Luciano Castro was forceful regarding the dismissal of Leticia Brédice from the work they shared

This week the scandal that has as protagonist to Leticia Brediceas was kicked out of The divorcethe work that was to be premiered this summer in Mar del Plata with Luciano Castro, Natalie Perez y Paul Rago. It was Luciano the only actor in the cast who spoke of the subject in firstfruits already and … Read more

Dead Moskita | The controversial fact that Ventura revealed about Luciano Castro: “Did you think that was casual…?”

In the last hours Luciano Castro was in the eye of the storm because Leticia Brédice was cut off from the play that she was going to star with him. And today, in “Intruders”, Luis Ventura was invited to talk about this topic. However, beyond giving his opinion about what happened, he also ended up … Read more

Luciano Castro’s anguish over his relationship with his son: “He told me unpleasant things”

Luciano Castro He was honest about his relationship with his eldest son, Mateo, and revealed a strong statement that the young man made to him. The actor said that he missed many important moments in his son’s life and revealed how his relationship is today. “What I missed is not irreparable, but I do have … Read more

The Pope appoints Luciano Russo as secretary for the Pontifical Representations

59 years old, from Caserta, the prelate has been in the diplomatic service of the Holy See since 1993. He was nuncio to Rwanda, Algeria and Tunisia, Panama, Uruguay Vatican News Pope Francis received in audience this morning Monsignor Luciano Russo, titular archbishop of Monteverde, hitherto apostolic nuncio to Uruguay, and appointed him secretary for … Read more

Giuliana Pavarotti: “I’ll tell you about my dad Luciano: at home he was a cat and before performing he asked us to pray for him”

“When they ask me: what does it mean to be the daughter of Luciano Pavarotti?, I smile. I don’t know what it’s like to be someone else’s daughter, I have no other experience. I know that I am proud of him and that this recognition would have made him proud and happy “. Giuliana Pavarottiborn … Read more

Luciano Pereyra broke when remembering Gerardo Rozín

For the first time after the death of Gerardo Rozin (1970-2022), Luciano Pereyra visited the program the rock of morphi (Telefe, Sundays at 11:30), which is currently going ahead with hosting Jey Mammon y Jessica Cirio. “I’m shaking”acknowledged the singer when the driver asked him what it meant for him to return to the program, … Read more

Very hard confession of Luciano El Tirri about his addiction to alcohol: I abused…

tirri with the cadillacs.jpg Luciano El Tirri, cousin of Marcelo Tinelli, in his time as a member of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, back in the ’90s. “No joint, no pills, no merchandise… Nothing! I abused alcohol, in short, the legal drug. I sucked too much until I realized that if I didn’t stop the situation, bye… … Read more

Dead Moskita | The sharp fact that Luciano El Tirri revealed about Paker: «He is the most…»

The debut of “Sing With Me Now” left a lot of material to cut. In the El Trece reality show, the The challenge for the participants will be to achieve, with their performance, that all the jurors get up from their seats, press a button and sing along with them, to achieve a place on … Read more

Luciano Nizzola died: he was president of the FIGC and Lega – Calcio

Is dead Luciano Nizzola. He was 89 years old and had been ill for some time, with him Italian football loses one of its great managers. Born in Saluzzo, lawyer but with a great passion for football. Chief Executive Officer of Turin between 1982 and 1987, Nizzola was then elected to lead the Lega Nazionale … Read more

The spicy detail of Flor Vigna and Luciano Castro on the singer’s birthday

Last weekend Flor Vigna celebrated her birthday with friends and with her current partner, Luciano Castro. As expected, the details of the party were soon revealed and the journalist Karina Iavícoli revealed explosive information about the singer and the actor in Partners of the Show (El Trece). The panelist assured that in the middle of … Read more