Sky Post Medical Office|Small Intestinal Gas is not a patent for children, long-term neglect, fear of intestinal perforation, belly rot, dismantling the symptoms of the tummy tuck + 2 types of surgery respectively – Sky Post – Health – Gastrointestinal Health

Intestinal gas, also known as hernia, is often misunderstood as a disease of children. In fact, it is very common for adults to suffer from small intestinal gas. Intestinal gas actually means that organs or tissues of the body pass through some pores and move to an unusual position. If these tissues cannot pass through … Read more

A “huge” American study identifies symptoms of long-term Covid

A new study identified 12 main symptoms of long-term Covid, although 200 chronic symptoms were reported that haunt people with Corona even after recovery from the coronavirus. According to the newspaper “Washington PostThe new study, published in the journal JAMA, Thursday, was based on the participation of 9,764 people in an initiative called RECOVER. The … Read more

PL: Arsenal signed a long-term contract with one of its best players

He signed a new long-term contract until 2027 with one of the best of the silver medalist Arsenal in the English premier league (Premier League), Bukayo Saka, who scored 14 goals and 11 assists in the 2022-2023 season – announced a club. Bukayo Saka has signed a new contract with Arsenal until 2027 (Photo: Getty … Read more

Previous obesity can have long-term effects on mental health, according to a new study

Patients with previous obesity who lose weight to a healthy level still have an increased risk of dying prematurely because they are likely to struggle with their mental health, according to a new hypothesis, launched by obesity researchers at a congress in Dublin. The study launches the broad concept of “weight scarring,” which theorizes that … Read more

[Evaluation]AVIOT TE-M1 Open True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Long-Term Wearing Without Stress + Headphones for Listening to Music While Working

With the maturity of true wireless Bluetooth technology, there are more and more choices on the market. AVIOT is a good brand of headphones, and the price is very affordable. We introduced its flagship earphones earlier, and today I would like to share with you AVIOT’s more affordable “Long Air” open-style true wireless earphones — … Read more

Škoda Enyaq 60 iV test – Long-term winter consumption and real electricity costs

For a long-term test, we have the basic version of the Škoda Enyaq electric car on our market, i.e. the 60 iV. It has a smaller battery and thus a shorter range than the more common 80 iV or 80x iV versions. Is it enough for normal operation in winter conditions even without the possibility … Read more

Eating milk and oats for breakfast is a perfect match? Be careful with these 3 types of people!Nutritionist Liu Yili warns: Long-term eating affects the absorption of calcium and iron |

Many people choose to drink a bowl of sweet and delicious milk and oats for breakfast every day, thinking that it is the perfect match of the golden combination! Be careful of the 3 major groups, including those who lose weight. If you adopt such a diet for a long time, it will affect your … Read more

Important book about long-term covid

Sometimes life changes suddenly and is never the same again. That’s what happened to Jörgen Hassler and to many more people through a small new virus. The book is described as prose-poetic and documentary. »Everything is true and nothing has happened« says the author in an interview with the undersigned on the local radio station … Read more

Potency drugs gave better long-term sugar in type 2 diabetes –

The potency drug is called tadalafil and is one of the active pharmaceutical substances in the group of PDE5 inhibitors, which also includes the well-known drug Viagra. PDE5 inhibitors are used to treat impotence. – You should never self-medicate with PDE5 inhibitors, because in the worst case it can be life-threatening in combination with certain … Read more

BRICS single currency is a long-term issue; will focus on using local currencies

Key facts: BRICS experts want to “deepen ties between economies” of member countries. The use of local currencies could precede the arrival of a single BRICS currency. The single currency that will be created by the BRICS group of countries could be launched in the medium or long term. Therefore, right now the nations that … Read more