Study: long periods of celibacy have an impact on men’s health –

The results of a recent Danish study showed that breakups and long periods of celibacy affect men’s health. prone to inflammation A recent study on the consequences of celibacy was carried out by researchers from the University of Copenhagen (Denmark).The latter studied 26 years of love life of nearly 10,000 people, aged 48 to 62, … Read more

There has been no such inflation for a long time: almost everything that can be touched on has become more expensive

Paper, paper products, and thus books, cardboard, and various packaging have become more expensive by more than 30 percent per year. However, those working in the paper industry say that some materials have risen in price over the years instead of a percentage, according to LNK. Paper prices are more than just books. The prices … Read more

WEEK, how long will MEGA High Pressure EAT WINTER last? There are News! »

Weather: WEEK, how long will the MEGA High Pressure EAT WINTER last? There are News! Weather forecast for next weekBy now everything is confirmed, a mega high pressure eats winter that in fact will keep away the perturbations and cold incursions typical of this time of year. The latest weather update, just arrived, outlines a … Read more

How long does it protect from coronavirus?

The top executive of Pfizer has also stressed the need for the third dose of the vaccine, since this booster provides good protection against possible death from coronavirus and “decent” protection against hospitalization. “We have seen very clearly – explained Bourla – that with a second dose the first thing that is lost is the … Read more

How Long Will Omicron Symptoms Last in the Body? page all –  Varian Covid-19 the newest one is Omicron stated to spread more quickly, although the majority of the symptoms felt were at a mild level. In Indonesia itself, Omicron cases continue to grow. Spokesperson for Vaccination of the Ministry of Health, Siti Nadia Tarmizi, stated that in addition to the addition of cases, the … Read more

[Chronique] – Megri case, “our night (of lack of culture) is long”

By Aziz Boucetta The Megri brothers are from this generation that those under twenty, or even thirty, cannot know… Hassan, Mahmoud, Younes and Jalila animated and marked the Moroccan music scene in the 60s and 70s, between ballads and other romantic songs, thus inaugurating a new style for the time. They are now in their … Read more

How long can you wear your N95 mask? Here’s what the experts say

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)–You’re ready to replace your old fabric masks with N95 masks as some experts recommend, but are hesitant about its higher price, and “one-time use”? Do you know how long you can wear an N95 mask and protect yourself and others from the risk of “Covid-19”? “I wear it for a … Read more

Long Covid, inside the rehabilitation gym. “The virus attacked me fiercely and for a year and a half I have been traveling around clinics”

The list of symptoms of the so-called Long Covid it is long and similar to that of the symptoms of infection. More than three months after the infection, fatigue, headaches, weight loss and aphonia persist in some people, physical and respiratory symptoms, heavy psychological repercussions. Yet, not only are swabs negative, but a first analysis … Read more

Sitting too long increases the risk of cancer-related death

THE ESSENTIAL The combination of prolonged sitting and lack of physical activity is associated with elevated risks of death from all causes including cancer. Adults are recommended to engage in moderate-intensity activity for at least 150 to 300 minutes per week. In France, teleworking has become compulsory for all employees for whom it is possible. … Read more