Has a Golden Toilet, This Policeman Arrested for Being Involved in a Bribery Mafia Network

The golden toilet belongs to the Head of the Traffic Police in Russia, Colonel Alexei Safonov, who is involved in a ring of bribe recipients. (Source: Alexander Khinstein Telegram Via The Moscow Times) STAVROPOL, KOMPAS.TV – The head of the Traffic Police in Russia, Colonel Alexei Safonov, who is accused of leading a mafia network … Read more

Mafia: the former senator D’Alì sentenced to six years for external competition

The Palermo Court of Appeal sentenced the former senator of Forza Italia and former undersecretary of the Interior Antonio D’Alì to six years in prison for external complicity in the mafia association in the bis appeal process that took place in Palermo. Process started after the sentence of the Supreme Court which had annulled with … Read more

The luxury of the police house who doubles as the boss of the mafia, the golden toilet is in the spotlight

Suara.com – Inhabitant Russia being shocked with luxury home owned by Police traffic that cum so mafia boss. This high-ranking policeman often bribes and abuses power. According to Russia Today, Alexey Safonov, the head of the traffic police of the southern Stavropol region, was arrested on Tuesday on charges of being the head of a … Read more

Viral, Russian Police Concurrently Become Mafia Bosses, Own Palaces to Golden Toilets

loading… MOSCOW – A traffic police chief in the southern Stavropol region, Russia , was arrested for involvement in bribery and abuse of power along with several other police officers. He became viral after being known to be a mafia boss and has a lot of wealth, including palaces, luxury cars to gold toilet seats. … Read more

Are the housing mafia reviving? The deaths of several elderly people are also suspected in Óbuda

The elderly are warned on posters: be careful to sign a maintenance contract! The elderly are warned on posters: be careful to sign a maintenance contract! An announcement stamped by the competent local housing association has already appeared in the stairwell of the Óbuda block, warning residents to be careful if they want to enter … Read more

Ž. Pavilionis, who has relations with the “Latin – Cuban” mafia, could not be removed from the position of URK chairman – Respublika.lt

Representatives of the ruling coalition said they would not take part in this vote. A statement of no confidence in Ž. Aušrinė Norkienė, the elder of the Lithuanian Peasants ‘and Greens’ Union (LVŽS) faction, who presented the pavilion to the parliament and was signed by 55 members of the Seimas, said that the URK chairman … Read more

Rudy Giuliani – Compares Rudy with a Norwegian-born mafia hunter

NEW YORK (Dagbladet): An appeals court in New York has suspended Rudy Giuliani’s license. Thus, the 77-year-old is not allowed to practice in the state. Unexpectedly, former US President Donald Trump reacts strongly to the decision. He still claims – without any documentation – that the election was stolen from him. Giuliani made proven false … Read more

As a lawyer, he lent himself to the mafia and is suspected of having mastered its practices. Martin Ribár will not return to custody – Denník N

He wasn’t just a mafia lawyer. Martin Ribár is suspected of becoming a member. “He acted and behaved like one of them,” one of the witnesses described his activities. Ribár is accused of becoming part of a criminal gang of such people, for whom he blackmailed witnesses to change their statements. He has been in … Read more

The mafia scandal in Turkey: what does it reveal about the Turkish mentality? – World

© Associated Press A Turkish family watches another video of Sedat Peker in Istanbul. A mobster reveals the dirty secrets of the Turkish government and his videos on YouTube become a sensation. Why do Turks enjoy this “voyeurism”? What does the success of Sedat Peker betray the Turkish soul, explains Deutsche Welle. The videos that … Read more

Libero Grassi’s children spray red paint in the place where the anti-lace businessman was killed by the mafia – La Stampa

ROME. His tragic death was a watershed in the history of the fight against organized crime. A collective wound that has not healed in three decades. In Palermo this morning, at 7.48, the time of killing of the anti-racket entrepreneur Libero Grassi, his daughter Alice, and his brother Davide sprayed the place where his father … Read more