Totalcar – Magazine – A Ralliart Mitsubishi has been rebuilt

The Ralliart inscription once adorned the most successful Mitsubishi racing cars. But since the factory sports department It was closed in 2010, only rarely did the inscription appear, even in a rather unworthy way. 4 Galéria: Mitsubishi Vision Ralliart Concept About using the name of the former sports department again, already we heard last year, … Read more

Totalcar – Magazine – Wankel-Mazda rear-wheel drive hybrid coming?

The Japanese manufacturer is developing in a rather surprising direction, at least according to a series of patents that have been filed right here in Europe. The sketches clearly show a rear-wheel-drive model with a three-disc Wankel engine never seen here and a 48-volt light hybrid drive. 4 Gallery: Mazda Wankel Hybrid Patent Sketches Although … Read more

Totalcar – Magazine – Toyota can get extra features afterwards

Toyota has announced that it will launch a new program from January 2022, which will allow extras to be added to cars already purchased in retrospect. The name of the service will be Kinto Factory. 8 Gallery: Toyota can get extra features afterwards The focus will be on driving assistance and safety features: extras such … Read more

Totalcar – Magazine – BMW has introduced the world’s largest e-book reader

The display film, also known as e-paper, has long been a widespread solution, with which BMW was involved in its experimental car. 4 Gallery: BMW iX Flow 2022 The solution prevalent in e-book readers has so far emerged primarily on flat-panel displays, although it has previously been experimented with flexible, paper-imitating versions. BMW could also … Read more

Totalcar – Magazine – Now a regular car for the Chrysler Airflow study

Under the direction of Fiat, the completely withered Chrysler brand, which now offers only two models, unveiled a fresh study car at this year’s CES, which could give hope that there will be modern Chryslers again. 10 Galéria: Chrysler Airflow Concept 2022 CES Airflow is not without precedent: in early 2020, some sketches were shown … Read more

Totalcar – Magazine – The real sports bar for the BMW iX M60

This is the third BMW iX version is also the strongest. It’s not comparable to Tesla’s thousand-horsepower monsters, but it still fits a lot in the field of unnecessarily powerful electric cars. 7 Gallery: BMW iX M60 2022 The new M iX paper is not a big improvement over the two-engine model known so far: … Read more

Totalcar – Magazine – Streamlined supercar Mercedes EQXX

Intended for this year’s CES, but ultimately due to another wave of epidemics, the full name of the study car unveiled online is Vision EQXX, and it clearly shows where Mercedes ’electric car offering can be further developed. 8 Gallery: Mercedes Vision EQXX 2022 The most distinctive feature of the car is the smooth, elegantly … Read more

Totalcar – Magazine – A big hobby SUV can replace the Opel Insignia

That’s Peugeot When replacing 508, In 2018 it still stood by the traditional sedan and station wagon, but it is heard that the joint parent company, Stellantis, may take a different path to the Opel Insignia. According to British Autoexpress, the top model to replace the Insignia will only arrive around 2024 and will be … Read more

Totalcar – Magazine – It’s not the top of the M3, but there’s something to wish for

It is not very rare, it is not particularly immaculate and it has almost 160,000 kilometers, just a mile and a right-hand drive, and it has a roof next to it. What’s more, the E36’s convertible doesn’t even provide the rigidity that later generations are far more familiar with, which, when pulled by a sport … Read more