Asteroid 2021 PH27, Located Close to Earth and Sun

Ilustrasi asteroid 2021 PH27. Photo: Ist / Net Asteroid 2021 PH27 is one of the closest objects to Planet Earth. It belongs to the Atira Group and was first discovered by Scott Sheppard. This discovery is getting attention because the asteroid’s orbital time tends to be fast. Compared to other objects or asteroids, it takes … Read more

Teleworking remains recommended for federal public services located in Brussels

Teleworking remains recommended for federal public services located in the Brussels Region, said Federal Minister of Civil Service Petra De Sutter (Groen) on Sunday in a new circular. ►►► To read also: Telework: “There is a way to be a lot more creative than to say: ‘It’s two days a week’ Last Friday, the consultation … Read more

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August 26, 2021 1:01 PM The JYSK chain opened its first large, 900-square-meter downtown store in Budapest, on Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út. The Danish company is expanding despite the coronavirus epidemic: they currently have 88 physical stores, four of which have opened this fiscal year, and three more are planned for the next. JYSK employs more than … Read more

Frustrated attack against Daniel Jadue: Court condemns individuals who threw Molotov cocktails in the church where Recoleta councilor was located to eight and 10 years in prison

The Oral Criminal Court of Osorno today condemned the two responsible for a frustrated attack against the mayor of Recoleta and former presidential candidate of the Communist Party, Daniel Jadue. The event occurred on February 27, 2020 in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Pampa Alegre, where 80 people were present. The subjects threw a Molotov … Read more

Carabineros located a 16-year-old girl missing in Ñuble since Saturday

Carabineros reported on the afternoon of this Tuesday the 20th that they found the 16-year-old girl whose traces her family lost on Saturday the 17th, in the commune of San Carlos, in the Ñuble Region. The girl was found in the heart of the same city where she was last seen. In statements to 24 … Read more

12 of 16 endangered world heritage sites are located in Africa – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

As many as 5 of the 12 areas on the threatened list are in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The vast country has great natural resources. Lawlessness and war are raging in the eastern parts of the country, where most of these precious lands are located. Areas of great wealth, both in terms of wildlife, … Read more

A 30,000-Year-Old Mexican Cave Located in Drug Cartel Territory – All Pages

Devlin A. Gandy/St. John’s College, University of Cambridge Chiquihuite Cave is located in Northern Mexico. Signs of life were found in the form of animal bones, as well as relics.—Recently there was news of an amazing discovery in Cave Chiquihuite, Mexico North. The findings raise more questions than answers. The Clovis people, who arrived … Read more

Some describe it as “the congestion of the century” .. the most crowded road with cars is located in this time and place

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)–The summer holidays in France are so sacred that the government is willing to bend its COVID-19 vaccination policies to allow French workers to head to the beach without worrying about receiving their second dose. Public outrage at the prospect of strict vaccination plans affecting summer holidays has been enough to … Read more