Venezuela: Maduro, ‘ready to negotiate with opposition’ – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – CARACAS, JUL 23 – Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced that the government delegation “is ready” to participate in negotiations with the opposition forces led by Juan Guaidó, which will be held in Mexico accompanied by Norway . “We are ready to go to Mexico – he declared during a ministerial meeting broadcast on … Read more

Maduro gives Covax an ultimatum: “Either they send us the vaccines or they give us our money back”

Published: 5 Jul 2021 13:06 GMT The Venezuelan government has completed the payment of the required 120 million dollars, but the drugs against covid-19 do not reach the country. The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, asked the international mechanism Covax, promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO) to promote equitable access to vaccines against covid-19, … Read more

The Venezuelan regime detained Javier Tarazona: “This is how Maduro acts against those who denounce his atrocities”

The moment of arrest The Venezuelan activist Javier Tarazona, director of the NGO Fundaredes, was arrested this Friday by agents of the Nicolás Maduro regime in the city of Coro, Falcón state, with his brother Rafael Tarazona and human rights defenders Omar de Dios García and Jhonny Romero. Clara Ramírez, lawyer for Fundaredes, denounced that … Read more

The Maduro regime is irritated by the presence of the head of the Southern Command in Colombia, but it encourages business and the visit of the Russians to Venezuela

Chief of the US Southern Command, Admiral Craig Faller, visits Colombia A dangerous cold war, until now, and that establishes the Colombian-Venezuelan border as a site of conflict, has been intensified in recent months; on the one hand, Venezuela allied with Russia and on the other Colombia with the United States. The tension between neighboring … Read more

The US Coast Guard seized almost 13 tons of drugs in the Caribbean: “Traffic increased by 50% due to the Maduro regime”

US Coast GuardThe United States Coast Guard seized almost 13 tons of drugs in the Caribbean and began downloading it in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, under the great anti-narcotics operation that has been going on since April. The total of the drug is valued at $ 228 million, divided between 7.7 tons of marijuana and 5.2 … Read more

Maduro ratifies 7 + 7 and economic measures in March in the face of the pandemic

Among the economic measures announced in March are the full payment of the payroll by the Executive, the allocation of a bonus for independent workers; as well as the prohibition of executing loan guarantees. By: Web Writing 06:27 PM / 26/08/2020 President Nicolás Maduro extended until December 31 the economic measures taken in March to, … Read more

Nicolás Maduro says his pulse will not tremble to capture Juan Guaidó

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, affirmed this Sunday that “his pulse will not tremble” to arrest the parliamentary head, Juan Guaidó when the Venezuelan justice so determines. “The day the prosecution and the courts order his arrest, my pulse as head of state will not shake to carry out the orders of the judiciary … Read more

President Maduro expresses his condolences to the family of Remigio Hermoso after his death

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, lamented this Sunday the physical departure of the “great star of our Venezuelan baseball Angel Remigio Hermoso“, who died in his hometown, Puerto Cabello, Carabobo state, after suffering a painful illness, and expressed his condolences to family and friends. De Hermoso, considered one of the … Read more

Maduro: “We will initiate contacts to resume dialogue with the CEV”

“In Venezuela, constitutionality will continue despite the stupidities of Juan Guaidó,” the President said in an interview. By: Agencies / Reuters 11:00 AM / 23/08/2020 The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, assured this Sunday, August 23, that his Government will resume the dialogue with the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference (CEV) and ratified that the conditions … Read more

We have to deal with Lukashenko and Maduro even though we don’t recognize them: Borrell

From this point of view, Maduro and Lukashenko are in exactly the same situation ”, said Josep Borrell, High Representative of the EU. By: EFE 08:30 AM / 23/08/2020 The European High Representative for Foreign Affairs, the Spanish Josep Borrell, maintains that the European Union does not recognize Alexander Lukashenko as the legitimate president of … Read more