You can load it!! Hit The Island, a Pong-Style game based on Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro launched.

Last week, developer Kriss Smolka hadcreate game Hit The Island comes up as a concept of Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro. App Store For Hit The Island game will take advantage of Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro andiPhone 14 Pro‌ Max To play a Pong-Style game or bounce balls to collect as … Read more

“Double Stars from the Abyss to Darkness” is on sale today, welcome to the blood and urine death abyss where standing still jumping will also increase the load | 4Gamers

Few survival games let the characters die and bleed, but Spike Chunsoft’s 3D action role-playing game “Double Stars from the Abyss to Darkness” is a bloody survival game that all players want to see. 2) Released on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5 platforms today. At the beginning of the game, Li Ke, as a novice, … Read more

Supercapacitors: stones as electricity storage | energy load

Micro-supercapacitors on the surface of stone slabs can turn them into small power storage devices. In the future, smart home devices or other small electronic devices could be supplied with electricity independently of the mains. Korean researchers have now shown how this works. Marble and granite are natural materials that are already used in many … Read more

Wartsila crisis, the Koreans ask to load the engines themselves

TRIESTE – The Uhl Fusion ship has requested self-production, a procedure that translates into the request to be able to load the 12 Wartsila engines destined for the Korean Daewoo independently, without the presence on the cranes of specialized technicians of the same Finnish multinational, nor of dockers . The confirmation of the news comes … Read more

Maxi load of Russian diesel for Ecuador. The expedition managed by the multinational Trafigura which replies: “Everything in order”

The Trafigura group, one of the most important commodity traders in the world, is helping Russia to sell part of the diesel it refines in Latin America, thus mitigating the fallout from the European and US embargo. According to what the agency writes Bloomberg Transfiguration has recently moved the cargo Marlin Aventurine delivering to Petroecuador, … Read more

New buyer is sought for first ship with Ukrainian corn – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 10 – The Razoni, the first ship to leave the port of Odessa with a cargo of corn bound for Lebanon on August 1, docked at the port of Mersin in Turkey. This was stated by the Ukrainian ambassador to the country Ihor Ostash during a briefing at the Media Center … Read more

Temporary job change: Qantas is looking for 100 executives to load suitcases for three months

The airline is looking for 100 managers to temporarily help load baggage. Not part-time, but full-time and for three months. Two pilots pitched in. In Manchester in May, a member of Tui’s cockpit crew helped load suitcases and bags onto the plane so its flight to Crete could take off on time. A pilot from … Read more