Suspension of independent bank PF loans… Development business emergency

The housing development business is being pushed into a series of run-down crises as financial institutions all at once reduced real estate project financing (PF) loans. A residential site for an officetel development in Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, where the start of construction was delayed for several years due to financial problems, and then resumed after a … Read more

It’s not just those with loans that will see their costs rise – here’s how much we should be willing to put aside each month

– The ECB has raised the base interest rates, but there are still predictions that this may not be the last increase. How does this affect residents and businesses? – This shows that inflation in the euro zone has reached record highs – 9.1 percent. This is the highest level in its entire history, there … Read more

Rise in rates for mortgage loans: “Our projects have almost all fallen through”

Fewer mortgages. This is the finding of brokers and banks in recent months. The cause: rising interest rates (about 2%), the energy crisis and general inflation which are shaking up budgets, but also properties with unfavorable PEBs which cannot find takers. “Our projects have almost all fallen through.” For Julie, (assumed first name) it is … Read more

Credit cards, mortgages and car loans: this is how their interest rates will change with the next Fed decision | Inflation | Univision Money News

Regardless of the decision It will be a robust rise that even the president of the Fed, Jerome Powell, has taken for granted judging by his recent words. A few weeks ago, Powell warned that interest rates will continue to rise although that weakens the labor market and the economy and means a blow to … Read more

Real estate loans: what awaits borrowers at the end of September with the revision of the wear rate

The Banque de France (BdF) will apply “the existing rules” for the next revision of the usury rate, at the end of the month, which will lead to a “well proportionate” increase in this rate for the last quarter of the year. year, said Friday, September 16 the governor of the French central bank, François … Read more

Government Savings Bank releases welfare loans for pensioners and permanent employees

Great deal for seniors… Sukkasem has money to use after retirement with welfare loans for government pensioners and permanent employees. using the inheritance pension as collateral Special for new customers!! Receive a special promotion when the contract is approved and prepared. From 1 Sept. – 30 Dec. 65 – In the case of approval from … Read more

With the best repayment period and financing value.. Egyptian banks offer car loans 2022

car loanA number of citizens dream of owning a new or used car, but in light of the high cars prices The matter may stumble, and in order to do so allows a number of Egyptian banks Possibility to get car loanThis is done according to specific conditions, and in order to obtain car loan … Read more

Crypto loans now yield less than the safest US government bonds

Cryptocurrencies are facing new threats, namely Treasury offers a similar payout for a much lower risk, according to the publication “Bloomberg”. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Cryptocurrency loan yields have fallen below what the US government pays to borrow for three months. This is yet another reason why the digital currency space has … Read more