Lody participates in pilot population study for lung cancer: ‘I smoked half a pack a day for 40 years’

Thousands of heavy smokers will be screened for lung cancer for the first time this week. It is an experiment that may lead to a large population study. Lody Crabbendam is also participating: “I like to help science with it.” Radiologist Dr. Alexander Schmitz of the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek (AVL) in Amsterdam performed a trial … Read more

Avoiding lung cancer..a simpler solution!

In new findings indicating the importance of sleep, a new study revealed a close relationship between rest and lung cancer. Research indicated that several factors, including the quality of sleep, determine the extent of a person’s susceptibility to this type of cancer, according to the French “Santi Cernat” website. She added that sleep is one … Read more

Lung cancer, free screening to «Pope John»: registrations are underway

Pope John XXIII of Bergamo has been given the opportunity to participate in the first national screening program for the early diagnosis of lung cancer . Subjects between the ages of 55 and 75, heavy smokers or who have quit for less than 15 years and in possession of specific requisites can register to undergo … Read more

Study: Genetically Modified Bacteria Can Treat Lung Infections

According to a new study, incurable lung infections can now be treated using genetically modified bacteria. To combat the dangers of antibiotic resistance, research in mice suggests drug-resistant diseases may be targeted and made susceptible to antibiotics that otherwise would be ineffective. According to research conducted at the Center for the Regulation of Genomics in … Read more

8 Foods that Must Be Consumed to Maintain Lung Health according to Dr. Ema

BANTEN NEWS – The lungs have an important role to help inhale oxygen and distribute it throughout the body so that lung health needs to be maintained. If lung health has problems such as pneumonia, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), asthma and even lung cancer, it can cause health problems in the body. To improve … Read more

Modification of Bacteria to Overcome Lung Infections

<img alt="Potongan melintang dari paru-paru tikus yang terinfeksi Pseudonomas aeruginosa. The mice were treated with version Mycoplasma pneumoniae modified so as to produce therapeutic molecules, such as pyocins specifically designed to fight P. aeruginosa. therapeutic version M. pneumoniae ini bertindak seperti obat hidup” yang mengurangi efek infeksi dan menjaga udara di alveoli. Sumber: Rocco Mazzolini/CRG … Read more

Smoking is the Main Cause of Lung Cancer, Beware of Symptoms of Coughing up Blood!

ATTACK – Lung cancer is a type of cancer with the highest mortality rate, among all cancers. This is because lung cancer at an early stage is difficult to detect because it does not cause specific symptoms, so it is often found at a late stage. Based on the Global Burden of Cancer Study (Globocan) … Read more

Bergamo, father gives lung to son with thalassemia: it is the first transplant of its kind in Italy

At the John XXIII Hospital of Bergamo The first living donor lung transplant was performed in Italia. The receiver is a small one 5 year old patient, who received the lung lobe from his father. The child is affected by thalassemia or Mediterranean anemia, and a bone marrow transplant was required in the past to … Read more

A 17-year-old teenager gets ‘popcorn lung’ because of vaping, his lungs are like this

Jakarta – Health experts have warned about the dangers and long-term effects of consuming electric cigarettes or vapes. One thing that is highlighted is the rare condition of ‘popcorn lung’ due to vaping. Popcorn lung refers to a rare disease that causes scarring and inflammation of the bronchioles. This disease can cause persistent dry cough … Read more