Here’s the Mode of Kidnapping in Central Bangka, Luckily the Students Managed to Escape

BANGKA BELITUNG, — Either one student at SDN 08 Namang, District Central Bangalore almost fell victim kidnapping. This happened when the child go home school on Wednesday (25/1/2023). Modus kidnapping that unknown person did to approach students who had just returned home school and asked the students to leave. This event occurred when student … Read more

A Romanian returned from Great Britain to start a business in the country. He managed to reach 2.8 million lei turnover

A Romanian from Iași, who spent several years in Great Britain with his family, returned to the country to set up a business. He was inspired by a business model he saw there, and now has 200 employees and a turnover of 2.8 million lei. Bogdan Țermure Facebook PHOTO Once he returned home, the man … Read more

“Raudt almost managed to make us forget who they were. Now I remember it again.”

With Bjørnar Moxnes as leader, Raudt has become a party for people throughout Norway. But history catches up with them. Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB (archive) But do voters care? Published: Published: Yesterday 13:03 It is impossible not to be impressed by the way Raudt has gained a foothold in Norwegian politics. Despite all their baggage … Read more

The Croatians managed to draw with the Danes, but they are still in trouble. The Norwegians turned on the Serbs – ČT sport – Czech Television

19. 01. 2023 19. 01. 2023 Author mus Croatia – Denmark, the best match of the World Handball Championship so far. Everything was at stake for the Balkans, and in the event of a win, they would lose their chance to advance from the eight-final group IV, but the 32:32 draw with the Danes does … Read more

Matteo Messina: how the police managed to catch the most wanted mafia boss in Italy who was a fugitive for 30 years in a clinic

Writing BBC News World 18 January 2023 image source, CARABINIERI Italy’s most-wanted mobster was heading to a cafe across from a Sicilian private clinic when a policeman approached him and asked his name. He just looked up and said, “You know who I am. Soy Matteo Messina Money“. Until that moment, the agents were not … Read more

The Wagners managed to escape to Norway. He wants to testify about the horrors before the international court

She also published the audio recording, in which Medvedev described having to get through border barriers and barbed wire and being shot at by Russian border guards. He fears for his life because both the Russian authorities and former comrades from Wagner’s group are looking for him. The Norwegian press reported on the arrest of … Read more

His millions of euros go up in smoke: a company allegedly managed to cheat Usain Bolt with a huge fraud

Jamaican authorities are investigating a company holding funds invested by sprinting legend Usain Bolt, which media reports say may have lost millions of dollars in a massive fraud. Jamaica’s Financial Services Commission (FSC) said on Thursday it had placed Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL) under “enhanced scrutiny” pending the investigation. Nugent Walker, Usain Bolt’s manager, … Read more

Preparedness, resilience and gradualness: this is how China managed the Covid-19 epidemic

In recent weeks the Chinese modified its response to the prevention and control of Covid-19. From January 8, the Chinese government will return to issuing passports and visas, and entry policies into the country will be relaxed. Meanwhile, Covid-19 has undergone a downgrade, going from “class A infectious disease” to “class B”, while the Chinese … Read more

The US House of Representatives finally managed to elect a new speaker

He got 216 votes. This number of votes was enough this time, since six Republicans did not vote. Democratic Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries received 211 votes. The way to K. McCarthy’s victory was paved by his agreement with some “rebels” from the extreme wing of the Republican Party. According to The Washington Post, the politician … Read more

Juana Repetto said that she managed to break with a fear that she had: “I felt that I had to take the step and everything flowed”

Juana Repetto shares different personal experiences around motherhood on her social networks and began 2023 by breaking with a fear in relation to her children: traveling together without another adult to accompany her. “I had never encouraged myself to travel ALONE, not even without children. With Toro I did not dare to travel in pairs … Read more