Ebene Magazine – Vaccine against Covid-19: pregnant women have priority from the 2nd trimester

In March of last year, the National Academy of Medicine recommended “to consider pregnancy as a risk factor for a severe form of Sars-CoV-2 infection.” The Directorate General of Health recently announced that the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 had been extended to pregnant women with or without co-morbidities from the second trimester of pregnancy. Nearly … Read more

A sweet one! Daniel Osvaldo’s romantic confession of love to Gianinna Maradona – Paparazzi Magazine

Daniel Osvaldo Y Gianinna Maradona they no longer hide. The happy couple was shown in San Martín de los Andes, where the former footballer’s band, Barrio Viejo, performed some shows. Without caring about anything they let themselves be photographed together on more than one occasion. And while we were all waiting for an official confirmation, … Read more

The spicy irony of Marina Calabró to Jorge Rial that the driver did not like the driver – Paparazzi Magazine

This week started with the whole new project of Jorge Rial, the cycle TV Our, which drew attention with the exclusive interview to Matías Morla, which generated a very good rating measurement. Among the particularities of the program, which is still in the midst of finding its structure and dynamics, some spicy crossovers between the … Read more

Marcelo Tinelli revealed how he helps Soledad Aquino in her visits to intensive care – Paparazzi Magazine

What is the best that can be “Of love, after love”how he sang Fito Paez? Perhaps, support and containment in the worst moments. And also laughter, like a balm, as a way to overcome the most painful. More, when there are two daughters involved and a past together, how is it that unites Marcelo tinelli … Read more

How Arnold Schwarzenegger (unwittingly) influenced Evil Dead 3… – THM Magazine

You may know, on THM Magazine, we are a bit old idiots, but it allowed us to know several blessed eras, and in particular the 80s and 90s. An era rich in video games, with some nuggets very popular today in the world of retrogaming, but also cinematically rich. Among the cult sagas of the … Read more

20 years after her mother, Leni Klum makes the cover of Glamor magazine | Video

Two decades after her mother Heidi Klum became the first star of Glamor magazine, Leni landed the cover of the famous women’s fortnightly in its German version. The 16-year-old model struck a pose in a floral-patterned dress with voluminous sleeves. Very proud of her daughter, Heidi, 47, did not hesitate to share the snapshot on … Read more

What if I get COVID-19 after I get the first dose of the vaccine? | Health | Magazine

Most coronavirus vaccines require two doses. March 27, 2021 – 11:50 am Almost all coronavirus vaccines currently in use require two doses, for example Pfizer’s, for maximum effectiveness, it must be given a second time between 21 and 28 days after the first. This mechanism raises some concerns among people. One of these questions is … Read more

Tatra 700: Swan song from Kopřivnice is 25. The designer remembers it – Magazine – Auto

The Tatra 700 was the last passenger car in the offer of the Moravian-Silesian carmaker. Author: Tatra The development of the Tatra 700 proceeded at an incredible pace. At first, nothing happened in Kopřivnice for years, and then this “express” project came like a bolt from the blue. Less than a year passed from the … Read more