RTVCE will manage a budget of 2.7 million next year

The State of Expenditure and Income Forecast of the Ceuta Public Radio Television (RTVCE) for the year 2021 will amount to 2.7 million euros, of which 100,000 euros correspond to investments and 10,000 to staff loans, so operating expenses will rise to 2.6 million. The vast majority of the disbursements, a total of 2.02 million, … Read more

“It is clear that we manage the epidemic process even against developed countries”

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan He said: “Turkey has all kinds of opportunities and infrastructure to expand its strength and dominance in the new global political and economic order. President Erdogan, in Istanbul, in his speech while receiving the delegation of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) said that it is necessary to see and know that … Read more

“València 5 Estrellas SL” was created to manage and promote the Casal España Arena

Licampa 1617 S.L., Juan Roig’s patrimonial society created expressly to build a sustainable Arena in the city of Valencia, and The Music Republic, through the company “Arena Alive SL”, create the company “Valencia 5 Estrellas SL. “for the integral management of the future Casal España Arena in Valencia. The venue, intended for the celebration of … Read more

Rías Baixas wines manage to avoid the tripping of Trump, Brexit and the covid

The wines of the Designation of Origin (DO) Rías Baixas They have managed to successfully overcome all the trips that came their way in the last season and reach new record heights in the international market. Neither the pandemic, nor the tariffs of the Government of Donald Trump nor the threat of Brexi They have … Read more

An online platform to manage therapeutic education courses

DSIH, TUESDAY NOVEMBER 17, 2020 Be the first to react As a part of patient care, therapeutic education helps them acquire or maintain the skills they need to manage their daily lives as well as possible when they are carriers of a chronic disease. Pharmagest has developed ETP-Pilot, a Web application that facilitates and simplifies … Read more

Ford launches a tool to manage and optimize the use of fleets of electric vehicles

Start/Electric cars/Ford launches a tool to manage and optimize the use of fleets of electric vehicles Electric cars November 14, 2020 Less than a minute With the new tools for electric vehicles, fleet managers can monitor the performance of vans individually, manage energy use and obtain key information on their performance.

The Yankees would manage to reunite Trevor Bauer and Gerrit Cole

Life is about second chances and in a sport like baseball, professionalism takes precedence over any personal relationship. Under those rules, the arrival of Trevor Bauer as a luxury free agent to Yankees It seems possible, despite his past bad relationship with the ace, Gerrit Cole. The question will not be money for the “Manhattan … Read more

Microsoft Authenticator can now manage our passwords on iOS

This morning we received a suspicious notification on iOS but, far from being a bad thing, it is a good thing. Microsoft Authenticator evolves, although its icon has not yet. This app can be ours new iOS password manager to the detriment of iCloud. Microsoft Authenticator can now replace iCloud Since Windows 10 Mobile came … Read more

Apple Leisure Group will manage 4 new hotels and a Beach Club in Menorca

The American group Apple Leisure Group (ALG) will reinforce its presence in the Balearic Islands with the management of four new establishments on the island of Menorca owned by Stoneweg, which has recently acquired them from the Porto hotel family. Two of them are 4-star hotels, another two are tourist apartment complexes. The complex also … Read more

BERGÉ will manage all customs procedures for its clients after Brexit

BERGÉ, across your area of customs, will perform all customs procedures for your clients with the United Kingdom behind the Brexi, as of January 1, when it is treated as a third country, fully affecting the merchandise exchanges with the European Union (EU). The objective is to facilitate the management of all the necessary procedures, … Read more