Yutabon’s Study Go around Japan became a hot topic in “Crowdfunding Scams and Troubles” on NHK’s radio program “Mai Asa!” ? | Gadget Communication GetNews

Self-proclaimed boy revolutionary Yutabon & Yutabon Papa are currently studying around Japan on the “Yutabon Study No.” with the support solicited through crowdfunding. Recently, he has appeared on Korekore-san’s live distribution and Represent Fox’s live distribution, and has been a hot topic each time.In the representative program, it was a big response that “I challenged … Read more

Awkward! C. Long Mai Jiaya again main selection team 4 winning streak was ended… – Sina Football

Awkward! C. Long Mai Jiaya is again the main selection team’s 4-game winning streak was ended… In the early morning of Friday, Hong Kong time, in the first round of the Europa League group stage, Manchester United, which had won 4 consecutive victories in the Premier League, lost 0-1 at home to Real Sousta, and … Read more

Watch – Mai Selim charmed young minds with a purple bikini

The actress and singer participated May Selim A new photo of her on her official page on the social networking site for sharing photos and videos, Instagram. and appeared May Selim While spending her summer vacation on the beach, she wore a violet bikini, where she deliberately concealed her body and revealed her face and … Read more

[Tepachi! ]It turned out that Mai Shiraishi was a “trump card” with a 5% audience rating! |asageiMUSE

It seems that many fans are already looking forward to next week’s broadcast. The drama “Tepachi!” (Fuji Television), in which Mai Shiraishi plays the role of a Self-Defense Force officer, is suffering from low ratings. Although episode 8, which aired on August 24th, increased by 0.4 points from the previous episode, the average household audience … Read more

What is the truth about the marriage of the artist Mai Ezz El-Din, which ends the long years of spinsterhood… with a legendary wedding to this famous actor.!! (picture)

2022/08/26 It’s 01:20 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite Activists on social media reported the news of the marriage of the Egyptian artist Mai Ezz El-Din to her citizen, the Egyptian artist Ahmed El-Saadani, which caused an uproar and surprised everyone. Rumors of Mai Ezz El-Din’s marriage are constantly circulating on social media, where it … Read more

Ruby publishes pictures from her concert in El Alamein.. Mai Omar comments

06:20 PM Saturday 13 August 2022 I wrote – Bahira Fouda: The artist, Ruby, published photos from her last concert in the new city of El Alamein, through her official account on the “Instagram” website. Ruby appeared in the pictures in a short, colorful dress, and commented: “From the North Square Mall party in New … Read more

Director Mohamed Sami accepts star Mai Omar with a stark appearance from the sea… and the audience is shocked! (see picture)

2022/08/08 It’s 01:10 a.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite Director Mohamed Sami shared, with his fans and followers, a picture of his wife, artist Mai Omar, as he kissed her on the beach. Through his account on “Instagram”; Muhammad Sami sent a message to his wife, Mai Omar, saying: “My world.” She replied: “You are … Read more

Mai Charoenpura is unable to take a break from the big concert. Preparing for a foreign job tour – fresh news

Mai Charoenpura is unable to take a break from the big concert. Preparing for a foreign tour Follow the news, press follow, live news After a long break, releasing music until the fans ask and also miss the big concert of the young singer New Charoenpura Recently, the young singer came to join the sacrifice … Read more

‘Mai Charoenpura’ prepares to release a new single in 3 years, ready to answer LGBT questions

come to join the worship curse of love this work young singer new Charoenpura has revealed the plans for the upcoming music There will be a new single in the round. 3 listen But still about the concert new Well, there are a lot of people who are persuaded as well. But would ask to … Read more

“Amazing Astronomical Photography” Year 2022 – Chiang Mai News

Contest results “Amazing Astronomical Photos” Year 2022 Unveils “Best Astronomical Photos” of the Year National Astronomical Research Institute (Public Organization) Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (TSU) announces the results of the 2022 Astronomical Photo Contest Night of Geminids Comet Leonard, the Milky Way and Panchsuriya” is the best astronomical photographic wonder this … Read more