What Would Happen If There Was an ‘Extra’ Planet Located Between Jupiter-Mars?

Jakarta – Systems that are in the solar system have their own balance. The planets in the solar system are in such a position that they work as they should. So, what happens if there is an ‘extra’ planet placed between Mars and Jupiter? Reported from detikEdu, University of California-Riverside astrophysicist Stephen Kane has tried … Read more

this modern villa is located near nature reserve De Groene Grens

There are regular special houses for sale in the municipality of Veenendaal. From small workers’ houses to striking urban villas. For example, there is now a villa in Veenendaal-East for sale. Are you watching? You find this pearl – entirely appropriate – in the residential area in Veenendaal-Oost. Are you a nature lover? Good! From … Read more

the store will close its doors from March 11 to 18

In recent years, the range of fresh products at ALDI has grown considerably. The discounter offers a wide range of fresh meat, more than 90% of which is of Belgian origin. In addition, more and more fresh fruits and vegetables are offered in bulk. Compared to 2021, the number of fruit and vegetable SKUs at … Read more

Richard Gruslin claims to have located the body of Saint Hubert (video)

This is not the first time that it has been claimed to have located the remains of Saint Hubert. But the testimony below seems to hold up. This was not always the case in the past and stories, from the most serious to the most far-fetched, have flourished over the centuries. It will be remembered … Read more

Gazing at Gasadalur, the Isolated Village Located at the End of the World

KOMPAS.com – The Faroe Islands are a hidden paradise, home to 1,000 stunning waterfalls. Because of the beautiful natural scenery it has, the Faroe Islands, which consist of dozens of islands, have become a favorite destination for nature lovers as well as photographers. In the Faroe Islands, which are located between the Norwegian Sea and … Read more

Hit and run in the Centre-Sud | The snowboarder succumbed to his injuries, the vehicle located

New drama in the streets of Montreal. The snowboarder caught by a motorist who then fled on Sunday evening, died on Monday. The vehicle involved in this hit-and-run in the Centre-Sud was located by the police, about four kilometers from the scene of the collision, not far from the Port of Montreal facilities. Updated February … Read more

Dordt’s asylum seekers center will probably be located on the Distripark business park along the A16 | Dordrecht

An asylum seekers center will probably be built on the Distripark business park along the A16. According to the mayor and aldermen of Dordrecht, there is a suitable place on the Burgemeester van der Dussenstraat, on the corner of the Aquamarijnweg. The lot is currently empty. Folkert van der Krol 31-01-23, 17:19 Latest update: 31-01-23, … Read more

They capture radio signal from a galaxy located 8,800 million years away | Science and Ecology | D.W.

Astronomers picked up a radio signal from atomic hydrogen in a distant galaxy 8.8 billion light-years away, the furthest telescope detection on record. The new distance record is attributed to an Indian telescope, the Giant Metric Wave Radio Telescope (GMRT). hydrogen and galaxies Hydrogen is the basic and necessary fuel for the formation of stars … Read more

Is your dream house located in a flood zone? Geopunt launches renewed website with all data and maps of the Flemish government | My Guide: Living

Is your (dream) home located in a flood zone or is there a right of pre-emption? By who? And what did the location look like centuries ago? All data and maps of the Flemish government can be found on Geopunt.be, which is launching its completely renewed website today. “Now you can also consult them from … Read more

Medicine does not stand still! Everything about the removal of brain tumors with CUSA technology, learn from Adrian Danu and Mihai Andronic: “We use the device especially for tumors with higher risks, located in depth”

Adrian DANU, NEUROSURGEON: “Brain tumors are dense, hard in consistency and are attached to adjacent normal brain structures. The removal of these tumors involves certain risks of affecting the normal brain. In such situations, the CUSA device comes to our aid.” CUSA is a minimally invasive surgical technique, used to remove brain tumors. During the … Read more