Bulgaria is considering a long-term gas contract with Gazprom. It would be a “blow” for Brussels

Bulgaria is likely to start negotiating a long-term gas supply contract with the Russian company Gazprom. The Deputy Minister of Energy of the Bulgarian caretaker government, Elenko Božkov, stated this in an interview for local television on Friday. At the same time, Gazprom is a Balkan country he disconnected from his gas in Aprilwhen Sofia … Read more

one in eight corona patients has long-term complaints

Foto: CC0 Gerd Altmann via Pexels One in eight people who become infected with corona will end up with Long Covid as a result, large-scale population survey in the Netherlands has shown. In other words: they have long-term complaints. This concerns, for example, chest pain, loss of smell and taste, shortness of breath, fatigue or … Read more

Hormone treatment in breast cancer provides long-term effect –

Hormone-lowering treatments, also called endocrine treatments, have long been used after tumor surgery to reduce the risk of breast cancer cells spreading, but it has been unclear how long afterwards the treatment provides protection. Many cancers have a short risk of recurrence, usually within a few years. However, for patients with hormone-sensitive breast cancer, the … Read more

The Utena club signed a long-term contract with the title sponsor

Utena’s “Uniclub Casino – Juventus” club has signed a new three-year contract with the title sponsor, which will continue to be the “Uniclub Casino & Betting” company that has been operating in Lithuania for more than two decades. Just like last year, Utena’s team will officially be called Uniclub Casino – Juventus for the next … Read more

Baltpool introduces the option of long-term indexed transactions

Baltpool, the operator of the energy resource exchange, presents a new service to exchange participants – the opportunity to enter into long-term indexed biofuel trading transactions. This aims to encourage participants to conclude long-term biofuel purchase-sale transactions in advance and to ensure jog the cost of such transactions would be adjusted accordingly during supply prevailing … Read more

Long-term odor and taste problems

Scientists scrutinized the consequences of the effects of the virus. It was stated that taste and odor problems can occur in the long term and have negative effects on the quality of life. A new research has been conducted on the coronavirus epidemic that affects the whole world. It turned out that the loss of … Read more

Covid-19: Hair loss and sexual dysfunction, possible long-term effects

Hair loss, low libido and sexual dysfunction are among a wide range of symptoms that can follow a Covid-19 infection, according to a new study published Monday July 25, 2022. According to this peer-reviewed study in the journal Nature Medicine, the most common long symptoms of Covid include loss of smell, fatigue and shortness of … Read more