Convicts and counselors in Mallorca case shocked by verdict

ANP NOS News•Friday, 6:01 PM One acquittal, eight prison sentences: the court has not ruled leniently in the case in which a group of friends from Hilversum was tried for an explosion of violence in Mallorca in the summer of 2021. For several suspects, the punishment is considerably higher than the Public Prosecution Service had … Read more

Muriqi has scored more than half of Mallorca’s goals this season / Spain / Mallorca /

Forget the Messi-dependence, we found better. Vedat Muriqi is reborn from the side of Majorca. The former Lazio striker was originally supposed to sign for Club Brugge this summer. But medical tests were inconclusive. Finally, the Kosovar striker put his bags in Mallorca and obviously he made the right choice. Since the start of the … Read more

‘Reversal winning goal’ Lee Kang-in “It’s the saddest goal”

◀ anchor ▶ Sunday night sports news. Kang-in Lee of Mallorca, Spain, scored the winning goal against his former team Valencia and was also selected as the best player of the game. The national team coach Bento must have also watched closely, right? Correspondent Kim Soo-geun. ◀ Report ▶ The expedition to Valencia, the former … Read more

Friend of Carlo Heuvelman who died on Mallorca: ‘I keep getting nauseous’ | Inland

While he said that, Carlo Heuvelman’s mother kept her eyes fixed on the public gallery where the parents of the nine suspects follow the case. Nobody stood up. The parents waved goodbye to their son on Monday with a big hug and a hearty “have fun!” when he set out for Mallorca with a group … Read more

‘Mallorca suspect arrested in cybercrime investigation’

ANP NOS News•yesterday, 07:34 One of the suspects of the nightlife in Mallorca was arrested in March in an investigation into cybercrime, reports He would resell cracked accounts of online stores. In that investigation, voice messages were also intercepted in which the suspect, Lukas O., speaks about his role in the violence, last June, … Read more

In vain request to suspend Mallorca suspect’s detention | Inland

T. has been in custody again since the start of the criminal case, last Tuesday, because he had violated the suspension conditions. After his release in January, he started smoking weed and last summer he went on holiday with friends against the advice of the probation service. “I’ve been thinking a lot about it over … Read more

Asta Valentaitė – about the feelings after the wedding in Mallorca: husband’s surprise, 4 designer dresses and what turned the celebration into a fairy tale

Until then, the couple had entered into a civil marriage in London and celebrated it in a narrow circle of family members and friends, and in Spain they celebrated the wedding much more loudly and solemnly with a wider circle of relatives. Not everyone knows that the couple chose to swear their eternal love to … Read more

Submerged: Amber Heard is hiding under a false name in Mallorca

published3. October 2022, 14:25 submerged: Amber Heard is hiding in Mallorca under a false name After losing in court to ex-husband Johnny Depp, the actress is apparently planning a fresh start. She was spotted on the Spanish island with her daughter. 1 / 6 Actress Amber Heard (36) and her one-year-old daughter went into hiding … Read more

Barcelona defeats Mallorca with a rare opportunity and takes the lead temporarily! | sports

Barcelona temporarily grabbed the top of the Spanish Football League by defeating its host Real Mallorca 1-0 in the seventh round, while Atletico Madrid regained the path of victories by beating its host Seville 2-0.. And the victory is the sixth in a row for Barcelona this season, including 4 away from home, after he … Read more

“Korea’s best talent”…Barsa fans, Mallorca Lee Kang-in ‘concentration alert’

[인터풋볼] Reporter Ha Geun-soo = Lee Kang-in, who returned to Spain, will face Barcelona, ​​’the strongest in La Liga’. Barcelona supporters also focused their attention on Lee Kang-in, who is showing off his sharp toes. Mallorca will face Barcelona in the 7th round of La Liga for the 2022-23 season to be held at the … Read more