MSI B660/B760 motherboards add Lock BCLK 102.5 setting to make the processor temperature lower and the performance unchanged

Starting from the B560 chipset motherboard, Intel has opened up the memory overclocking function on the mainstream B-series motherboard models. When the converter is first launched, it generally has the problem of high preset voltage. As a result, the temperature of the processor tends to be high under high load, and the B-series motherboards cannot … Read more

Dossier of the masters of medicine: “It is above all necessary to break the lock of the quotas”, according to Maxime Prévot

Maxime Prévot, the president of Les Engagés, was Antonio Solimando’s RTL Info guest on March 24 at 7:50 a.m. He indicated that he would sign the text with the PS and ECOLO to create Masters of Medicine in Mons and Namur. It is the crisis in the government of the FWB: the PS, ECOLO and … Read more

Former football player Gunther Schepens gets a fine, a 6-month driving ban and an alcohol lock after he hit four cars in Wetteren while drunk

“My client made full confessions, which indicates a certain insight,” said lawyer Nina Van Eeckhaut. “He lost his father on November 21, 2021 and has not been able to say goodbye. That was in full corona time, as an only child, he suffered from that. Another video call was going to take place with his … Read more

“His parents had to lock themselves in their room”

******* *** ******** *** ********* *** ******* ********** ** ******** ************* ** ********* *** ****** ********* *** ******* ********** *** **** ** ** *** *** **** *********** ********** **** *** * ** ************** ********* ***** ********* ** ****** ** *** *** * **** ******** ** ************ **** ** ******* ** ***** ********* ***** ********** *** … Read more

Mother-in-law wants to parasitize her Netflix account!Wife is ashamed to watch “Peak of Physical Fitness” for fear of being peeped 3 steps to teach you to lock the little secret of blushing | Community platform | Digital

Many users bid with friends and colleaguesstreaming videoplatformNetflixAccounts, shared accounts, but recently a wife complained that due to the “mistake” of the “pig teammate” husband, the mother-in-law accidentally learned that the two had applied for a Netflix account, and asked her for the account password and wanted to be “only”parasite“, which made the wife very … Read more

Blue Lock Anime Episode 22

Last updated Friday, March 10, 2023 Anime Blue Lock 8bit has finally dropped preview images and synopsis for Episode 22 of Blue Lock which will be released on Sunday, March 12 at 1.30am JST on TV Asahi. The upcoming episode, titled Voice, will be available to stream internationally on Crunchyroll with a few exceptions in … Read more

iPhone: trick to lock your private photos | DEPOR-PLAY

Among the most important functions of the iPhone, there is the option to block the photos. This alternative is mostly intended when you want to prevent other people from seeing your personal or private images and thus keep your privacy intact. To do this, iPhones have some fairly secure alternatives that allow you to lock … Read more

Review: Infotec fingerprint mailbox and cabinet lock in the test

A while ago we tested the BASI mailbox lock with fingerprint sensor HS1400. Today we look at the cheaper version of Infotec. The mailbox lock with fingerprint scanner from Infotec is available in two color variants and has a higher protection rating of IP65 and a standby time of 180 days. Scope of delivery of … Read more

Stammersdorfer Kellergasse in Vienna closed until October 31st

1.03.2023 05:00 (Akt. 1.03.2023 10:54) The Stammersdorfer Kellergasse must be approached differently by the end of October. ©APA (Subject) Through traffic in Stammersdorfer Kellergasse will be reduced. There is a temporary ban on driving through from March 1st to October 31st. In the Stammersdorfer Kellergasse – connection Stammersdorf-Hagenbrunn – driving with motor vehicles of all … Read more

Android 14 concept with lock screen widgets, new wallpapers and clipboard manager

A concept video of Android 14 was published on the Concept Central YouTube channel. In it, the creator listed several features that, in his opinion, should appear in the next version of the operating system. So, the ability to place widgets should be returned to the lock screen. Such a function was present in the … Read more