Read more

Piotr Lived in gas. He gave away the goal for this season. “It’s always been important to me”

The almost 36-year-old competitor was our best jumper in the World Cup in Ruka. On Saturday he was on the podium, finishing third, and on Sunday he was fifth. In the first four competitions of the season, the lowest place was eighth in the second competition in Wisła. This weekend in Ruka didn’t start well … Read more

Shakira and Piqué lived a sad farewell: drama

The separation of Shakira and Gerard Piqué continues to be the subject of discussion in the different international entertainment media and at the last opportunity the unfortunate farewell that the two celebrities they had to carry out after reaching a common agreement. Being two celebrities with so much economic power, both have several important properties … Read more

Yousra El-Lawzy reveals the details of her psychological crisis: “I lived 3 difficult months.”

02:09 p Monday, November 21, 2022 Books – Moataz Abbas: Actress Yousra El-Lawzy revealed details of her exposure to a psychological crisis that prompted her to seek the help of a doctor after feeling the pressures of working for long periods, without paying attention to herself, which forced her to go to a psychiatrist, saying: … Read more

She is Spanish and lived only three months in Miami due to an abysmal difference with her country: “It did not turn out as expected”

The American dream does not mean the same for everyone. On the one hand, there are those who are happy in the United States, but on the other, there are those who regret leaving their countries of origin. That was what happened to Tatiana Kisiela Spanish tiktoker who she moved to Miami to be a … Read more

Chilean mountaineers “lived” with death on Manaslu mountain

Chilean mountaineers Galo Viguera and Felipe Bishara escaped death during their ascent to the top of Manaslu, the eighth highest mountain in the world. Chilean mountaineers Felipe Bishara y Galo Viguera ‘lived’ with death on their first major Himalayan expedition. A deadly avalanche and climatic factors prevented him from going to the top of the … Read more

The man who inspired the movie The Terminal has died at the airport where he lived for 18 years

Photo: Stephane De Sakutin (Getty Images) The Iranian man who lived in Charles de Gaulle airport of Paris for 18 years, and whose story inspired The Terminal of Steven Spielberg, died on November 12 at the airport, according to Associated Press. Authorities say Mehran Karimi Nasseri died of a heart attack in Terminal 2F of … Read more

France, Sir Alfred, the Iranian refugee who lived at the airport, has died

For everyone it was the man who lived in the airportthe one who inspired the plot of the film “The Terminal” di Steven Spielberg con protagonista Tom Hanks. But his story was a true one, made up of almost 20 years spent at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Paris. Not Mehran Karimi Nasseri he is no more: … Read more

He threw her out in the middle of the night. After a while, she lived in a triangle with him

According to the psychologist, one of her patients had a partner who broke up with her in a conflict situation. – After a few days, his anger passed and he returned to the woman who, despite the escalation of violence against herself, forgave her partner for such behavior – says Magdalena Piotrowska. When he dumped … Read more

The wife of the Polish prime minister lived in a triangle. The story has a dramatic ending

Nina Andrycz was born 110 years ago – on November 11, 1912. She was the wife of the Prime Minister of the Polish People’s Republic, Józef Cyrankiewicz. In her memories he is a wonderful man and a loving husband When asked about her greatest love, she did not mention his last name, but Aleksander of … Read more