How mosquitoes could protect us from serious diseases

Research team intentionally wants to breed mosquitoes At first glance, the idea seems pretty absurd: a factory in Australia intentionally wants to breed mosquitoes. But why? There are already enough of the nuisances. But the idea behind industrial mosquito breeding could save many lives. Mosquitoes transmit life-threatening diseases How does the procedure work? Female mosquitoes … Read more

Bill Gates issues warning about malaria outbreak in the world | Coronavirus – Health

Tycoon Bill Gates made a call on his blog ‘Gatesnotes‘not to neglect health and also pay attention to the transmission of malaria because “the mosquitoes did not take their rest during the pandemic.” “Mosquitoes bite every night and infect millions of people with malaria, a disease that kills a child every two minutes of every … Read more

Fight against malaria: Donation of US $ 1.8 million

Through the Presidential Malaria Initiative (PMI) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the US government yesterday announced a donation of medical supplies in the amount of 1.8 million dollars to the Department of Public Health.More than 2 million Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDTs) as well as nearly 2 million treatments in the form … Read more

Malaria. Drug resistance spotted in Africa

After’Asie, it is now the African continent which has to cope with resistance from the parasites responsible for malaria, carried by mosquitoes, to artemisinin-based treatment. At the end of July, researchers were alarmed about the situation, mainly in Southeast Asia. The researchers feared that, as with the chloroquine and pyrimethamine, the emergence of parasites resistant … Read more

Malaria parasite begins to resist major drug in Africa

First cases of resistance to the main antimalarial in Africa For the first time in Africa, a Franco-Rwandan team of scientists, led by Didier Ménard from the Institut Pasteur in Paris and Aline Uwimana from the Rwanda Biomedical Center in Kigali, highlighted what field doctors and the WHO feared for a long time: the appearance … Read more

Prevention against malaria: The state wants to vaccinate 229,000 children in Tamba

“Our goal this year is to reach 229,000 children. We hope, as last year, to vaccinate 90% of them ”, indicates the chief medical officer of the health district of Tambacounda, Tidiane Gadiaga, at the launch of thecampaign against malaria. A rate of 90% of vaccinated children had been reached in the region during the … Read more

Göttingen: Malaria remedy does not stop coronavirus

The research team from the Infection Biology Department at the German Primate Center in Göttingen: (from left) Dr. Markus Hoffmann, Hannah Kleine-Weber and Professor Stefan Pöhlmann. © Karin Tilch / DPZ Researchers all over the world are looking for effective medications to combat Covid 19 disease. Her focus is not only on new, but also … Read more

Hundreds of Mukomuko Residents Allegedly Attacked by Malaria

Mukomuko: The Mukomuko District Health Office, Bengkulu Province, recorded as many as 608 residents spread across 15 subdistricts suspected of having malaria from January to June 2020. “But over the past six months, only one person has tested positive for malaria based on the results of a rapid test or rapid test and laboratory test,” … Read more

Coronavirus complicates fight against malaria in Venezuela

51% of malaria cases are concentrated in the region in Venezuela, according to the latest report from the World Health Organization. This situation has been aggravated in recent months due to the covid-19 pandemic, and has become an obstacle in the fight against parasitic disease. As a consequence of the growing number of new coronavirus … Read more

“Unethical clinical trial is increasingly unlikely in Africa”

The Weekly Cross: Sub-Saharan Africa is often perceived as a privileged field for hazardous medical experiences. According to you, this is not the case. How to explain this distortion? Fred Eboko: The perception of sub-Saharan Africa is out of step with reality. The image of a fragile continent, where you can do anything and everything, … Read more