The sales of the CZC e-shop fell by 11 percent last year and it fell into a loss

Author: In the last financial year, the Czech e-shop reported a year-on-year drop in sales of 11 percent, from 5.7 to just over five billion crowns. Business attributes this to the economic situation – similar to what happens in other fields. CZC also plunged into a pre-tax loss of less than 25 million. … Read more

What are weight loss fruits? What are fast weight loss foods?

AVOCADO Avocado is consumed fondly thanks to its nutritious feature. The benefits of avocado, which is a storehouse of vitamins, are endless. Avocado both protects health and provides beautification of the skin. In addition, avocado helps to lose weight when consumed regularly. Avocado, when consumed regularly, gives a feeling of satiety throughout the day. This … Read more

How antioxidants found in many vegetables, fruit, tea and wine can delay memory loss

New study shows slower cognitive decline with flavonoids. Know which foods are recommended Eating more flavonoids, the antioxidants found in many vegetables, fruit, tea and wine, may slow the rate of memory loss, claims a new study. The cognitive scores of people in the study who ate the most flavonoids declined 0.4 points per decade … Read more

The weight of the fast train business in China is also a loss Page all – In many countries, development fast car often creates controversy. Expensive investment costs and long payback period are the two main reasons. That’s why, there are still many countries, including several developed countries, have not decided on fast trains as a priority. Without careful calculations, the high-speed train project will actually provide losses because … Read more

NHL | Winnipeg – Columbus 1:4, Rittich did not prevent Winnipeg’s loss in the NHL

Laine opened the scoring in the seventh minute with a swing from the right circle to the near post, and at 10:42 Erik Gundbranson put the ball past Pierre-Luc Dubois’ own net. At the beginning of the second period, Laine came through again, this time finishing a quick counterattack from the left side into an … Read more

IF weight loss trend Is it true to cure irregular menstruation? | Insights into the health system

truth! Determining the eating period or IF can everyone do it? What precautions are there? Nowadays, there are many tips and information about weight loss. One of the most popular methods isIntermittent Fasting or IF (IF) timing of eating Divided into times when you can eat and times when you don’t eat. By the time … Read more

Celebrated Iran’s World Cup loss, was shot and killed – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

The shots are said to have been fired when a larger group of protesters were in the street celebrating the defeat. Mehran Samak is said to have been shot while sitting in his car and honking as part of the demonstration, writes BBC. The American human rights group Center for Human Rights in Iran and … Read more

Iranian man celebrating World Cup loss to USA killed by security forces Iranian government continues propaganda war

The life of Mehran Samak. Twitter screen capture Foreign media including the BBC reported on the 1st (local time) that Mehran Samak (27), an Iranian man, was shot dead by security forces while celebrating the Iranian team’s failure to advance to the tournament following a loss to the United States in the Qatar World Cup. … Read more

Throwing 31 kg of meat! The beauty doctor’s weight loss strategy is open: lose weight from 80 kg to 49 kg without losing weight|weight loss|slimming|beautiful doctor|Health 2.0

Losing weight is every woman’s lifelong career, even physicians are no exception! An Xinyu, a beautiful physician from the Department of Family Medicine of Chiayi Christian Hospital, worked with fat for more than 20 years and gained 80 kilograms. Finally, through scientific weight loss, she successfully lost weight to 49 kilograms, and her body fat … Read more