What is your liver saying about your sleep? Dilara Kocak wrote…

If your liver is fatty Today, we often encounter fatty liver disease due to both changing lifestyle habits and genetic predisposition. If your liver fat ratio, which should normally be below 10 percent, is increasing, it is possible to say that you have a fatty liver. The liver is also responsible for the production of … Read more

Two children died of liver failure after treatment with drug that became known to us by baby Pia

In a statement, the drug company Novartis, which manufactures the drug, confirmed the two deaths. Zolgensma works as a kind of gene therapy and can help children with the muscle disease Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). The drug costs about 1.9 million euros per treatment, according to the company. Belgium has been paying it back since … Read more

Better chances of liver cancer

Cezar Oroviceanu (49) left his family in Romania to work as an electrician in Maastricht. He lives in a mechanic’s pension in Tüddern, just across the German border. “On January 28, 2020, I suddenly developed severe abdominal pain at work. I was taken to Maastricht UMC+ by ambulance. There I was surprised to hear that … Read more

Mind-blowing benefits of cherries

STRENGTHENS THE IMMUNE SYSTEMThanks to its antioxidant properties, sour cherry is very successful in fighting microbes entering the body. This also strengthens the immune system. HELPING WEAKNESSSour cherry is much more useful than cherry. There is much less sugar in cherries. This allows us to consume less sugar and fewer calories while eating cherries. PREVENTS … Read more

The wonderful story of the soccer player who gave his liver to his mother

Young Robert Beric Komcic continues to count down the days when he will return to playing football again, he has started training, and has been returned to the Cepalia team, active in the Croatian second division. Coach Tomislav Raduti decided to open the door to Komšić, without forgetting that the 23-year-old striker played the match … Read more

is an inflammation of the liver that can progress to fibrosis, cirrhosis and liver cancer

At the end of July was the Nun’s Day Against Hepatitis. On this occasion, the representatives of the Military Hospital in Sibiu posted on the social media page of the medical unit a number of useful information about this condition. Dr. Cristian-Marc Sora, gastroenterologist specialist, wrote about hepatitis and its implications. Hepatitis is an inflammation … Read more

How do you know if the liver is healthy? 10 signs of liver disease…

It can be quite difficult at times to detect any disease in the largest organ, the liver, because problems in the liver can cause symptoms in many different parts of the body. The liver has many different functions. Filtering and cleaning the blood, conversion and storage of substances absorbed by the digestive system, production of … Read more

Can Liver Cirrhosis Be Cured? Check out the following explanation…

KOMPAS.com Liver cirrhosis is liver damage that occurs when scar tissue replaces healthy cells in the liver or liver liver. Conditions that are often dangerous to health are often worrying, can liver cirrhosis be cured? Check out the following explanation to find out Can liver cirrhosis be cured? to how to treat it. Also read: … Read more

Research shows lifestyle disease fatty liver

MDL doctor and liver specialist Ger Koek of Maastricht UMC+ is leading the research and is collaborating with Hasselt University. The research is being conducted in general practices in Maastricht (Doctors van Hier and Heer health center), Elsloo (Elsloo and Bandkeramiek medical center), Geulle GP practice and in various Belgian practices. What is fatty liver? … Read more

12 Complications of Liver Cirrhosis to Watch Out for

KOMPAS.com – Complications of liver cirrhosis can occur when liver or liver damage continues and is not anticipated. Be aware, cirrhosis of the liver is a condition in which scar tissue replaces healthy liver cells. This dangerous condition can interfere with the function of the liver to filter toxins from the blood to help metabolism. … Read more