Shock: Mercedes-Benz is said to end production of all station wagons – Magazine – Auto

Unimaginable today, especially for Europeans, is set to become a reality in the near future. Mercedes-Benz is not supposed to plan station wagons from the new models. Photo: Mercedes Benz Mercedes-Benz E Combi – 2016 The E-Class is to remain the only station wagon in Mercedes-Benz’s offer. However, its fate is also sealed. In Europe, … Read more

Study: long periods of celibacy have an impact on men’s health –

The results of a recent Danish study showed that breakups and long periods of celibacy affect men’s health. prone to inflammation A recent study on the consequences of celibacy was carried out by researchers from the University of Copenhagen (Denmark).The latter studied 26 years of love life of nearly 10,000 people, aged 48 to 62, … Read more

Totalcar – Magazine – Tesla Cybertruck is available in two sizes

Elon Musk used to ventilate that a Cybertruckból a smaller version could be made, but no more specific information has been provided since. Now, however, industry sources say Tesla may be preparing to unveil a smaller Cybertruck as part of a special event due in March 2022. The information comes from Trip Chowdhry, an analyst … Read more

Totalcar – Magazine – Out of all civilian Bugatti

All luxury car brands did well last year, a Lamborghini decided to peak, Rolls-Royce also closed a record year thanks to the corona virus – they say the pandemic has made people realize that once they live, so they don’t save anything – but now the last forty Bugatti Chironalso managed to find a farmer. … Read more

Kanye West admits to assaulting a fan

The rapper blames Kim Kardashian for what happened. Legion-Media Kanye West <!–Расположение: –> Kanye West admitted that hit a strangerwhen he approached him for an autograph. The conflict, which ended in assault, unfolded in downtown Los Angeles. According to the source, a man approached the rapper’s car, and very soon their conversation turned into a … Read more

Totalcar – Magazine – Toyota’s more threatening sport has been unveiled by Toyota

The protagonist of the Toyota booth at the Tokyo Auto Salon this year is clearly the GR GT3, but a new Yaris version will also be on display. 7 Galéria: Toyota Yaris GRMN 2022 The GRMN differs in such small details from the big series sports model, the GRlike the black hood or the larger … Read more

“It’s horrible and it happens all day” – Paparazzi Magazine

Estefi Berardi It is a real box of surprises. This time he left with a face of astonishment both Carmen Barbieri like pampito, with whom you share a screen every day on very morning, by revealing completely unknown (and absolutely disgusting) secrets of Cristian Castro, the mega star of the song born in Mexico and … Read more

his daughter Flor announced her second pregnancy in less than… – Paparazzi Magazine

Less than a year after giving birth to her first daughter, Julieta, the fruit of her relationship with her husband Gustavo Vanadia, with whom he has been married for two years, the daughter of Boring Prada He announced through social networks and with a tender post that he is again in the sweet wait. “happy … Read more

Foods to avoid for diabetics –

Diabetes affects several million people in France each year. The people concerned must be vigilant about their diet. What is diabetes The diabetes is a metabolic disease characterized by an excess of blood sugar or an abnormal rise in the rate of blood sugar. It is caused by a dysfunction in the secretion or action … Read more

Totalcar – Magazine – A Ralliart Mitsubishi has been rebuilt

The Ralliart inscription once adorned the most successful Mitsubishi racing cars. But since the factory sports department It was closed in 2010, only rarely did the inscription appear, even in a rather unworthy way. 4 Galéria: Mitsubishi Vision Ralliart Concept About using the name of the former sports department again, already we heard last year, … Read more