“Our new home”. The program changed the lives of the participants. Initially, however, they had to face hate

Katarzyna Jeleń’s family received a lot of help from Katarzyna Dowbor some time ago. They managed to get back on their feet. But people were envious. After the episode “Our New Home” was broadcast, they faced hate. For years, Katarzyna Dowbor has been helping families in Poland to renovate their home and start a new … Read more

Will write emails, attend meetings – artificial intelligence tools that will change our lives | Business

Artificial intelligence systems are becoming tightly integrated into the tools and applications we use for work and everyday life. While ChatGPT’s chat model is the most talked about right now, it’s certainly not the only AI-powered program on the market. Here are artificial intelligence (AI) systems that could change our lives in no time.

THE BALL – Ex-Benfica fights against brain tumor (Benfica)

Former Montenegrin striker Andrija Delibasic, currently 41 years old and who represented Benfica in 2004/2005 on loan from Mallorca, is fighting a brain tumor, which he has already undergone surgery on, and is currently in recovery, according to ‘Marca ‘. Delibasic played little at Benfica, only five games (no goals) in the second half of … Read more

“Christ lives” : The Holy Spirit is the string that warms the relationship between generations

Reflection based on paragraph 192 of Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation “Christus Vivit” or “Christ Lives.” C. Rubini CTC, Vatican News Apostolic Exhortation An Apostolic Exhortation is an epistle in the various series of official epistles published by the Pope in the Catholic Church. The Apostolic Exhortations are next in line to the Cyclic Epistles at … Read more

Video. Prostate disease: innovative surgery changes the lives of men in Mantes-la-Jolie

Par David Goudey Published on 30 Mar 23 at 6:16 78actu See my news Follow this media Doctor Ala Chebbi in full intervention of an enlarged prostate with the new thulium fiber laser. (©78 actu) The clinic in the mantaise regionTo Mantes la Jolie (Yvelines), acquired the latest generation technology in January 2023. A laser … Read more

Ivan Komarenko showed how he lives in Russia. Netizens are outraged

Ivan Komarenko gained national recognition thanks to the song “Jej black eyes” from 2004. However, it was the only song with which he managed to conquer the music market. Currently, he is mainly known for controversial theories voiced in social media. The chief coronasceptic with no medical education he was talking about killer vaccinesand now … Read more

THE BALL – Havertz reveals he feels a «special relationship with donkeys» and addresses the arrival of Enzo (Chelsea)

Kai Havertz, in his third season at Chelsea, gave an interview to The Guardianwhere he admitted to having a special relationship with donkeys. “Some of my colleagues call me dumb and it’s not because of my football. I’ve always felt a special relationship with donkeys. It is a very calm animal, maybe I personified myself … Read more

two people lost their lives

A man and a woman lost their lives in a tragic fire in Zutendaal, in the province of Limburg. of videos It was the neighbors who, around 2 am, gave the alert after noticing a burning smell. Firefighters found the unconscious victims in their apartment. Two ambulances were dispatched to the scene. Unfortunately, the emergency … Read more