“The Internet’s most hated man” Hunter Moore – that’s how he lives today

Premium: Hunter Moore hung out young women and posted their nude photos online for all to see. The purpose: To destroy their lives. He quickly became an internet celebrity, calling himself a “professional life destroyer” while his loyal followers set fire to the hangings – and in several cases hoped the hanged women would take … Read more

Two women lose their lives in bodies of water

A kayaker lost her life after capsizing her boat on Saturday in the Rivière du Nord in Sainte-Adèle, in the Laurentians. The incident allegedly occurred around 3:00 p.m. when a group of experienced kayakers were circulating in the rapids. That’s when a 58-year-old woman capsized and got stuck underwater. “The victim was transported to the … Read more

THE BALL – António Carvalho wins at Senhora da Graça in a Glassdrive show of strength (Returns to Portugal)

António Carvalho (Glassdrive) won, this Sunday, the ninth stage of the Volta a Portugal, which covered 174.5 kilometers between Paredes and Mondim de Basto, arriving in Senhora da Graça. In an authentic Glassdrive show of strength, the 32-year-old cyclist took 4:42.14 hours, arriving at the same time as teammates Frederico Figueiredo and Maurício Moreira. Closest … Read more

A couple lives a nightmarish night because the house had not been properly locked…

Posted on Sunday, August 14, 2022 at 7:25 p.m. A home-jacking was committed, in the night from Saturday to Sunday, in Langemark-Poelkapelle, in West Flanders, indicated the Kortrijk section of the West Flanders prosecution. The occupants of the house were awakened by four men armed with a crowbar standing at their bedside. The robbers hit … Read more

What deadly secrets of Putin cost the lives of Litvinenko, Borovik, Trofimov and many others

He kissed the child’s stomach in 2006 President of Russia Vladimir Putin while walking around the Kremlin, he stopped to talk to a little boy, then leaned over and lifted the stunned child’s shirt and kissed him on the stomach. “What’s your name?” Putin asked, crouching next to the blond boy and hugging him around … Read more

The middle class in Latvia lives well: the demand for SUVs has increased and every second buyer is interested in an electric car

Foto: Shutterstock The most popular type of car in the Baltics is off-road cars or SUVs, and the demand for off-road cars this year between January and July, compared to the same period last year, increased by 21%, according to the data compiled by the car dealer “Moller Auto”. Most read VIDEO. “He is not … Read more

THE BALL – «Ronaldo or Messi? It’s like choosing between father or mother…» (Paris Saint-Germain)

At the age of 22 and already nominated once for the Ballon d’Or, Kylian Mbappé has as his strongest memory the duel of recent years between Lionel Messi (7 times winner) and Cristiano Ronaldo (6 times winner). «It was always interesting to see the tension on those nights, to look at their faces and see … Read more

This is how Alicja Majewska lives. Elegant on stage. And at home? – o2

According to the findings of the Pomponik portal, Alicja Majewska lives in the Zacisze estate. It is located in the Targówek district of Warsaw. It was there that the famous artist decided to “put down roots” and locate her property, famous for its beauty. How does Alicja Majewska live? Everything has to fit together During … Read more

THE BALL – Benfica B resists the expulsion of Diego Moreira and draws in Tondela (Liga 2)

Tondela and Benfica B drew 1-1, in the match that opened the 2nd round of Liga 2, which took place on the afternoon of this Friday, at Estádio Municipal de Aveiro – a home loaned to Beira, since the stadium’s pitch João Cardoso, in Tondela, is being intervened. The reds came in better, who opened … Read more

THE BALL – Twelve years later, number 12 has a new owner (Real Madrid)

Real Madrid published on its official website the squad numbers for the new season, taking into account that the Spanish League starts next weekend. More emphasis on number 12. For 12 years that number belonged to Brazilian side Marcelo, who ended his contract with Real Madrid and is now without a club. In the new … Read more