A recipe for Comet? We manage to defend its power stations, claims the Vítkovice striker Krenželok

“Why are we doing this against Brno? We manage to defend their power playings, “says the author of the differential fourth shot of Vítkovice, Lukáš Krenželok, who also increased it to 3: 1 before the second break. However, the comet managed to erase the shortfall. “The important thing was that we soon bounced back by … Read more

World fact reviewers open letter to YouTube guide: suggest 4 steps to manage spreading misinformation

More than 80 professional fact-finding organizations from more than 40 countries around the world have addressed an open letter to YouTube manager Susan Wojcicki, urging her to take at least four of the proposed steps to stop the huge flow of misleading information and misinformation on the platform. The fact-checkers listed a few examples of … Read more

Inter remains at the head of Serie A, Mourin’s AS did not manage the shootout with Juventus

Inter Milan footballers won the 21st round of the Italian league over Lazio Rome 2: 1 and remain at the top of the incomplete table. The reigning champions won the eighth match in a row in the competition, AC Milan holds a one-point lead over the second and has one match for good. The “Rossoneri” … Read more

Yatai once issued the “Nine Strict” team rules prohibiting tattoos and existing players need to report

Original title: Yatai once issued a “Nine Strict” team rules prohibiting tattoos, existing players need to report On January 3, Beijing time, Changchun Yatai officially released the news, indicating that the club had introduced a “Nine Strict” team rule as early as 2019, prohibiting tattoos for players, and a screening of youth training players has … Read more

We were afraid of how the children would manage to return to the Czech Republic, says Theo Gebre Selassie

What was the worst thing you got used to after your comeback home? “On food quality. I have to say that it’s a little different, “admits a 54-time Czech national team who, among other things, buys organic products from a teammate’s farm.” And from time to time on people’s willingness, helpfulness and reaction of some … Read more

Finishwoman Charvatova did not manage the fight for sixth place. The relay was dominated by the French

The seventh place in the finish brought the Czech Republic a solid portion of points in the evaluation of the Nations Cup, which is decisive for the number of qualified competitors at the Beijing Olympics and it seems that the national team could actually go there at five. Jessica Jislová, who started the relay, blasted … Read more

The Czechs are sad, they are without a medal again. At the World Cup, they did not manage to fight for bronze with Switzerland

The Czech floorball players lost to the World Championships in Uppsala, Sweden, in the battle for bronze in Switzerland 2: 5 and finished fourth for the fifth time in a row. Again, they failed to build on the only medal success of 2011 from St. Gallen, where they defeated the same opponent in the duel … Read more

“He pointed a 30cm knife in my direction”

Posted on Sunday, December 5, 2021 at 9:09 a.m. Through Th.D./J.T In August and September, a series of robberies affected the region. Night shop, pharmacy, electronics store, jewelry store… In all at least eight facts had been listed. The author had been identified and arrested at the time. At the beginning of October 2021, we … Read more