Shakira and Gerard Piqué hugged as a sign of farewell: “He burst into tears” | looks magazine | Clara Chia Marti | shows

Shakira y Gerard Piqué They announced that they were separated in June of this 2022 and from that moment they became the center of the media. Although everything seemed to plunge into chaos, it seems that both have decided not to face each other anymore for the sake of their children. The American media Look … Read more

I would rather let the brand lose money than discount it! Victoria Beckham, who has tens of millions of debts, actually has a “business” mind- A Day Magazine

Since fashion-loving Victoria Beckham founded her namesake fashion brand in 2008, her sharp tailoring has attracted the love of many celebrities and consumers. However, she just released her work at Paris Fashion Week last month. Behind the seemingly beautiful brand, she is facing serious losses and high debts, but Victoria Beckham still sticks to her … Read more

Inspired by Faye Wong to act, Japanese god-level actress: You must know “First Love First Love” Hikari Manshima- A Day Magazine

Recently, my friends are frantically discussing Netflix’s Japanese drama “First Love”, which is inspired by two divine songs by Utada Hikaru – “First Love” released in 1999 and “First Love” in 2018, especially “First Love” seems to be There is a power that transcends time and space, evoking everyone’s sour and beautiful first love that … Read more

Prestigious magazine Vaccine published a study on the Paraguayan vaccine against covid – National

For the first time, a phase III vaccine study developed in Paraguay by professionals from the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the National University of Asunción and the Medigen Vaccine Biologics Corporation, is published by Revista Vaccine. The fact represents a true pride for the institution, since an article of this magnitude is made available … Read more

You won’t find a Golf like this easily. It is a memory of golden times – Magazine – Auto

What can be rare about the VW Golf, one of the best-selling cars in Europe? And yet. This specimen has its own charm. It is a reminder of what was possible 20 years ago and not today. Photo: eBay VW Golf IV 2,3 V5 4Motion – 2001 At first glance, just one of the millions … Read more

Marjo is on the cover of Clin d’œil magazine and it would give back sight to all those who have lost her

Marjo is on the cover of the magazine’s December edition Wink, and you want to see that. • Read also: Marjo has a whole new haircut that, for the world, no one would look down on • Read also: When Quebec tried its “We Are The World” with Celine Dion Photographed by Leda & St-Jacques, … Read more

Moskvich has already started the game for the car company. The first Chinese cars rolled off the production lines – Magazine – Auto

In the former Moscow plant of Renault, the Russians started assembling the Chinese SUV JAC JS4. It’s called Moskvich 3. Moskvich – 2022 The first model of the reincarnated Moskvich is Moskvich 3. It is a rebranded Chinese SUV JAC JS4. After more than two decades, the first modern Moskvich came off the assembly line. … Read more

“Encourage fans to accept imperfections, but secretly trim their waists!”: Kendall Jenner’s real body is exposed, angering netizens- A Day Magazine

For a long time, supermodel Kendall Jenner has often shared her private and real appearance on social platforms, uploaded body photos generously, and her straightforward personality is deeply supported and loved by netizens. However, recently, some netizens discovered that her seemingly real body photos were actually “processed”, and it was suspected that there was a … Read more

German car manufacturers are starting to have problems. Because of electric cars – Magazine – Auto

German automakers thought they would set the tone in the transition to electromobility. But it’s not like that. Photo: Mercedes-Benz The Germans thought they would make the perfect electric cars and people would line up for them. But it’s not happening. In mid-August we are in the article Volkswagen stands at the crossroads. Will he … Read more