Draghi, the spoiled party in Madrid and the tam tam of crisis from Rome. The symbolic photo of a black day

There is a shot that symbolizes the black day of Mario Draghi. It is the one taken yesterday to the Prime Minister in Madrid during the NATO summit which led to the invitation to join the Atlantic Alliance for Sweden and Finland. The premier is portrayed on the phone in Prado Museumwhere he was supposed … Read more

Spain’s Letizia and Jill Biden compete in elegance in Madrid

They never leave each other. 40 years ago, Spain became a member of NATO and it was to mark this anniversary that a summit was held in Madrid. Emmanuel Macron, Joe Biden, Boris Johnson… representatives of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization were expected in the capital on Tuesday, June 28. And Letizia from Spain has … Read more

A 15-year truce is breached by Real Madrid… Meringue is close to stealing Atletico’s jewel

A different kind of theft that Real Madrid is targeting from its neighbor At the level of the youth stages, there was an implicit agreement that Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid committed to banning any player from one team to the other while he is in the lower age stages, and that if this was … Read more

Watch the top 10 goals of Raul Gonzalez with Real Madrid on his birthday

The Spanish star celebrates Raoul Gonzalez is on his 45th birthday, as the former captain of the Spanish national team and the Spanish striker Real Madrid was born on this day. Raul is one of the most prominent players in the history of Spanish football and participated with his country in the 1998, 2002 and … Read more

Marcelo’s son nets goal with Real Madrid youngsters and mimics Cristiano Ronaldo’s celebration

Left Real Madrid four years ago, Cristiano Ronaldo is always talked about in the Spanish capital. As he evolves with the youngsters of the Spanish club, Enzoson of the left side Marcelo, jumps higher than everyone on a corner to deceive the goalkeeper with a header. Happy, the thirteen-year-old celebrates his goal by performing the … Read more

Not because of money, Ander Herrera reveals the reason Kylian Mbappe turned down Real Madrid

JEAN-FRANCOIS MONIER/AFP Paris Saint-Germain striker, Kylian Mbappe, celebrates a goal against Angers in the French League match at Raymond-Kopa Stadium, Wednesday (20/4/2022). BOLASPORT.COM – Midfielder Paris Saint Germain, Andrew Herrerareveal the reason Kylian Mbappe refuse Real Madrid. Apparently, Mbappe’s reason has nothing to do with money. Saga transfer Kylian Mbappe it was time to heat … Read more

Bergomi:An coach led Real Madrid to create a miracle Dybala is the right candidate for Inter Milan – yqqlm

Original title: Bergomi: An coach led Real Madrid to create a miracle Dybala is the right person for Inter Milan Bergomi: An coach led Real Madrid to create a miracle Dybala is the right person for Inter Milan Live it, June 27th. In an interview with a reporter from the “Republic”, Inter Milan star Bergomi … Read more

Not used to trouble!Liverpool will reluctantly sell No. 1 superstar Real Madrid or find the best partner for Benzema – yqqlm

Original title: Not used to the problem!Liverpool to reluctantly sell No. 1 superstar Real Madrid or find the best partner for Benzema Following Mane’s departure, Liverpool’s top striker Salah may also leave Liverpool this summer. Salah’s contract with Liverpool expires next summer. Logically speaking, for a heroic super striker like Salah, Liverpool would like him … Read more

Had a quarrel, the World’s Most Expensive Goalkeeper Now Praises Antonio Ruediger After Joining Real Madrid

JAVIER SORIANO/AFP Antonio Ruediger when introduced as a Real Madrid player in Valdebebas (20/6/2022). BOLASPORT.COM – Even though he was involved in a fight, the world’s most expensive goalkeeper belongs to Chelsea, Kepa Arrizabalagastill give compliments to Antonio Ruediger after the defender officially joined Real Madrid. The feud between Kepa Arrizabalaga with Antonio Ruediger had … Read more

Liverpool captain accuses Real Madrid of deliberate psychological attack in Champions League final

TWITTER.COM/KING_FUT Karim Benzema (left) and Mohamed Salah (right) in the match between Liverpool and Real Madrid in the 2020-2021 Champions League. BOLASPORT.COM – Captain Liverpool, Jordan Hendersonaccuse Real Madrid intentionally attacked his team psychologically in the final Liga Champions. According to Jordan Hendersonfinal Liga Champions tinged with psychological warfare with Real Madrid. The situation off … Read more