Long Covid: dizziness, fatigue, loss of taste… one in 8 adults has these symptoms several months after infection

A study published in The Lancet reports the significant number of patients for whom Covid symptoms persist long after infection. According to a large Dutch study published in The Lancet, nearly 13% of adults infected with the Covid-19 virus show symptoms of “long Covid” or “post-Covid syndrome”. That’s one in eight adults. The symptoms reported … Read more

Premier League: Manchester United loss and strong return to Manchester City and Tottenham at the start of the tournament

August 8, 2022 photo released, PA Medium The first round of the English Premier League (Premier League) kicked off on Friday, and perhaps the most prominent results at the start of the tournament were Manchester United’s loss at home to Brighton, the strong return of Manchester City, and a distinguished start for Tottenham, while Liverpool’s … Read more

In the absence of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the loss of the Olympic Committee…: Basketball’s achievements are from the womb of suffering and from “live meat”

With the gradual return of the players of the Lebanese basketball team from the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, where the Lebanese team grabbed attention for 10 days, during which it turned into a national “champion” who beat the “seniors” of Asia without fear or dread, and brought them down one by one starting from the Philippines, … Read more

The Latvian U16 girls’ basketball team ends the Baltic Cup with a loss

Sintija Aukštikalnīte was the top scorer in Lithuania’s victory with 29 points and 10 rebounds. It has already been reported that on Friday the team led by Ainārs Čukste defeated the Estonian U16 first team by 93:72 and on Saturday they convincingly defeated the second team. From Tallinn, the team will go to Helsinki, where … Read more

Koubek is not angry with the expelled Gabriel after the loss in Slovakia. He became a victim, says the Hradec coach

Was Slovácko’s victory deserved? Probably yes. It was better in gameplay and more emphatic in personal fights. It also created more chances. We didn’t do well in the first half, even though it was goalless. Fortunately, the excellent goalkeeper Reichl kept us with great saves. On the other hand, I have to praise my players … Read more

Encountered by the U.S. stock bear market, Berkshire’s Q2 investment loss was US$53 billion, and B shares lost 19.84 yuan per share | Anue Juheng

Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B-US) announced its second-quarter and first-half financial results on the 6th. Affected by the market downturn, the investment loss in the second quarter was 53.04 billion US dollars (the same below), and the after-tax loss was 43.37 billion yuan. B shares (Class B) lost 19.84 yuan per share; the overall investment loss in … Read more

Bořlivák Rada and Dukla in the league? Second game, second loss. Opava gave Prague a debacle, they are still waiting for a goal

Source: FK Dukla Prague Pražská Dukla was one of the favorites for promotion before the start of the second league. All this thanks to the arrival of a new coach. Petr Rada arrived in Juliska and was also symbolically introduced. The new era began under a clear slogan: “And now the war will begin!” But … Read more

AUA halved loss – Lower Austria today from August 4th, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. – ORF-TVthek

Regional | Lower Austria today AUA halves loss The planes are currently full again in summer and that is slowly getting Austria’s largest airline back on course. AUA reports on Thursday that it has halved its loss in the first half of the year. With a minus of 106 million euros, the result is still … Read more