The Lancet named López Obrador as one of the most irresponsible rulers in the COVID-19 pandemic

Vaccination against COVID-19 will begin this September 5 for 7-year-old girls and boys in 32 municipalities of the State of Mexico. (Photo: Cuartoscuro) Two and a half years have passed since the global emergency was declared due to COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, although global efforts have been aimed primarily at obtaining a vaccine —obtained just … Read more

Jennifer Lopez showed the video from the bathtub. Fans don’t believe their own eyes: “Just look!”

Watch the video Jennifer Lopez’s caring ritual that takes years away. Takes less than 5 minutes Jennifer Lopez is not only one of the most popular, but also the most attractive women in show business. He has many awards and nominations for his musical activity, including The American Music Award and MTV Video Music Award, … Read more

Jeniffer López Palacios, the model that will represent Cuba in the International Coffee Reign

Cuba continues to consolidate its presence in international beauty contests. This time it will be Jeniffer Lopez Palacios the one in charge of representing the island in the International Coffee Reign 2023. The female beauty pageant is held every year in the municipality of Manizales, Colombia, within the framework of the Manizales Fairconsidered the largest … Read more

Mischievous reaction of Tucu López when seeing the photos of Sabrina Rojas in the shower

more and more entrenched, tucu lopez and Sabrina Rojas they were shown in love on social networks. Sensual and fun, the model posed in a bathing suit while showered in a spa. Y Brenda Gandiniher partner, photographed her. Rogue, the driver shared photos of his girlfriend taking a showerwhich the actress took from him, and … Read more

Jennifer Lopez reveals intimate details of her wedding with Ben Affleck

Know the details shared by Jennifer Lopez of her wedding. | Photo: On The JLo. Jennifer Lopez revealed to all her fans and followers some of the details more intimate of his luxurious wedding with actor Ben Affleckwhich took place in mid-August and where They said “yes” for the second time. Foto: On The JLo. … Read more

The phrase that Ben Affleck quoted from his movie to DEDICATE Jennifer Lopez in WEDDING speech

After getting married last July in Las Vegas, Jennifer Lopez y Ben Affleck they had a second wedding in which they invited all their loved ones and friends to be part of this great ceremony. during the wedding, Ben Affleck He took the opportunity to give his speech of boda in which quoted a emotional … Read more

Jennifer Lopez wore a fourth dress to her wedding that was not mentioned before, and Ralph Lauren reveals the details

The international artist starredJennifer LopezOn her wedding day, she wore three different dresses, and they were Ralph Lauren designs, and the main dress included a long train with a veil. The second was studded with Swarovski crystals, and the third had strings of sewn pearls.And the home page of Ralph Lauren shared on the social … Read more

Jennifer Lopez boasts of new photos from the wedding with Ben Affleck: “I felt like in heaven” (PHOTO)

When news of re-reunion Bena Afflecka i Jennifer Lopez went around the world, many believed that we would witness a real Hollywood fairy tale. Wandering for 20 years after their last breakup, the stars finally realized that they were destined to love to their deaths. There was also no need to wait long for the engagement … Read more

Seeing off the summer of 2022: Lopez played two weddings, Hurd received the stigma of “liar”, Beckham became a monster mother-in-law

Soon, Nikola could not stand the pressure of the “monster mother-in-law” and spoke publicly about their conflict. In an interview with Variety, she did not deny the gossip and frankly told how it all began. According to the blonde beauty, the tension between her and Victoria began to grow even before the marriage. The fact … Read more