France/Luxembourg: They get caught on the A31 with a mountain of alcohol from Luxembourg

The quantity is enormous. Two men of Sri Lankan origin, residing in the Paris region, were arrested on the A31 motorway with 2,100 liters of alcohol coming from Luxembourg, in January 2022. The whiskey, rum and vodka had been discovered in the trunk from their van. The defendants appeared this week in the Thionville court. … Read more

A vehicle hits a crane, another destroys a fire hydrant in the province of Luxembourg

Some mornings are busier than others for firefighters in the province of Luxembourg. That of this Friday, March 17 is one, with some rather special accidents. It started in the night, around 3 a.m., with a vehicle on fire at rue Haute Commène in Barvaux-sur-Ourthe. The firefighters of Érezée and Hamoir, with an officer, intervened, … Read more

End of reimbursement for breast cancer care, soon an approved clinic in the province of Luxembourg?

This worst-case scenario, with patients having to desert Vivalia to go to the provinces of Liège and Namur, should soon find a favorable outcome. To be approved, a clinic must treat 125 cases per year. “It’s a difficult figure to reach for our rural province. But in Arlon, some years, we reach it. In Libramont, … Read more

Health: 51 breast clinics and not a single one in Luxembourg, an anomaly that will have to stop

And for good reason: the latest KCE study is formal about the impact of these structures on patients. Those cared for in unlicensed clinics have an additional 30% risk of dying. The political reaction was quick: treatments outside approved clinics will no longer be reimbursed. Article reserved for subscribers Deputy head of the company service … Read more

Health in Luxembourg: Should VAT be canceled on foods essential to a healthy life?

Posted10 mars 2023, 21:14 Health in Luxembourg : Should VAT be canceled on foods essential to a healthy life? LUXEMBOURG – The Committee on Petitions validated ten texts on Friday. One of them wants to promote foods considered good for health. The Committee on Petitions issued a positive opinion on Friday on the admissibility of … Read more

Trucks in the embankment, blocked roads,…: the snow has caused chaos on the road in the four corners of the province of Luxembourg (photos)

You had to be patient to drive on many roads in the province of Luxembourg this Wednesday morning. In question, the snow fell during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. As a result, as soon as the road was a little steep, the vehicles often found themselves in great difficulty. Thus, the crossing from Châtillon … Read more

DAB+ in France, Radioplayer Luxembourg, Tidal – RadioVision

France: DAB+ takes a breakaway France is experiencing a considerable ‘demarrage’ of DAB+ in this first half of 2023. Into the mux Sarthe and Eure-et-Loir in Januaryfollowed on February 22 by the muxen in Montpellier, Nimes in Perpignan is last Wednesday (March 1) the mux Extended Reims started in Block 9A. You can listen to … Read more

“The draft health framework agreement, for the benefit of the health care of the inhabitants of the Province of Luxembourg”, launches Mélissa Hanus (PS)

Following our article this week, Mélissa Hanus wanted to react. “This project is inspired by a similar agreement that has already existed between France and Belgium since 2005 via the ZOAST systems set up all along the Franco-Belgian border,” she explains in a press release. Read also Doctor Mélanie Lampe, from Fauvillers, disagrees with Mélissa … Read more

For Ecolo Luxembourg, “Houdemont risks becoming the black hole of Vivalia”

On Monday February 20, the Walloon Administration refused to grant Vivalia the single permit for the construction and operation of the future Centre-Sud CHR in Houdemont (Habay). This Friday, February 24, Vivalia’s board of directors decided to lodge an appeal before the Walloon Government against the decision of the technical and delegate officials of the … Read more

doctor Diagne, from Liège, managed to bounce back… to the Luxembourg army!

The information from our colleagues from the Luxemburger Wort could make you smile if the file was not so sensitive. A few months ago, during an authorization procedure within the framework of the recruitment of a doctor by the army of the Grand Duchy, the Medical College realized that the new recruit had a criminal … Read more