Pnrr and school, two billion at risk to transform classrooms into digital laboratories: “There is no staff to manage them”

Risk of returning to the sender many of the 2.1 billion of euro of the funds Pnrr allocated by the Government to transform one hundred thousand traditional classes into innovative learning environments and create laboratories for digital professions of the future in educational establishments of the second cycle. This rain of money arriving in schools … Read more

La Rioja plans to administer the fourth dose of the COVID vaccine in September

A nurse, about to inoculate a vaccine against COVID / Fernando Diaz Initially, it will be dispensed to people over 80 years of age, as well as residents of centers for the elderly, health and socio-health personnel. The Minister of Health, María Somalo, declared this Tuesday, during her visit to the San Pedro hospital on … Read more

How can practical apps help you manage your personal finances? – Market news

Publicity photo Responsible handling of income is important for everyone, so in recent years there has been a lot of talk about financial literacy and education. Smart apps offer a variety of practical ways to keep track of your spending, save and plan your future purchases smartly. Nowadays, almost every bank also has its own … Read more

To God in the Queen’s Bridge. Those who did not manage to attend the casting of the film can apply for extras by e-mail

I want an adventure. See how movies are made. The more that it is a continuation of the series “U Pana Boga …” and I like it very much – smiles Przemysław Łapiński. He came to the casting in Tykocin with the whole family. Similar meetings were also held on Saturday in Sokółka and Supraśl. … Read more

Vincent Vanasch: “It’s great. Everyone wants to beat us and we still manage to beat them”

Beyond this week of training, the last rampart of the Red Lions took the opportunity to sweep its news with the Belgian selection. “With the Lions, we continue to train after our Grand Slam. If two players have stopped, the others continue to win gold again. We manage to motivate each other because for my … Read more

A mushroom considered by some to be a cure-all: if you manage to find it, under no circumstances leave it in the car and do not be afraid of its stench

“With my family, when we get out of Vilnius, we like to eat and drink. But I really didn’t expect that we would find mushrooms, the price of which is 25-30 euros per kilo in supermarkets, here, while walking in Lazdijai. It’s a strange mushroom, it feels like you’re holding a piece of jelly in … Read more

They manage to adapt Counter-Strike to Nintendo DS and it is quite a feat with bots and multiplayer

It only has the Dust 2 map from CS 1.6, and it doesn’t look very comfortable to aim at, but we want to play it. The passion of the developers continues to leave us news that is at least worth seeing. This is the case of a curious adaptation of Counter-Strike for Nintendo DS fully … Read more

M. Foster is a scoring machine that “Ryta” will have to learn to manage

On Tuesday, the Vilnius “Ryto” team introduced another newcomer – he became well known in Europe Marcus Fosteris. invites you to look at the advantages and disadvantages of this American. M. Foster dreamed of playing in the National Basketball Association (NBA) after graduating from the NCAA, but was not drafted, although he averaged 19.8 … Read more

in Washington they are thinking of sending “advisers” to manage the aid –

Returning from Kiev, an American parliamentarian suggests sending “advisers” to be deployed alongside the Ukrainian forces, with “boots on the ground”. Biden doesn’t want to: 61 years ago, in Vietnam, it was the first step into hell May 1961, US President John Kennedy orders the dispatch of 400 Green Berets in support of the South … Read more

Ciro Gomes says he will manage Petrobras prices in an eventual government

Former minister Ciro Gomes (PDT) stated that he will manage the price of Petrobras’ fuel if he is elected president. In an interview with Election Center and Globo News, the presidential candidate once again defended a change in the state-owned company’s pricing policy. “Every monopoly, the price is administered by the government. The market logic … Read more